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Currently, 33 states plus D.C. have legalized medical marijuana. Furthermore, 10 of these states plus D.C. have legalized recreational marijuana. This has opened up a whole new world of opportunities in the CBD industry, and subsequently, the CBD market has seen significant growth in recent years. Today, we are writing an Ignite CBD review to tell you more about one of the most popular CBD companies in the market.

With so much focus on using THC for recreational reasons and to “get high,” it’s easy to forget that CBD also acts on the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), and it’s ultimately legal in all 50 states. Whether you live in a state where marijuana isn’t yet legal, or you prefer to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without a high, CBD is an effective and popular alternative, which explains why there are hundreds of CBD companies emerging.

Ignite is quickly growing a near cult-like following. The brand has been a massive success. So does this company live up to all the hype? Let’s take a closer look in the below Ignite CBD review.

Official Site: ignite.co
Coupon Code: CBD15LIFE

Ignite CBD Quick Summary

Quality 98%
Effectiveness 97%
Benefits 96%
Price 95%
Customer Service 96%

“Tried both the tropical fruit and blood orange flavor of the BO CBD pen. I enjoyed the tropical fruit flavor. Blood orange is great if you like a strong flavor.”

Who is Ignite CBD?

The co-founder and chairman of Ignite CBD is Dan Bilzerian himself. He’s more famously known as “the King of Instagram” and launched the company straight out of his Bel Air mansion. Dan, a marketing guru, has exceptional business acumen, a skill that has helped to spread the word on Ignite CBD to the masses.

It’s fair to say that Dan knows how to make an impression. He kicked off the California launch of his super-lux cannabis brand with a 1,000+ person party at his Bel Air mega-mansion, in a way that would make Hugh Hefner proud. If you are anywhere on social media, the chances are high that you’ve heard of this brand. But, it isn’t just hype. Ignite produces some of the purest and highest-quality products on the market.

Ignite is the first high-end global cannabis brand and features premium quality CBD and THC products. The company was launched in 2017 with 40 products, delivered in the form of pre-rolls, oils, concentrates, and flowers, which are available in over 100 dispensaries across California. CBD products are sold online nationally.

With extreme marketplace variance in dosage and quality, Ignite strives to be a CBD brand that you trust and come back to. Claiming to only partner with the finest sources available, Ignite ensures customers that they deliver premium, industry-leading products. Their products are described as being as natural, reliably clean, and consistent, as they are effective.

Dan has entered the CBD industry with unique knowledge which allows him to act as not only a super influencer and brand totem, but as also a founder, owner, and key decision-making force behind the mission of the company. His passions align in this venture as he incorporates an obsession for excellence with a hands-on approach of all things cannabis.

Who is Ignite CBD?

Ignite CBD Highlights

The standout feature of Ignite is the man behind the brand – Dan Bilzerian. He’s a marketing and business guru and has done a great job of getting the word of CBD out there.

Here are the highlights of Ignite CBD:

  • Devoted Team: The Ignite team is made up of some of the brightest minds in the industry. The company selectively hires and partners with the most experienced cultivators, growers, and manufacturers to ensure that they deliver high-quality and effective products.
  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $100: We always love when companies offer a free shipping option. If you plan on buying two or three products or more, free shipping can be very beneficial and save you a small fortune.
  • Social Media Presence: We can’t overlook the social media presence of Ignite. This is quite possibly the most “Insta-famous” cannabis brand in the market. They have over 1.6 million followers on Instagram and an active Facebook and Twitter account.
  • Lifestyle Brand: Ignite is the world’s first-ever super-premium cannabis lifestyle brand. The company is proving to be very successful in making cannabis more “mainstream” and delivering the highest quality products built on the foundation that both trust and quality matter.
  • Blog: Ignite has a blog section on its website, where you can find just about everything there is to know about this innovative and exciting brand and its products. They’re all about educating customers.

Ignite CBD: Negative Thoughts

There is absolutely no note on the company website about lab testing. This is always a bit of a red flag. Almost all CBD companies these days at least state on their website that products are lab tested – even if they don’t publish the reports.

In the CBD market today, it’s important for brands to publish lab test results on their website. Transparency is key, and it goes a long way in proving to customers that their products are high-quality and “legit.” We sure hope that Ignite will wake up soon and add some lab testing information to their site.


ignite cbd oil

“I have suffered from back pain for 10 years now and randomly decided to try this CBD vape to see if it would help. It’s made the biggest difference for me - I’m almost pain-free and being able to medicate at work is a game changer.”

Ignite CBD Products

  • Disposable Vape: The award-winning, convenient and discreet disposable vape Ignite CBD pens are available in a variety of flavors and CBD blends, including: Pink Chill, Blood Orange, Tropical Fruit, Apple Berry, Spearmint, and Lavender.
  • Rechargeable Vape: The rechargeable vape pens are sold as part of a starter kit or in the form of a pod in two flavors: Tropical Fruit and Blood Orange. They also sell a Black Soft Touch vape pen.
  • CBD Drops: Ignite sells four different flavors of CBD drops: Blood Orange, Tropical Fruit, Lavender, and Unflavoured (natural). Each contains 1,000 mg CBD and comes in a 30 ml bottle (33 mg per serving).
  • CBD Toothpicks: Ignite sells some innovative CBD-infused toothpicks. They are available in six different flavors: Menthol, Cinnamint, Mango Mint, Lemongrass, Passion Fruit, and coffee. There are ten picks per pack, and each pick contains 25 mg CBD.
  • Chargers: You can purchase a vape USB cable charger from Ignite for your rechargeable vape pen. It comes with a 27.5-inch cord and can be paired with the Ignite Black Soft Touch Vape Pen & Starter Kits.

Ignite CBD: Costs

  • Disposable Vape: Each of the disposable vape pen flavors and CBD blends are sold for $44.99
  • Rechargeable Vape: The one pod starter kit retails for $56.99, and the two pod kit is sold for $69.99. The pod only items retail for $19.99 each, while the Black soft touch pen will cost you $39.99.
  • CBD Drops: Each of the Ignite CBD oil 30 ml bottles retail for $64.99
  • CBD Toothpicks: Each pack of 10 CBD toothpicks is sold for $29.99
  • Chargers: The USB cable charger is sold for $14.99

Ignite CBD: Costs

“Just ordered the Ignite BO Pen and it’s incredible along with the flavors. Also, my wife just ordered the Lavender disposable pen and she loves it.”

Final Thoughts on Ignite CBD

The Ignite products ooze attention to detail. No surprise really when you consider that the man behind the brand is a professional poker player. As well as stocking an impressive range of potent products rich in THC, Ignite also specializes in delivering top-quality CBD products. With more than 40 different cannabinoid-rich items on the market, Ignite is a worthy bestseller popular with both recreational and medical marijuana customers.

Official Site: ignite.co
Coupon Code: CBD15LIFE

Customer reviews
Maria MatthewsVerified Buyer

Please do something

Ignite vape is my ultimate companion in the lockdown phase. I am in Jersey City, New Jersey and I am not sure how long this situation is going to persist with the virus spreading more and more like anything. I am a socializing freak and this isolation is getting on my nerves now. Ignite is helpful as a stress-buster, but only upto some extent. Please God, do something about this quickly.

HilarioVerified Buyer

The middle approach

Ignite CBD is the best. I like to use CBD in a vape form. I feel that CBD oils are too subtle, while weed strains are too potent. This middle path, vaping, suits me very well. I take to vaping only for recreation and sometimes for mental stress. My cousin Harry introduced me to Ignite and it has been it since then.

Mae ChanceVerified Buyer

Try me

Ignite was a random try. I received it as a gift and then I kept it back in the bathroom closet to re-gift it to some one else as I had never vaped earlier. However, the pack was attracting me each morning I used to stand in front of that cupboard screaming try me, try me. Ultimately I gave in to my urge and curiosity and tried it. It is amazing fun for entertainment. I am not sure of the medical benefits. But smoking those clouds of thick intense hemp feel very good.

Russell FungVerified Buyer

Never tested positive

Ignite has always been a top notch choice whenever I want to smoke a few CBD puffs for recreation. I do not take CBD otherwise, it is only for entertainment sometimes. And with Ignite, I never have to worry about testing positive on the drug tests that are conducted from time to time in my office. That is what lets me have fun and frolic peacefully, without anything bothering at the back of the mind.

Don DiazVerified Buyer

Tough to choose

Vapes are usually a good replacement to smoking pure weed concentrates, but sometimes they can be disastrous too if we go for something low quality or very cheap. I found a great choice in ignite CBD. I always buy from the website to avoid fakes or duplicate products. With the CBD market bombarding like anything with new products each new day, it can be tough to choose one. Ignite CBD has been a cool choice to me.

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