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Mingo Rad is a relatively small CBD brand offering their uniquely flavored CBD vape liquids that aim to put a fun twist on a popular product. There is a clear theme across the Mingo Rad brand that using CBD supplements should be an enjoyable activity, and not merely done through habit.

Mingo Rad offers a refreshing take on CBD vape liquids and the way in which they are used, making them the ideal brand for anyone looking to revitalize their cannabidiol habits.

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About Mingo Rad: CBD Vape Liquids with a Twist

Mingo Rad CBD vape liquids deliver a unique experience combining rich broad-spectrum CBD with mouthwatering flavors. Mingo Rad’s products are distributed by cbdMD, which are known within the industry for their high-quality CBD and much-loved selections.

Mingo Rad delivers the quality that people have come to love from cbdMD along with their own distinct spin. Currently offering five mouth watering flavor profiles, Mingo Rad turns taking CBD into something to actively look forward to each day.


Quality, Credentials, & Lab Testing

Mingo Rad is somewhat elusive when it comes to how their CBD vape liquids are made and what goes into each bottle. It has become acceptable practice within the CBD industry for brands to make the lab reports for their products easily accessible for customers to see. This is not the case with Mingo Rad, sadly, with their reports being difficult to access.

Nonetheless, basic information is provided within each product page, which includes the type of CBD used, that the product is broad-spectrum, and the type of additional ingredients included. Mingo Rad state that all of their products are made from non-GMO, organic American-grown hemp plants.

For those wanting to access more information, the only way to see a full list of ingredients for each item is to scroll through the product images. There will be a product label with the words “other ingredients” available.


Return Policy & Quality Assurance

Mingo Rad offers a 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases, demonstrating their confidence in their products’ quality. However, Mingo Rad does not provide a great deal of information as to how their money back guarantees works, but perhaps reaching out to customer service directly would provide more knowledge.


Product Manufacturing Process

Mingo Rad has made a choice to keep their website minimalistic, with it only containing very basic information for each item.

The minimal design makes it easy to navigate around the site and discover the different available products. This level of simplicity does come with a trade off, however, as more information regarding how Mingo Rad produces their products could be useful.


Additional Product Information

Mingo Rad state that they use all-natural ingredients across all of their products, though it is not clear what these ingredients are. All of Mingo Rad’s products contain broad-spectrum CBD, which contains a mix of additional terpenes, cannabinoids, and amino acids. The lab reports, showing a complete list of cannabinoids, are challenging to access, but at least the brand does offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with their products. Additionally, they are quite loved by many of their customers, as they tend to return for more CBD products.

“If you haven’t tried this vape yet, you’re missing out. Love this.” – Bridget Peers

If you haven’t tried this vape yet, you’re missing out. Love this.

Mingo Rad Review: Highlights

Mingo Rad does an excellent job at making the process of taking CBD supplements fun and something that can be looked forward to. Mingo Rad vape liquids are packed with flavor and a rich CBD blend.

  • Fun flavors to choose from: Mingo Rad has five different delicious flavors to choose from, including mocha, raspberry, and sugar cane. Having these various options makes it simple to keep vaping CBD every day feel fresh and exciting. Made using natural ingredients, each flavor option offers a healthier alternative to regular sugar packed snacks.
  • Different CBD concentrations available: All of Mingo Rad’s CBD vape liquids are available in three different strength options. Customers can choose between 300mg, 750mg, and 1500mg liquids, allowing for complete control as to how much CBD is consumed at any one time. As the same concentrations are available across all flavor options, it is easy to switch between different liquids without affecting the amount of CBD consumed.

  • Easy to navigate online store: Mingo Rad’s online store features the same chilled theme as their CBD vape liquids. The website uses the same summer beach color scheme and branding that can be found across all Mingo Rad selections, correctly setting the tone with consistency. The minimalistic design of the site also makes it easy to navigate and discover each product in greater depth.
  • Free shipping for US customers: Free shipping is available on all orders within the US and provides a great way to save on each order. Unlike many other brands, Mingo Rad does not require their customers to spend a set amount before qualifying for free shipping. Therefore, customers are able to spend as little or as much as they want and still benefit from free shipping.
  • Discreet and minimalistic design: All of Mingo Rad’s products feature the same beautifully designed packaging. Each bottle of vape liquid shares the typical minimalistic look, with simply the brand's name and logo appearing on the label along with the flavor and CBD concentration. Every flavor has its own color to help differentiate the options, allowing them to stand out while still remaining discreet.

Negative Thoughts

Limited choice: Mingo Rad has a limited range of products, with just their five popular CBD vape liquids that are all available in three different strengths. Shopping can be a slightly restrictive process as all of Mingo Rad vape liquids are made using the same base formula with various flavorings added afterward. For those who feel overwhelmed when shopping for CBD, this small quantity of choices may actually be a breath of fresh air.

Lack of transparency: Mingo Rad is not the most transparent of brands when it comes to how their products are made or what they contain. It isn’t easy to find key information such as a full list of ingredients and lab reports when shopping through Mingo Rad’s online store, but we hope that this will soon change.

The process of finding product information can make the shopping process frustrating for those who like to know exactly what is contained within any given item, though contacting customer service directly may be able to mitigate this challenge.

The 750mg is my jam, or should I say watermelon!

Information on Where to Buy [Mingo Rad] Products

All of Mingo Rad’s CBD vape liquids can be found on their online store. In keeping with the Mingo Rad theme, their online store is easy to navigate and features the same bright yet chilled vibes as their products.

Additionally, free shipping is available on all US orders, helping you to save a little extra per purchase.

Make sure to head over to Mingo Rad’s Instagram @mingorad.usa to stay up to date on all of their latest news and products. Their Facebook group also gives a glimpse of the people who have been loving Mingo Rad’s flavor-packed CBD vape liquids and continue to buy more.


Best Mingo Rad Products: Summary of Costs & Product Selection

Mingo Rad vape liquids are available in five different delicious flavors: Melon H20, Electric Razz, Coco Keeping, Mocha AF, and Sugar Cane. Each flavor is also available in three different strength options: 300mg, 750mg, and 1500mg CBD. Each product costs as low as $29.99.

Mingo Rad Melon H2O

The Melon H2O is one of Mingo Rad’s most popular vape liquids, featuring a refreshing, revitalizing, and hydrating flavor profile. Melon H2O is the perfect vape liquid for anyone who loves the summery taste of watermelon. Made using 100% natural flavorings and ingredients, Mingo Rad’s Melon H2O feels just like biting into a slice of delectable fruit on a bright summer’s day. “The 750mg is my jam, or should I say watermelon!" - Claudia D.

Mingo Rad Coco Keypine

The Mingo Rad Coco Keypine vape liquid will instantly transport your mind to summer afternoons sitting by the pool while sipping a pina colada. Mingo Rad has brought together a blend of lime, coconut, and pineapple to create a vape liquid that tastes just like the alcoholic favorite. Coco Keypine is the perfect vape liquid to bring a little summer sunshine to even the coldest of winter days. “This was one of the smoothest pulls I have had! Plus the flavor is great. This is going to be my new CBD vape oil for sure.” - Harry Barnes

Mingo Rad Sugar Cane

Mingo Rad Sugar Cane vape liquid is a must-try for anyone with a sweet tooth. This vape liquid’s rich flavor profile feels just like freshly harvested sugar cane without any of the actual sugar. The sweet yet somehow delicate elements of Mingo Rad Sugar Cane, means that it can be easily paired with other flavors, snacks, and drinks. “Tastes good, and makes me feel great. I might try that mocha one next.” - Darren Carne

Mingo Rad Mocha AF

Mingo Rad Mocha AF delivers the rich, and deep notes of a chocolate coffee in the form of a CBD infused vape liquid. This flavor allows for the aroma-packed experience of a mocha without any of the guilt inducing ingredients you might expect. Free from sugar, flavored syrups, and additives, Mingo Rad Mocha AF provides all of a mocha's enjoyment without the calories. Mingo AF Mocha AF is the perfect way to add CBD into one’s life, while cutting back on sugary drinks. “I have been waiting for a good chocolate flavor, and I found it! I might try the other flavors but this is BAE.” - Georgie K

Mingo Rad Electric Razz

Electric Razz lives up to its name with a sweet and slightly tangy wild raspberry flavor. The vibrant profile is extremely close to that of a blue raspberry slushy, satisfying taste buds without any of the actual sugar. “I have to say this definitely tasted like raspberries, but it was not too sweet! I will be switching to Electric Razz for sure.” - Ursula Paul

I have been waiting for a good chocolate flavor, and I found it! I might try the other flavors but this is BAE.

Mingo Rad Review: Summary & Final Thoughts

Mingo Rad’s CBD vape liquids scream fun in the Sun, featuring bright packaging and flavor profiles that sound like they belong on a beach cocktail menu. Mingo Rad are refreshing in their approach to CBD, showcasing the enjoyment and fun that can be discovered. Exciting flavors such as Coco Key and Mocha AF are not the standard options that you would expect from a wellness product, but Mingo Rad delivers them excellently.

There are definitely a few areas where Mingo Rad could improve in with their customer experience and transparency, but their unique take on CBD vape products makes them a brand that is definitely worth checking out for anyone that loves the flavorful adventure that can only be achieved with vaping.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to your health and happiness!

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