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Today we have an extra special treat for all our furry friends out there: Canine-friendly CBD products! CBD for pets has been growing in popularity in recent times due to its safe and natural origin, as well as its effectiveness in helping pets in a variety of ways. Company King Kanine aims to bring exactly this through an assortment of pet products containing CBD, for all your furry friend’s needs.

Pets are especially susceptible to ailments and conditions as they age, such as arthritis, cancer, heart or kidney problems, and so on. Young pups may suffer as well, especially from anxiety such as separation anxiety and anxiety brought on by loud noises and thunderstorms. With CBD-containing products, however, these ailments can be naturally and greatly helped.

With King Kanine by your side, you can rest assured that your beloved dog will have nothing but the best in terms of quality and results. The founders at King Kanine have a tremendous passion for pets and pet welfare, and do everything possible to ensure top quality and effectiveness, as well as safety, in all their canine-friendly doggie products.

Today we’ll be reviewing King Kanine, a Florida-based company that specializes in CBD products for dogs. If your dog suffers from any sort of physical condition or a noise phobia, and even anxiety, King Kanine CBD products for pets may just be your answer! Read on to find out all you need on King Kanine CBD and if it’s right for you!

King Kanine CBD Quick Summary

Quality 97%
Effectiveness 94%
Benefits 98%
Price 92%
Customer Service 96%

“My lab/golden mix was struggling after playing at the park with constant limping. We started CBD and she has been limp free and so much more energetic and comfortable!”

Who is King Kanine CBD?

King Kanine is a pet wellness company based out of Plantation, Florida, U.S.A. It specializes in CBD products for dogs, as well as other accessories and supplies such as shampoos, brushes, and sprays. Despite being founded just in 2015, King Kanine has had enormous success and is committed to providing your pet with the absolute best CBD products in terms of quality and effectiveness. All their products are lab tested to ensure proper dosage, are made from organic hemp, and pesticide and solvent free.

As dogs don’t have the ability to decide and take care of themselves, KingKanine realizes that they are especially vulnerable members of our families, and that we must be sure to give them quality and healthy products, to ensure a long and happy life. King Kanine offers a variety of sprays, oils, balms, and treats for your pet with many options of potencies and flavors to choose from. The products are currently sold in over 48 countries, so they have a definite presence which shows their success and prominence.

In addition, King Kanine helps to support missions and organizations throughout the country that partake in animal welfare causes and stopping the mistreatment of animals. So with your purchase and support of King Kanine, you not only are supplying your dog with top-quality and natural CBD products, you are also helping other animals in need!

king kanine cbd pure

Highlights of King Kanine CBD

King Kanine is the go-to company when it comes to finding the best CBD products for your pet.

Here are just some of the highlights of King Kanine CBD:

  • Dedication to Animal Welfare: King Kanine is dedicated through and through to providing your pet with only the best. The company regularly donates to and supports local animal missions and organizations in their pursuit of animal welfare and animal protection as well.
  • Lab-Tested: All King Kanine products are rigorously tested to ensure proper dosing and potency. The products are also manufactured in accordance with federal law as well.
  • Broad Recognition: King Kanine has been featured in dozens of publications and magazines, and has even appeared on ABC News! They even won the Pet Business of 2018 award for their superb CBD pet products.
  • Certified Organic: All of the products for your furry friend are certified organic! Many companies may state that they only use natural or organic ingredients, but King Kanine has went through the verification process so you can be sure that your best canine friend is truly getting what’s on the label.
  • Quality Assured: If you are not completely satisfied with any product from King Kanine for any reason, they will gladly refund any item for full price within 30 days. This shows their belief and confidence in their product, that they are willing to stand by their products 100%.

King Kanine CBD: Negative Thoughts

One thing we didn’t like, however, is that although King Kanine is allegedly for all pets, it seems to be more geared for dogs. Most of their packaging contains images of dogs, and even the title of the brand itself is has the word ‘Kanine’ in it, so it can be a bit confusing for people looking to use the product for their cat, as they might think it is only for dogs, despite it saying ‘for all pets’ in the description.

They also have many products such as balms, which don’t say anything about use with other pets such as cats. So it seems that although the products here at King Kanine state that they can be used with all pets besides dogs, some are specifically more geared toward dogs, and leaves the variety a little lower for those with other pets than dogs, or a little bit confused as to which products can be used with which animals.

In addition, their products are a bit pricey, with some basic sprays without CBD costing around $20, and some of their CBD oral oil costing around $100 per bottle.

king kanine cbd oil reviews

“We have a lab/beagle mix that has severe allergies. This balm works excellent on hot spots she often licks, and gets rid of the redness when her skin becomes irritated.”

My Personal Experience with King Kanine CBD

I purchased the King Kalm CBD 150 mg for my dog to help with the anxiety he gets from noises and people. Within about 30 minutes, my dog became noticeably relaxed and calm. He stopped his barking and shaking that he usually gets whenever I leave the house for a bit or when he hears cars, horns, or other city noises. There were no side-effects that I could visibly notice; he seemed completely calm and finally able to relax. The liquid came with a nice syringe as well, so it was pretty easy to give it to my dog and he didn’t seem to have any objection to the taste either.

In addition to the liquid King Kalm CBD, I also tried out the King Kalm Crunch. I purchased the Blueberry Apple Flax Blaze variety and I (and my dog) could not have been happier! He absolutely devoured these treats. They contain oats, sweet potato, blueberries, apple, honey, and flax, as well as the CBD. My dog was definitely calmer after eating one; it seemed to take a little longer than the liquid to kick in, around 40 minutes total. He stopped his barking, which he does when he gets nervous or anxious. There are 25 per bag, so I’ll have plenty to last us a while! This is a favorite, and I’ll be sure to use these as the go-to way to calm him down, instead of using medications.

King Kanine CBD Products

King Kanine has may products to help your pet with a variety of concerns. They offer many types of CBD infused products to give to your pet, as well as a few grooming products and accessories essential to your dog.

The products they have for sale are:

  • King Kalm CBD Liquid: King Kalm CBD liquid is probably the most popular product sold by King Kalm. It comes in different potencies 75 mg, 150 mg, 300 mg, and 600 mg. It is made using high quality hemp leaves and DHA and copaiba essential oil. It’s an excellent choice to help relieve your dog’s nervousness, anxiety, and chronic pain.
  • King Kalm Dog Paw Balm: The King Kalm balm acts as a two in one product. It is a balm designed to keep your dog’s paws, snout, and elbows hydrated and in optimum condition while at the same time, containing CBD oil
  • King Kalm Soothe for Pets: This anti-itch spray is formulated as a solution to dry, cracked skin on your pets, while simultaneously containing CBD oils.
  • King Kalm Crunch: King Kalm Crunch is a top hit on their site. These doggie treats provide a fun and tasty way for your pet to get its dose of CBD. They come in 3 different flavors: blueberry, apple, and honey oats. They are made with all naturally-sourced, organic ingredients, and are sure to be devoured by your furry friend!
  • King Komb: The King Komb is the ultimate comb for your pet. It is self cleaning, and helps with shedding dogs and to remove pet dander and allergens.
  • King Klean: The products in the King Klean series are the shampoo, pet paw cleaner, in-between bath spray, bed spray, and mite management spray. Through these products you can clean and groom your dog to perfection, as well as keep their habitats squeaky clean. We all know how dogs love to play outside! Now you can rest assured they will have FDA-approved and effective means to get that mud off their paws.

Check out the company website for King Kanine reviews left by customers.

King Kanine CBD Costs

King Kanine prices are a little on the high side, but they are also quite high in standards and quality. Nothing goes over $100, however, and the high priced bottles will give you quite a bit of CBD per serving. The prices can be broken down as such:

  • King Kalm CBD liquid: The liquid will run you from between $40 to $100, depending on which size you get. The 75 mg bottle is $40. The 150 mg bottle is $60. The 300 mg bottle is $90. And at last, the 600 mg bottle is $100.
  • King Kalm Dog Paw Balm: The paw balm runs at $17 per tin.
  • King Kalm Soothe for Pets: The soothe spray runs at $20 per bottle.
  • King Kalm Crunch: A bag of 25 treats of King Kalm Crunch will cost $34.99.
  • King Komb: The Komb is available in two sizes, large and mini, and will cost $30 and $25 respectively.
  • King Klean: These grooming products will run from $17 to $20.

king kanine cbd reviews

“My 11 y/o retriever is starting to slow down, having difficulty getting up from a lying position. I have been using the King Kalm Crunch treats for a few months now and he doesn’t take as long to get up from his bed and I have noticed that he doesn’t grunt and make old man noises as much. I’m very pleased with this product!”

Final Verdict on King Kanine CBD

King Kanine is a brand that is truly passionate about pets. They have dedicated a lot of time and effort into creating tasty, healthy, and effective snacks and products to help a wide array of problems that a lot of dogs suffer from. From chronic pain from old age to separation anxiety and nervousness, the CBD-infused doggie products will be sure to give your pet great relief (and you, great peace of mind) from all sorts of conditions.

They also donate regularly and support other animal welfare causes, as well as have been featured in well-known magazines and publications.

The costs of these dog treats are a little on the high side of what people would typically spend on their dogs, but you must keep in mind that this is CBD infused, and not to mention they are certified organic and effective too!

Overall, a great buy if you have nervous animals or animals who are in a lot of chronic pain. The products are of excellent quality, and sure to be enjoyed fully by your canine.

Customer Reviews
Barry Montemayor Verified user

Even the pet CBD is now available in the balm version. And I could find this only in King Kanine among the ace brands for pets. So king kanine is it for my Labrador. I think it is great pain reliever for him whenever the animal is tired or fatigued. Yes, please do not find this funny. If you’ve ever had a pet you’d know. Pets can be tired too, though only sometimes! And so the balm lasts very long 🙂

Judy Verified user
Increasing the benefit

King Kanine is a premium brand for pets. But do you know you can increase the efficacy by giving it the right way to the furry creatures. First of all go for full spectrum versions, as pet ranges of CBD have isolates too. Next give it on an empty stomach and try to give it early in the morning. Some studies show that it is more beneficial that ways.

Danny Martinez Verified user
What I gathered

Do you know what say do vets have on CBD for dogs? I recently came across a study conducted by VINS News Service which suggested that 63% of the vets were asked about CBD for pets by at least once a month. A huge number in fact! The study also reported that vets are never too open to discuss the effects or prescribe, as it can mean loss of patients for them and breach of license in the worst scenario. However, what I gathered from all this was that CBD can be a great option for our dogs and I have started King kanine with my pug. I am satisfied.

Jennifer Powell Verified user
No signs yet

My pet has contracted some irreversible condition, kind of like animal arthritis, where the limbs hurt to an extent that he is visibly in pain. I have started a daily dose of King Kanine CBD for him. It is a 5 year old dog, a German Shepherd. I hope it works. As of now I am not able to notice any improvement, however, hoping for the best.

Aaron Valdez Verified user
In crisis

My dog suffers from a tumor in the brain. Doctors say he is not going to live for more than a few months now. I buy a fortnightly stock of King Kanine CBD for it and deliver it to the hospital. I have now permanently hospitalized the animal as it can be better cared for over there. Also, it is better to avoid contact with the pet now as we have young kids in the home. But it feels so satisfying to be helping the dog to fight the pain with something supplementary to the usual medicines and injectibles. Let it be comfortable for as long as it is around.

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