Legal Herbal Shop Review

Most of our reviews here at ShoppingCBD are on individual CBD brands, but every now and then, we come across CBD distributors. The Legal Herbal Shop is an American-based distributor with a focus on rare medicinal herbal alternatives. They sell a range of CBD products, as well as several other herbal supplements, including Delta 8 THC, legal bud, smoking blends, and kratom.

Since we specialize in CBD specifically, I will be focusing on the Legal Herbal Shop’s CBD line of products. The company claims to carry a lot of exclusive products, but we’re not sure their CBD line meets our high expectations.

Legal Herbal Shop Summary

Quality 86%
Effectiveness 87%
Benefits 87%
Price 90%
Customer Service 87%

“Just started using the legal buds, and I love them. Great product with a mild sensation”

Who Is the Legal Herbal Shop?

The Legal Herbal Shop was founded by one individual with a passion for alternative herbal medicine. His goal was to offer people access to rare medicinal herbal solutions in an effort to help those in need. The company offers a wide variety of products from medicinal herbs that can be used to manage various ailments, depression, pain, anxiety, fatigue, muscle relaxation, boost the immune system, and everything in between.

Unfortunately, apart from the above, there is very little information available on the Legal Herbal Shop. Although there is an “About” section, it doesn’t provide much insight into who started the company, when it was founded, or where it’s based.

Additionally, the company website is not well organized. There is no real order to how the products are listed, so we found it quite difficult and frustrating to navigate through the site. For instance, there is a CBD Hand Sanitizer that comes up under just about every CBD category.

We also want to note that The Legal Herbal Shop doesn’t stock some of the most reputable and well-known CBD brands. We have never even heard of some of the brands sold by the store. The most popular one seems to be Hemp Bombs.


Legal Herbal Shop Highlights

Here are a few high points about the Legal Herbal Shop:

  • Wide Range of Products: Since the Legal Herbal Shop are distributors, they stock a wide array of products from several different brands. This means that you can find all types of CBD products right here in one place – it’s a one-stop-shop. And it’s not just CBD; you can also find a range of other natural herbal options.
  • Free Same Day Shipping: The company offers free same-day shipping – a truly fantastic benefit that can be very advantageous when shopping for CBD.
  • Flavored Oils:Some CBD brands only sell natural or unflavored CBD oil. But the Legal Herbal Shop stocks CBD tinctures in several different flavors, which is ideal for anyone who dislikes the usual taste of CBD oil.

Negative Thoughts on Legal Herbal Shop

Unfortunately, there are quite a few negative thoughts on the Legal Herbal Shop. We’ve already mentioned a lot of them, but let’s recap.

First and foremost, there is not enough information available on the company, which makes it difficult to go into much detail about anything. Moreover, since the Legal Herbal Shop is a distributor and stocks a variety of brands, you would think that they would have an option to select a specific brand – but they don’t. Instead, you will only see a list of brands once you select a product category. For instance, when you select the “CBD oil” category, you will find the full range of CBD oils, listed in no particular order (not organized according to brand, potency, or any other factor).

In all honesty, the Legal Herbal Shop website as a whole comes across as rather unorganized and sloppy.

“I love the variety offered by this company. You can find just about any type of product you can think of here.”

Legal Herbal Shop Products

  • CBD Oil: Legal Herbal Shop stocks CBD oil from a number of different brands. Potencies seem to range between 750mg and 5,000mg, and there are several different flavors. Some of these include; Raspberry Lemonade, Watermelon, Strawberry.
  • CBD Shots: The company stocks a Hemp Formula 2oz Shot (50mg CBD) from Vivazen.
  • CBD Edibles: The edibles line consists mostly of CBD gummies from several different brands. But there is also CBD-infused Kandy (15mg, 60mg, 150mg, and 300mg options) and Rice Crispy Treats (150mg and 300mg options).
  • CBD Capsules: The capsule line consists of 10ct, 30ct, 50ct, and 100ct options, and potencies range between 10mg and 30mg per capsule.
  • CBD Topical Creams: The topical range includes Cooling Recovery CBD Balm, Warming Therapy CBD Balm, Topical Cream (1,000mg), Cannabis CBD – Roll On, and CBD Cream (500mg).
  • CBD Vape ejuice: Vape juice varieties include a 200mg CBD oil vape cartridge, 1,000mg CBD Dab Wax, 250mg CBD vape cartridge in sativa, indica, and hybrid extracts, and a CBD vape additive from Hemp Bombs.
  • Hemp Flower Bud: The collection includes Pre Rolls, Hemp Flower in CBDawg, Sweet Wife, Suver Haze, and Special Sauce varieties, Sweet Dreamz bud, and more.

Legal Herbal Shop Costs

  • CBD Oil: Prices range between $24.99 and $169.95 depending on the brand and potency.
  • CBD Shots: One bottle costs $10.99, but there is also the option to buy quantities of 2, 4, 8, or 12 bottles.
  • CBD Edibles: Price range between $3.99 and $29.99.
  • CBD Capsules: The price range is between $11.99 and $119.99.
  • CBD Topical Creams: Prices range between $34.99 and $189.99, depending on the brand and type of product.
  • CBD Vape ejuice: The ejuice line retails for between $19.99 and $69.99
  • Hemp Flower Bud: Prices range between $9.99 and $164.99.


“The Strawberry Haze Herbal Blend is fantastic. It has a very unique aroma and is a lighter blend.”

Final Thoughts on Legal Herbal Shop

The Legal Herbal Shop is near the bottom of our list of recommendations for CBD products. Since there’s not a lot of information available, it’s very difficult to write a full and comprehensive review. Moreover, we just don’t know enough about this company to make us comfortable, suggesting them to our readers. 

There are plenty of other sites providing high-quality CBD products, and we would suggest buying directly from a brand rather than going through a distributor, especially when it comes to CBD.

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