LVWell CBD Review

LVWell CBD first grabbed our attention in 2018 and has since gone on to become one of the most popular CBD brands in the UK. Since their launch, LVWell CBD has worked to show the positive side of CBD from its health benefits to its sustainable manufacturing in the hope of removing the stigma around the drug.

The UK’s CBD’s industry is still growing and finding its feet, and that is why it is always great to see new brands appear that are committed to positively shaping the future of CBD.

LVWell CBD first entered the market with their full-spectrum range and have gone on to create a wide and varied CBD line of products, which offer both quality and affordability. LVWell has become known as being a brand that cares about their customers and who are committed to making CBD something that can be enjoyed by everyone.

We decided to try some of LVWell CBD’s products out for ourselves and discover whether their customer service and quality are as excellent as their reviews claim.

Let’s take a closer look at LVWell CBD and find out whether their products do live up to the hype.

LVWell CBD Quick Summary

Quality 93%
Effectiveness 94%
Benefits 92%
Price 99%
Customer Service 95%

“LVWell CBD believe that it is essential for all of their customers to know precisely what they are putting into their body and to feel in control at all times.”

Who Are LVWell CBD?

LVWell CBD was founded from a desire to make quality CBD products that are accessible to everyone. The founders of LVWell CBD set out with a precise aim to keep the cost of all of their products as low as possible while still ensuring that quality stayed high.

LVWell CBD was founded by a team of people who had all been either using CBD themselves or working closely within the industry. By working together, LVWell CBD’s founders were able to share their knowledge resulting in a range of high-quality CBD products that make a real difference to real people.

Through experience and research, LVWell CBD found that certain types of CBD proved to be more productive and longer-lasting than others. Using this information, LVWell CBD developed its first line of full-spectrum extract products complete with a palatable flavor and a user-friendly experience.

LVWell CBD first lunched its full-spectrum range at the 2018 Vape Jam, where they were an instant success. LV CBD went on to expand its product range, including its raw and winterized lines.

LVWell CBD is members of both the Health Food Manufacturers Association and the Cannabis Trades Association UK. LVWell CBD works closely with these organizations as well as with Trading Standards and other government regulatory bodies to ensure that both their products and packaging are effective and of a high standard.

LVWell CBD states that “It’s important that we know what we are putting into our bodies,” followed by a link to in-depth lab reports for all of their products. Each report shows a complete breakdown of all of the different cannabinoids and their percentage within the product.

It is great to see that LVWell makes lab reports easily accessible before you shop, allowing you to make an informed purchase decision.



LVWell CBD Highlights

  • Accessible lab results for each product: LVWell CBD believe that it is essential for all of their customers to know precisely what they are putting into their body and to feel in control at all times. LVWell CBD allows customers to access all of the lab reports for their products before they shop so that they can decide which products are right for them.
  • Free delivery options: As part of their mission to make CBD affordable and accessible to more people, LVWell CBD offer free UK shipping on all orders that are over £25. It is always lovely to see a brand that offers its customers free shipping as a bonus feature, helping you to save money each time you shop.
  • Affordable pricing: LVWell CBD genuinely believes in the power of CBD and that it should be available to everyone regardless of their financial situation. LVWell CBD works hard to ensure that all of their products are priced as low as possible without compromising on quality. Many of LVWell CBD products are available for less than £10.

LVWell CBD: Negative Thoughts

  • Confusing online store: The LVWell CBD online store still needs a few adjustments in order to make browsing products a smooth experience. As a new customer, the long list of different categories can feel a little confusing.The experience is not helped by the fact that some items appear in multiple categories, making it difficult to work out if you have seen everything and are making an informed shopping decision.
  • Limited options for some products: LVWell CBD offer a range of different strength and flavor options for most of their products; however, some of their flagship products seem to have been left behind with only one option to choose from. One example of this is their balanced oral drops, with there only being an 800mg option. The lack of choice can feel slightly limiting at times.

“… designed to be used as a natural food supplement alongside a healthy and balanced diet to help you achieve balance in your life.”

My Personal Experience with LVWell CBD

After using LVWell CBD products for a few months now, it is clear to see why they have attracted so much positive attention as a brand. There are many things that LVWell CBD is doing right, from offering free shipping to providing detailed lab reports.

There are still a few areas, though, where LVWell CBD show just how new the company is and that there are still a few kinks to iron out. Their website and online store are difficult to navigate at times and are not helped by the prolonged loading times of their store pages, no matter how fast your internet connection.

Once you make it past the ordering and deliver stage, LVWell CBD starts to shine, and you begin to understand why LVWell CBD has been so successful. All of the products that we tested have been tried, tested, and refined. Clear usage instructions fill you with confidence on even the first use, leaving you in no doubt as to how much to use at one time and how to do some.

Each item came in discreet packaging, which is a nice bonus for anyone who is planning to use their CBD products while out and about. The addition of built-in droppers and secure lids also made it easy to keep products on hand at all times without having to worry about them making a mess in the bottom of your bag.

LVWell CBD Balanced Oral Drops

LVWell CBD’s balanced oral drops were one of their first CBD products, leading to their almost instant success within the industry. Balanced reductions live up to their name, containing full-spectrum CBD for well-round balanced effects that you can rely on.

LVWell CBD drops are designed to be used as a natural food supplement alongside a healthy and balanced diet to help you achieve balance in your life.

Each 10ml bottle of oil contains 800mg of LVWell CBD’s most excellent CBD and has been designed to be consumed in 4mg drops. A built-in dropper comes as part of the lid and makes it easy to measure out a precise amount, for quick and straightforward use.

All of the ingredients contained within LVWell CBD drops are 100% natural and have been carefully chosen to ensure balanced user experience.

Bath Bombs

All of LVWell CBD’s bath bombs are handmade and packed with essential oils designed to heal and relax. There are three different scents to choose from, with each one having been carefully designed to create its own unique therapeutic bath time experience. Bath bomb options include frankincense and rose, lavender and marjoram, and ylang-ylang and ginger.

Each bath bomb contains 100mg of raw full-spectrum CBD, designed for those who are looking for a relaxing CBD topical. LVWell CBD uses full-spectrum CBD as it allows you to benefit not only from CBD, but all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids found within hemp and cannabis plants.

Despite containing CBD LVWell, CBD’s bath bombs only cost £7.50, placing them in the same price range as regular bath bombs.


LVWellCBD Cosmetics

Massage Oil

LVWell CBD’s massage oil is made using 100% natural ingredients that are guaranteed as being both non-GMO and lactose-free. Each 100ml bottle contains 300mg of winterized full-spectrum CBD, providing you with high-quality CBD that is both enjoyable to use and effective.

Each bottle of massage oil is packed with not only CBD but also antioxidants and essential fatty acids, allowing your body to truly benefit from each use of LVWell CBD’s massage oil.

Muscle Rub Balm

As its name suggests, the LVWell CBD muscle rub balm has been specifically designed to be applied to your skin, allowing your muscles to benefit from a healthy dose of CBD without the rest of your body being affected.

As a topical, the effects of the CBD contained within the balm are localized to the area in which in the ointment is applied, so that you do not have to worry about any unexpected effects throughout the rest of your body.

Each 30ml tube contains 500mg of winterized full-spectrum CBD oil, as well as natural flavonoids, terpenes, and vitamins.

Lip Balms

LVWell CBD understands that the most effective forms of CBD are those that you always have on hand and can use whenever you need them. CBD lip balms offer CBD in a small, compact way that can be used throughout the day with ease.

Each lip balm contains 50mg of CBD mixed with coconut oil, avocado oil, and argan oil for a hydrating and luxurious experience. LVWell CBD’s all-natural formula offers a great alternative to regular lip balms, which are often packed with a long list of artificial ingredients.

LVWell CBD lip balms are available in four different delicious flavor options, including blueberry, bubblegum, and cherry.

LVWell CBD Vape

Vape Juices

LvWell CBD has carefully designed their vape juices so that they are super portable and easy to use, while still packing a potent dose of CBD. Each small 30ml bottle contains 300mg of CBD, making it one of the most concentrated ways to carry CBD around with you at all times.

LVWell CBD vape juices are available in four different mouthwatering flavor options, including blueberry, bubblegum, strawberry kiwi, and haze cake. The varied flavor options make vaping CBD on a regular basis feel exciting and enjoyable even after months of use.

Winterised Vape Booster

LVWell CBD’s vape boosters have been designed to provide you with a completely flavorless vaping experience. These boosters are ideal for use before a meal, when you do not want your taste buds to be altered or for those times when you simply want quick and effective CBD without the flavor.

LVWell CBD vape boosters are available in two different strength options; 50mg and 1000mg. You can also purchase LVWell CBD’s multibuy vape boosters, saving you money as a reward for ordering in bulk.

Both vape boosters contain full-spectrum winterized hemp extract, helping you to benefit from the entire hemp plant. LVWell CBD uses both vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol within their vape boosters, aiming to keep the ingredient list as natural as possible well, still creating a useful product.




  • Balanced Full Spectrum Oral Drops (800mg CBD) – £35.00


  • Full Spectrum Massage Oil (300mg CBD) – £18.50
  • Full Spectrum Muscle Rum Balm (500mg CBD) – £18.50
  • Lip Balm (50mg CBD) – £8.50
  • CBD Bath Bomb (100mg CBD) – £7.50


  • 99% CBD Isolate (500mg+) – From £9.00
  • Fractionated Coconut (50ml) – £2.99
  • Virgin Hemp Seed (50ml) – £2.99


  • 3x Max (Oral) THC Free Broad Spectrum Extract (300mg+ CBD) – From £20.00
  • Max (Oral) Broad Spectrum Extract (2000mg+ CBD) – From £85.00


  • 3x 10ml Raw Full Spectrum Oral (500mg+) – From £23.00
  • Raw 10ml Oral Full Spectrum CBD (500mg+) –From £8.00

Silver Seal

  • Silver Seal CBD (500mg+) – From £15.00

Soft Gel Capsules

  • Broad Spectrum Soft Gel Capsules (200mg+) – From £12.99
  • Raw Soft Gel Capsules Full Spectrum (200mg+) – From £12.99


  • 3x Winterised Vape Full Spectrum (500mg+) – From £29.00
  • Winterised Vape Full Spectrum (500mg+) – From £10.00
  • Iso Vape (300mg CBD) – £12.00

Winterised in MCT

  • Winterised in MCT Full Spectrum Oral (500mg+) – from £10.00

Winterised THC Free

  • 3x Winterised THC Free Oral Broad Spectrum (500mg+) – From £29.00
  • Winterised THC Free Oral (500mg+) – From £10.00


“Many of LVWell CBD products are available for less than £10.”

Final Verdict

LVWell CBD is a welcome addition to the UK CBD industry delivering high-quality products and affordable prices. It is rare to find a brand that finds the perfect balance between price and quality, but LVWell CBD proves that it is possible.

LVWell CBD has a wide range of very different CBD products available, giving you complete control as to how you use CBD. When shopping with LVWell CBD, it does feel as though there is a CBD option to suit everyone’s needs no matter how busy your lifestyle.

Why head over to LVWell CBD’s website and check you some of their CBD products for yourself.

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