Medical Marijuana Inc

Medical Marijuana Inc. is much more than a company who distributes a variety of CBD products. Their transparent attitude and investment into the world of hemp has earned them a place in the history books. And their self-proclaimed title, “a company of firsts”, has some serious weight to it.

They were the first company in the world to develop a legal supply of CBD. They were also the first to implement strict quality standards and third-party testing. Their passion for a pro-CBD world has been a guiding force for changing the lives of many. 

Their range of products is not in short supply either, so whether you are looking for balms, capsules, or pet-related oils, there is plenty of choice! Today we will be exploring the history of Medical Marijuana Inc, how they have impacted the world of hemp, and the extensive list of CBD products available on their website.


Medical Marijuana Quick Summary

Quality 99%
Effectiveness 95%
Benefits 95%
Price 93%
Customer Service 98%

“I have been taking the CBD oil for about 3 weeks now, right before bedtime. I find that I sleep better without waking up throughout the night. We're sold on this CBD oil.”

Who is Medical Marijuana, Inc.?

Medical Marijuana Inc is a company that first started making waves in 2009 when they became the first publicly-traded cannabis company in the United States. From there, they became the first company to introduce medical cannabis products to Puerto Rico. Medical Marijuana Inc is not a company to shy away from the spotlight. In fact, they have made it a personal mission to find it and spread a positive message about CBD. On their website, they have collaborated with a range of different CBD brands, including Cannabis Beauty Defined, Cibaderm, Dixie Botanicals, Phyto Animal Health, and Real Scientific Hemp Oil (as well as an extensive range of more than ten vaporizer brands). They have always had an eye for quality, and the brands they work with seem to display this. But why does Medical Marijuana Inc have such a big customer base?

Who is Medical Marijuana, Inc.?

Medical Marijuana Inc CBD Oil: Highlights

How has Medical Marijuana Inc achieved a global reputation for excellence? Let’s have a look at some of the most important reasons for their appeal:

  • Lots of different brands: We know that the website features lots of different brands, but why is this a good thing? Well, each brand tends to specialize in one particular product for the website; for instance, Cibaderm makes a great hemp conditioner, while Real Scientific Hemp Oilspecializes in CBD. So, it feels like we are spoiled for choice with experts all on one site.
  • Innovative ideas: Medical Marijuana Inc certainly hasn’t done anything by the book. On their website, they have made an exclusive shareholders program, which gives you access to exciting benefits, including 20% off all of their products. Their modern take on the business feels refreshing.
  • Educating customers: The website is a hive of knowledge; whether you want information on how to use CBD or the latest laws on CBD use, you can find it. If you are new to CBD and don’t know what products to begin looking at, you can also take their product quiz to lead you in the right direction.
  • Transparency: They are one of the most transparent companies on the market. They publish investor information, a stock chart, and lots of media coverage on their website.
  • News-worthy: We’ve already spoken about some of the amazing achievements this company has had in the hemp and marijuana industry. Whether they are working on developing new markets for medicinal cannabis or branching out overseas, this company never slows down.
  • Lab-tested: The company is passionate about ensuring that all their products are thoroughly tested, and claim to lead the way for other companies in this respect.
  • Loyalty program: The website offers a variety of different ways for you to save money on each purchase. As well as having a normal sale, they also offer a ‘Subscribe and Save’ program, where you can save an automatic 15% on every purchase you make.

Medical Marijuana Inc Review: Negative Thoughts

We love that there is so much information on the website, not only about CBD and how it works, but about the company too. However, if you are new to the website it can at first be a little overwhelming. There are a lot of different links taking you to different corners of the website, which can leave you feeling lost and trying to navigate to back to your initial search. Although, it is a little silly to penalize a website for providing more information rather than less, and after a while, you do get used to the website map. The other negative is that they don’t sell their products abroad, and even then, sometimes not to all the states in North America. This is such a shame because of their desire to create bridges between different markets.

Medical Marijuana Inc Review: Negative Thoughts

“The CBD oil I try was pure and clean, Amazing! I would recommend Medical Marijuana Inc products to my friend and family.”

Medical Marijuana Inc CBD Oil Review: Product Lineup

  • Real Scientific Hemp Oil: This brand sells three different types of oil; the blue label, the gold label, and the green label. All of these are full-spectrum, so you can get those important variations in terpenes and cannabinoids. They are, of course, non-intoxicating; THC levels are around 0.2% or less.
  • Dixie Botanicals CBD Edibles: These edibles come in three different flavors; Mango Citrus, Sour Apple, Watermelon, and Chocolate. Each is equally as tasty as the other; this is a fun way to consume CBD. Infused with vitamin B, these chews will give you a ‘kick’ of energy for the rest of the day.
  • HempMeds Nourishing Hemp Conditioner: This product is great if you are looking to treat dull and tired hair. Rather than harsh chemicals, this conditioner contains argan oil, green tea, and goji berry extracts along with hemp, which rejuvenates and strengthens your hair. It’s great for all different hair types and is a really unique product to try.
  • Hemp for Pets Itch and HotSpot Balm: One of the animal products the website offers is this soothing hemp balm. It is designed with natural ingredients like hemp-derived CBD oil, almond oil, and beeswax. Each tub contains 50mg of CBD.

Medical Marijuana Inc Costs

  • Real Scientific Hemp Oil Blue Label CBD Hemp Oil Tincture (100mg) 1 oz – $20.30 Gold Label CBD Hemp Oil Tincture (1000mg) 4 oz – $97.30.00 Green Label CBD Hemp Oil Capsules (25mg) 30 ct – $69.30.
  • Dixie Botanicals CBD Edibles CBD Kicks Mango Citrus (5mcg) 30ct – $34.99 CBD Kicks Sour Apple (5mcg) 30ct – 34.99 CBD Kicks Chocolate (5mcg) 30ct – $34.99 CBD Gummies Watermelon Flavor (10mg) 30 ct-$38.99.
  • Hemp for Pets Animal Products Full Spectrum CBD Tincture (100 mg) 1oz- $23.79  Pure Hemp Oil Extract Oil (500mg) 1oz – $62.99 Itch and Hotspot Balm (50mg) $27.29.

Medical Marijuana Inc Costs

“Great service and speedy delivery. Met my expectations. I will be back!!”

Medical Marijuana Inc CBD Oil Review: The Final Verdict

Medical Marijuana Inc is not only interested in producing top-shelf CBD oil, but also in becoming part of the political framework for CBD. Their goal seems to be shedding as much light as possible on the hemp industry and striving for many more bridges to be built in CBD research. Not only that, but the combination of top-quality CBD brands on their website makes it so easy for the consumer to browse and buy what they need. All in all, this is a company really leading the way for CBD distribution.

Customer Reviews
Flores Verified user
Satisfactory so far

Medical Marijuana is perhaps one of the best places to buy CBD supplies. They stock a few brands, all of them are worth buying and almost at par. So if you switch between one brand and another, it is absolutely ok. I always look for products based on prices and the promises made. Then I pick up one which I find would suit my need. It has always been satisfactory so far.

Lucy Stevens Verified user
The ease of buying

I am purchasing from medical Marijuana from many years now. I buy both my CBD and my cannabis from them. I find them the best in the industry. The ease of buying, the guarantee of the quality, the competitive rates, the non leaking bottles, the abiding to the law, all this has made Medical Marijuana INC to be my favorite CBD seller.

Brenda Liao Verified user
Already trusted them

CBD oils come in many brands these days and if I say they are all the same, no, they are not. But at the same time, we cannot also try all of them at the same time, or even if we go one by one. I thought it was better to go by word of mouth credit and that is why a picked from medical marijuana cbd. Not only was I hearing a lot about their cbd tinctures, I also knew the company already and trusted them. My choice has been a worthy one and cbd from medical marijuana has handled my problem of insomnia to a remarkable level.

Criselda Mcpherson Verified user
Human Body

The human body contains a specialized method referred to as the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is involved inside of regulating a amount of functions such as rest, urge for food, soreness and immune procedure reply

Judith Harris Verified user
They are too good!

I am telling you guys out of experience. I do not have any studies or any medical reports to back up what I am saying, but the medical marijuana CBD is far better than most of the rest. These people sell only a select few products. I guess they have first researched on the best ones before they started to sell. A very useful CBD brand, although it sounds more like weed.

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