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As vaping continues to rise in popularity, users are presented with a huge variety of vape devices and e-liquids. One company making a difference in the industry is JUUL Labs. This is a brand that's become famous for their JUUL e-cigarettes, which PAX first introduced in 2015.

In this complete JUUL vape review, we discuss the ins-and-outs of this immensely popular vape device. We'll talk about whether or not we think it’s worth the price tag, and whether you can use it with CBD.

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About JUUL: Trustworthiness & Industry Prominence

JUUL Labs is an electronic cigarette company that was established in 2017. James Monsees and Adam Bowen co-founded the company, both hoping to provide a practical alternative to smoking.

Using their knowledge of product design, the JUUL brand was born. In the United States, JUUL holds over 70% of the e-cigarette market. Its popularity has helped to change the entire landscape of the industry, as well as inspire a vaping culture.


Quality, Credentials, & Lab Testing

JUUL’s selection of products is minimal yet effective. Rather than develop a vast range of mid-quality vape pods and devices, they’ve focused on crafting a few premium products. Visitors to the site can find vape e-liquid pods, the classic JUUL device, a USB charging dock, and a portable charging case.

To monitor e-liquid quality, JUUL Lab’s implements various tests for toxicology, vapor production, flavor consistency, and liquid content. Additionally, a safety evaluation is conducted by an advisory committee to ensure ingredients are safe and practical.


Return Policy & Quality Assurance

One way JUUL holds themselves accountable for quality is by providing warranties. If their products are purchased in the US, customers are given a 1-year warranty. UK products are given a 2-year warranty. Customers can also return a JUUL product within 14 days, as long as the tamper-proof seal has not been removed.


Product Manufacturing Process

JUUL’s e-liquid is composed of a formulation containing nicotine, benzoic, propylene glycol, and glycerine. Only pharmaceutical-grade tobacco is used during manufacturing, so JUUL knows exactly how the plants are grown. Both propylene glycol and glycerine are common ingredients in vaping e-liquids throughout the industry; they help create a visible vapor.

As well as testing oil quality, the company also monitors device engineering and performance. Electromagnetic compatibility and safety, as well as drop tests and impact tests, are conducted routinely to ensure safety and proper functioning.


Additional Product Information

JUUL makes sure to conduct thorough testing on product performance, safety, quality, and more. However, the design of the iconic JUUL device is equally important. Made for simplicity, JUUL vapes are buttonless and fuss-free. They are also crafted with sensory detectors and temperature regulation technology. In essence, JUUL vapes can identify when it’s in use, and will configure settings appropriately. Additionally, the JUUL C1 device can be partnered with the JUUL app, meaning users can lock as well as track the product.

All the flavors are great! Long lasting and received my order very quickly! Great to take on the go or just at home!

JUUL Review: Highlights

JUUL is revered in the United States and beyond. Here are a few reasons why they’ve attracted such a loyal customer base.

  • Transparent ethos. Helping smokers give up traditional tobacco cigarettes has been JUUL’s goal since the beginning. The company sells easy-to-use devices and pods that contain either 3% or 5% nicotine.
  • JUUL Pass benefits. If saving money is top of your agenda, signing up for the JUUL Pass program may be of interest. As well as a 40% signing up perk, members receive a special warranty and additional savings on products.

  • Discreet design. While some e-cigarettes and vaporizers are big, bulky contraptions, the JUUL device is simple. Their sleek and minimalist design is discreet, perfect for the conscientious user.
  • Range of flavors. One of the biggest attractions to vaping is the array of wonderful flavors. In this respect, JUUL doesn’t disappoint. They sell delicious varieties, including; Menthol and Mango Nectar.
  • Underage use prevention. As JUUL e-liquids contain nicotine, the company has implemented techniques to prevent underage users from consuming their products. For instance, the company has suspended all print or digital advertising of JUUL. It’s encouraging to see them take social responsibility for their products.

Negative Thoughts

Until recently, the JUUL wasn’t a multi-purpose device like many other vapes on the market. To use it, you needed to purchase the original nicotine-filled pods, which were (and still are) far from being cheap. Additionally, many vapers use CBD e-liquids. However, it’s not possible to refill a JUUL pod without the risk of some or other mishap. Since the company hasn’t announced any plans to expand to the CBD market, vapers who are also CBD users aren’t able to use the JUUL for dual purposes.

Another problem was that the pods would regularly sell out because the JUUL manufacturers didn’t anticipate the product’s popularity. They still sell out these days, but we have a sneaky feeling that this is a savvy marketing tactic to keep prices high.

CBD Juul Pods are awesome since I’m always on the road. I ordered 3 flavors to try and Natural Hemp is my favorite.

Where to Buy JUUL Products

While JUUL has an official US and UK website, its products are available in various online retailers, supermarkets, and vape shops across the globe. Interestingly, JUUL’s UK store sells a greater variety of pod flavors than their American counterpart. So, it’s a good idea to browse and shop around for a full selection of products. Customers can also find a “Store Locator” button on both official sites; you may be surprised how by accessible JUUL products are!


Best JUUL Products: Product Selection & Costs

JUUL products are available on several platforms, so bear in mind that stockists may change depending on companies and countries. Here’s an overview of some of their most popular products.

JUUL Device and Accessories

Available in either slate or silver, JUUL’s flagship vaping device is simple, easy-to-use, and affordable. Simply draw on the mouthpiece to begin vaping. When finished, users can clean the product with a dry cotton swab. Each device comes with a USB charging dock and a warranty when bought from the official site.
[Costs are $7.99]

JUUL E-liquids

JUULpods can be purchased in either Menthol or Virginia Tobacco. Both flavors can be bought with either 3% or 5% tobacco (measured by weight), and each pod contains 0.7ml of liquid. Additional flavors are available on the UK JUUL site, such as Alpine Berry, Glacier Mint, and Mango Nectar.
[Costs range from $9.99 to $15.99]

JUUL C1 Starter Kit

Available only on the UK site, the C1 Starter Kit is ideal for JUUL beginners. It contains a rechargeable vaping device, USB charger, four 18mg/ml JUULpods, and a 2-year warranty. Additionally, it can be used with the JUUL app, which allows for true customization.
[UK cost is £34.99]

Using CBD with a JUUL Device

While JUUL devices are not intended to be used with third-party CBD e-liquids, some companies market their products specifically for that purpose. Pure CBD Vapors is one such company; their popular CBD products are listed below.

  • Hempzilla CBD JUUL: Available in four different flavors; Berry Wild, Natural Hemp, Strawberry Creme Gelato, and Tango Mango. Each pod contains 300mg of full-spectrum CBD.

  • Airbender JUUL compatible: You can buy these in four different flavors; Mint, Original, Sweet Melon, and Lemon Bar, and each of them have a strength of 200 mg.

  • JGO+ Terpene Vape pods: 425 MG of CBD packed into a 0.6 ml pod. Each puff should deliver about 2.1 mg of CBD per inhalation. This one is available in the following flavors; Gelato, Girl Scout Cookies, Grand Daddy Purple, and Pineapple Express.

[Costs range from $19.99 to $24.99]

Great taste and helps with my migraines and nauseous - just vaping a little bit at night.

JUUL Review: Final Thoughts

Intended as an alternative to smoking cigarettes, JUUL has become a vaping sensation. While trends come and go, it seems that the company is here to stay. This is largely because they show incredible quality control, social responsibility, and great customer service. The products themselves are thoroughly tested by the JUUL Labs, whether that be the devices or the proprietary nicotine e-liquid.

Additionally, some companies claim you can use CBD in JUUL devices. While we don’t recommend using an unofficial product, it’s hard to deny the JUUL CBD liquids are increasingly popular. Hopefully, in the future, JUUL may release their own CBD e-liquid, pleasing even more CBD enthusiasts!

Thanks for reading, and here’s to your health and happiness!
Customer Reviews
Christopher Verified user
Chilling out with JUUL

JUUl can help you out if you are looking to quit weed. It will be non-addictive itself, you can stop JUUL anyday anytime. But as long as you take it, you won’t feel the need of a weed puff that strongly. Once you are sure that you can do without the weed, you can discontinue JUUL I guess. Or maybe keep it for recreation. I did this way and within an year I call myself clean. JUUL is now once every week to me, just to chill out on a weekend.

Gary Farrell Verified user
Always and always

To me JUUL has always been a favorite one and the ultimate one. You know how I got to k ow about it at first? It was with a friend at college who was two semesters senior to me. I used to idol him like anything and copied whatever I could. JUUL came to me like that and since then I have never been disappointed with all the times that I have ordered and reordered. It is a sturdy device and quite an advanced one in terms of vape quality.

Vivian Williams Verified user
The smoking urge

I picked this up as a replacement to tobacco smoke. And it was useful. I now felt less urged to pick up and hit the pack of those white and brown rolls which were damaging my lungs from so much time. I still sometimes feel like smoking, but then I control my will and go for JUUL vape instead. Hopefully it will disappear completely one day.

Anne Faust Verified user
Usually good

JUUL is multipurpose. The liquid can be used in many other vape devices too, something that I often do. I will say two things when it comes to CBD and vaping. Your herb, that is its quality, plays a very important role in the feeling that you experience once you smoke. Besides, the vaping gadget can change the vaping experience altogether too. So I try JUUL in several vaping pipes and it is usually good.

John Alston Verified user
Best Liquid

Have never encountered a vape liquid better than JUUL. I do not mean to say that the vape device is bad, it is good too, but it is comparable to other devices. The juice however is much better than most other brands. I am much in favor of JUUL. They never leak or never cause any trouble while charging. Also they are compact and easy to carry outdoors too!

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