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It’s no surprise that CBD has become one of the must-have ingredients for, well, basically everything. Brands from all industries are searching for ways to incorporate CBD into a wide range of products. The beauty world is no exception, and Lord Jones is one of the brands that has established itself as a pioneer in the beauty industry. Today, we will be doing a Lord Jones Royal CBD review.

While many brands are new to the CBD scene, Lord Jones is somewhat of a trailblazer in the industry, and was, in fact, the very first CBD brand introduced to Sephora back in 2018. The brand made its debut with its high-CBD formula body lotion, a pain-relieving lotion that can be used for arthritis, sore muscles, and pain.

Lord Jones is the OG in all things hemp-derived CBD. It is one of the chicest brands on the market. The brand’s packaging is luxe, the website is fresh, and you can see that aesthetics are important to them. Here’s everything there is to know about Lord Jones CBD.

Quality 94%
Effectiveness 95%
Benefits 96%
Price 97%
Customer Service 95%

“Over the past year, my anxiety has reached extreme levels, and Lord Jones tinctures have been my one and only savior. This CBD oil has raised the bar SIGNIFICANTLY. It’s been life-changing.”

Who is Lord Jones CBD?

Lord Jones manufactures and distributes what it claims to be the world’s finest CBD-infused products. The company was founded by Robert Rosenheck, but it’s not quite clear when. In fact, there’s not much other information available on the Lord Jones company.

All Lord Jones CBD products are infused with only the finest broad-spectrum CBD derived from select hemp that is cultivated in the United States. The products don’t contain any THC.

The Lord Jones product range includes tinctures, chews, skincare products, and more. The gumdrops and chews are made by hand from a single origin Ecuadorian dark chocolate. The skincare products have been developed by a veteran team of personal care experts to provide soothing and calming moisturization.

lord jones royal oil-1000 mg of cbd

Lord Jones Royal CBD Highlights

Here are some of the highlights of Lord Jones Royal CBD:

  • Free Shipping: Free standard shipping is offered via FedEx, USPS, and/or UPS and will take 3 – 12 business days. We love that Lord Jones offers free shipping with no limited spend. It doesn’t matter whether you spend $30 or $300 – your order will be delivered free of charge.
  • Military Discount: Lord Jones demonstrates great appreciation for the service and dedication of all military personnel and therefore offer a 20% discount for active-duty U.S. military personnel, veterans, and reservists.
  • Teacher Discount: Lord Jones also offers a 20% discount to all verified pre-K, K-12, and university level educators.
  • Press: The brand has been featured in several high-end publications, including The New York Times, Bazaar, Goop, Glamour, WMagazine, and The Hollywood Reporter.
  • CBD 101: Lord Jones has a CBD 101 section on their website where various questions relating to CBD are addressed. Whether you want to know the difference between cannabis and hemp, or the difference between hemp oil and hemp seed oil, or if you’re wondering what a cannabinoid is, you can find relevant information here.

Lord Jones Royal CBD: Negative Thoughts

The Lord Jones company website is seriously lacking with regards to information pertaining to the company. There’s very little information available on the brand, such as when it was founded, the team behind the scenes, the company mission and vision, and all the typical details that you would expect to see.

There’s also absolutely no information available on third-party lab testing and whether this is even done. This is a huge red flag in the CBD world these days. We expect all CBD brands to have their products lab tested by a third party and to make these results easily accessible to customers. It’s all about transparency.


lord jones royal oil - 1000mg cbd

“I sometimes struggle with insomnia and suffer from neck and back pain that affects how well I sleep. The CBD oil has been very effective in easing pain and I’m sleeping a lot better since using it.”

Lord Jones Royal CBD Products

  • Bath Salts: The high-CBD formula bath salts have been developed to restore balance, relax the body, and soothe the soul.
  • Tinctures: The Lord Jones CBD oil is sold in two strengths; 250 mg CBD and 1,000 mg CBD. The 250 mg tincture is sold in a 30 ml bottle and contains approximately 10 mg CBD per dropper. It’s available in two flavors – Peppermint and Lemon. The 1000 mg tincture is also sold in a 30 ml bottle and contains approximately 40 mg CBD per dropper.
  • Skincare: The Lord Jones skincare range consists of balm, body lotion, body oil, and bath salts. Each product has its own therapeutic benefits.
  • Confections: Lord Jones CBD gummies consists of a selection of chews and gumdrops. Gumdrops are available in the following flavors; white peach, red raspberry, blood orange, sigurberry, and old fashioned. The chews are available in dark chocolate espresso form.
  • Capsules: The capsules are sold in a bottle of 30, and each capsule contains 25 mg CBD. The total strength of the bottle is 750mg.

Check the company website for Lord Jones reviews on specific products.

Lord Jones Royal CBD: Costs

  • Bath Salts: The bath salts are sold for $65
  • Tinctures: The 250 mg oil tinctures will cost you $60, while the 1,000 mg bottle sells for $100.
  • Skincare: The skincare products range in price between $60 and $100 depending on the type of product. You can purchase on-the-go Lord Jones CBD lotion sachets for between $15 and $45.
  • Confections: The Lord Jones gummies chews are sold for $30, and the price of the gumdrops ranges between $45 – $60 depending on the flavor.
  • Capsules: The capsules are sold for $95

“I made the mistake of going for a week without this CBD oil and my anxiety and neck pain returned. I guess I had forgotten how well CBD works for me.”

Final Thoughts on Lord Jones Royal CBD

Lord Jones has really made a name for themselves in the beauty world, thanks to their range of skincare products that are sold by Sephora. We’re a little disappointed that there is not much information regarding the company on the Lord Jones website. We would like to know more about the brand and its mission.

However, by all accounts, Lord Jones appears to be a reputable and high-quality brand, that is highly recommended for those looking to add CBD-infused beauty products to their daily health regime.

Customer Reviews
Megan Reeves Verified user
Smoker's cough

I was suffering from something we call as smoker’s cough. Each time I smoked my pot, it used to be bout of cough for me. It was hindering my smoking so much. I’d say it had reached a level where I could almost smoke no more. I knew this was common, but I also knew this was more severe with me. However, if I tried tea or coffee to soothe my throat, that interfered with the high of the strain. It usually lowered my high. Finally Lord Jones Royal was suggested by a friend. And now I vape a puff of it after a finish my pot so that my throat remains cough free. It works for me!

Vita Verified user
Unmatched logistics

Lord Jones has got an excellent delivery team. I think other companies, no matter what the niche, can learn from them for a logistic system upgrade. You place the order and they keep you updated all the time. They share all batch details of lab tests of your particular order. And I always feel that I get my parcel even before I order. They are so, so quick.

Kenny Lyall Verified user
CBD dispensaries

Although Lord Jones Royal is a great CBD brand, it is a bit expensive as compared to most other brands. I afford it very well, so I buy only from Lord Jones always. However it can get heavy on the pocket of some middle classers. I wish the government starts some CBD dispensaries too and sells premium CBD oils like Lord Jones at rebated prices for the commoners. It is already doing so for weed, so CBD should not be a problem I guess.

Terry Delk Verified user
It really did

Sleeplessness can cause havoc to our systems. I never realized that the issue could get so big until I myself experienced it. I do not know how it developed, or was it bad lifestyle that manifested as insomnia slowly; but I realized that I could no more sleep than two hours at a stretch. It was getting up in distress and then not being able to fall back to sleep again. Lord Jones has been like a medicine for this purpose. I took it reading online reviews that it could help, and it really did.

Henry Hare Verified user
An emotional connect

I am a K-12 educator and found Lord Jones Royal to be the only brand that offers discount to teachers. Had come across many brands earlier that offered discounts to veterans and military people, but none to teachers. So it felt very connecting emotionally when I got to know that they offer discounts to our community. I made a purchase then and also recommended this brand to many of my co -workers. Really a good one.

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