Naturecan | UK CBD Brand Review

Naturecan CBD is a relatively new brand in the UK offering a wide range of high-grade CBD products, including oils, capsules, balms, and tablets. However, they also sell other health-related products, like vitamins and minerals. The company operates globally, selling to more than 20 countries all around the world.

So how does this brand compare to other CBD companies in the market? Read our full review to find out.

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Get 25% off all Naturecan | UK CBD products as a Shopping CBD reader. Use this code at checkout:
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About Naturecan: Trustworthiness & Industry Prominence

Naturecan is a global wellness brand founded in 2019 by serial entrepreneur Andy Duckworth and Paul Finnegan. Andy, the former CEO of MyProtein, joined forces with Paul to create a company focused on offering safe, effective, and premium hemp-derived CBD products that are suitable for a large audience.

The company claims to track all products from the seed grown to the customer’s door. Additionally, the company has an encouraging rating on TrustPilot, with all customers rating the brand “excellent.”


Quality, Credentials, & Lab Testing

All of Naturecan’s hemp is grown in the United States under highly controlled conditions. It’s clear that the brand invests an incredible amount of time and effort into its testing processes. Their in-house research team works together with partners BAS Research to produce and rigorously test its products.

Every product on the Naturecan site has the Certificate of Analysis (COA); these tests are conducted for both the oil distillate and the finished goods. This is done to ensure that the label accuracy and CBD concentration can be verified. Each product on the website has a “third-party lab tested” note that links to the report- making the test results easily accessible.


Return Policy & Quality Assurance

Naturecan offers free next day delivery in the UK for orders of over £50. The company also delivers to 20 other destinations around the world. International orders have a shipping time of 3-10 working days, but for an extra fee, there is an express courier option, which will take 1-5 working days.

The company offers a 14-day guarantee for all items returned unused, in the original condition and packaging. However, you will be responsible for the return shipping charges.

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Product Manufacturing Process

When it comes to the manufacturing process, Naturecan doesn’t provide customers with much information. However, the brand does make it clear that they oversee all aspects of production, from the seed being planted to the finished product.

According to the website, the company uses whole-plant extraction to ensure that all unnatural substances are filtered out, which maximizes the CBD concentration and guarantees 0% THC. Additionally, through extensive lab testing and by using certified ingredients, Naturecan guarantees quality CBD products that meet people’s needs, morning and night.


Additional Product Information

Naturecan is a company fully committed to supporting customers when it comes to finding an effective and personalized solution to their health needs, both mentally and physically.

All products are broad-spectrum, meaning in addition to CBD, they contain minor cannabinoids such as CBC, CBG, and CBDa, as well as a rich mix of other phytocannabinoids (flavonoids and terpenoids). Under every product option, you will find a full list of ingredients contained in that particular item.

The 10% CBD oil is my favorite when it comes to managing stress and anxiety. It really helps to calm my mind.

Naturecan UK Review: Highlights

Naturecan UK is a company focused on bringing innovative and high-quality CBD products to the market. Here are some of the reasons we love them:

  • Sustainability Programme: Naturecan is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and giving back to nature. The brand has implemented a sustainability program in an effort to use mainly plant-based ingredients and recyclable packaging (reduce plastic use). They also donate proceeds to the World Land Trust.
  • Affordable Pricing: Most of the Naturecan products are priced affordably. The company also has bundle options, which allows customers to get several different products together at a reduced price. Although products are by no means cheap, they’re priced competitively, especially when you take the price/quality ratio into account.

  • Rigorous Testing Process: Naturecan takes product quality and testing very seriously. They have a 7-point testing process in place, which puts them a few steps ahead of the rest. They have even released an informative video to talk customers through their testing methods and what it all means.
  • Naturecan Blog: The website has a blog section that looks at everything from CBD news and trends to CBD in health, fitness, and sports. It also has an education and tutorials section, which addresses a number of issues that may be helpful to customers.
  • Celebrity endorsements: Naturecan has several celebrity ambassadors using and promoting its products. Some of these include Andrew Flintoff (British cricketer), Christine McGuiness (former beauty queen and now fitness guru), Jamie Redknapp (footballer), and Laura Woods (Football presenter).

Negative Thoughts

Naturecan has a good selection of product categories to choose from, but oddly enough, they don’t offer any flavored CBD oils. There are a variety of different strength options, but all are only available in a natural flavor. If you don’t like the taste of hemp, then you’re probably not going to like these CBD oils.

Another potential problem is that the company doesn’t offer many payment options. It seems they only accept payment from Mastercard and Visa credit cards, which could be an issue if you don’t have one of these.

I love the CBD massage oil. It works incredibly well for sore and tense muscles that need relief after a workout.

Where to Buy Naturecan CBD Products

The best place to purchase Naturecan products is directly through the company website. Fortunately, the brand ships to 20 countries worldwide, so your chances of getting these products is better than with many other brands.

The website is straightforward, which makes placing an order simple and easy. You can browse the product collection at your leisure and have products delivered straight to your doorstep.


Naturecan Products: Summary of Costs & Product Selection

For this Naturecan review, we took a close look at the brand’s CBD product collection. This includes their line of CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD snacks, CBD balms, CBD liquids, and CBD beauty products.

Naturecan CBD oil

Naturecan offers a line of broad-spectrum CBD oils in eight potency options; 2.5%, 3%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 30%, and 40%. Each is available in either 10mL or 30mL bottles. The potencies equate to a range of between 250mg and 4,000mg for the 10mL bottles and between 1,500mg and 12,000mg for the 30mL bottles.
[Cost Range: £16.99 - £299.99]

Naturecan CBD Capsules

The Naturecan CBD capsules are available in six varieties and include a plethora of additional ingredients, such as vitamin C and curcumin. The Accelerator CBD capsules are designed for superfast absorption. They are said to work 16x quicker and are very efficient - delivering 88% more CBD. The Astaxanthin option is an anti-aging solution, while the CBD softgels with vitamin C are designed to keep the body strong and protected.
[Cost Range: £24.99 - £69.99]

Naturecan CBD Snacks

The Naturecan CBD snack line consists of CBD cookies, CBD brownies, CBD Peanut Butter, CBD Whey Protein, and CBD Fruit Gummies. Each option contains different amounts of CBD and is available in different quantities.
[Cost Range: £2.59 - £44.99]

Naturecan CBD Balms

The CBD balm product line includes four varieties; CBD Arnica Cream with Witch Hazel, CBD Muscle Balm (Cooling Menthol), CBD Muscle Balm (Chilli Heat), and CBD Massage Oil. The cream and balms are available in 30mL and 100mL containers with 300mg of CBD per 30mL, while the massage oil comes in a 100mL bottle and contains 500mg of CBD.
[Cost Range: £12.99 - £29.99]

Naturecan CBD Beauty Range

The Naturecan CBD beauty range consists of Hydrate CBD Daily Moisturizer (100mg | 30mL), Restore CBD Hand Cream (100mg | 30mL), Purify CBD Clay Mask (100mg | 50mL), Care & Protect CBD Lip Balm (50mg | 45g), Hydrolysed Collagen (800mg | 60 capsules), and Nourish CBD Multi Balm (100mg | 50mL).
[Cost Range: £8.00 and £79.99]

Naturecan CBD Liquids

Naturecan offers three flavors of CBD e-liquid for vaping; citrus fruits, strawberry, and menthol. Each of these is available in a choice of three potencies; 250mg, 500mg, and 1,000mg, and comes in a 10mL bottle. Each e-liquid contains a combination of Propylene glycol, natural flavorings, vegetable glycerine, and CBD.
[Cost Range: £29.99 - £79.99]

The 40% CBD oil from Naturecan is my absolute favorite on the market. I use it for chronic pain and anxiety, and the results have been phenomenal.

Naturecan Review: Summary & Final Thoughts

One of the most impressive things about Naturecan is their commitment to producing high-quality products and their use of rigorous testing methods to ensure they meet high standards. We also love the dedication this brand has to reduce its carbon footprint and ensuring a more sustainable future by giving back to nature.

One area they could improve on is when it comes to CBD oil flavors. Adding just one or two different flavor choices could open the brand up to a whole new world of customers, especially those that don’t like the natural taste of hemp.

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Thanks for reading, and here’s to your health and happiness!

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