HuGG CBD Review

With the UK’s CBD industry hitting an impressive £300 million, it’s more important than ever to spend your money conscientiously. To help you do that, we’ve written a tell-all review of HuGG CBD.

All of HuGG CBD products are tailored towards female self-care. And with popular topical options such as CBD-Infused Bath Salts and Body Oil, pampering their customers is a top priority. This interesting brand is also “powered” by a world-leading biotech company, CiiTECH. Sound impressive? Well, HuGG CBD isn’t shy about using science as an advocate for excellent quality. But how does this reflect the products themselves?

In this HuGG CBD review, we’ll take a closer look at their partnership with CiiTECH, the brand’s origin, and most importantly, the quality of the products.

HuGG CBD Review Quick Summary

Quality 92%
Effectiveness 88%
Benefits 94%
Price 92%
Customer Service 85%

“I love that the Clay Face Mask contains rich ingredients like Shea Butter and Tea Tree extract. My face has never felt more hydrated and clear!”

Who Is HuGG CBD?

HuGG CBD is a brand with a clear objective; providing high-quality CBD products to women in need of self-care. The brand’s co-founder, Sara Flack, recognizes how neglectful women can be of personal care. And she’s not wrong. Modern, fast-paced lifestyles mean both women and men are spending less time on themselves, and we aren’t happier for it.

By providing the opportunity to practice self-care through CBD’s therapeutic properties, HuGG CBD believes their products could be the answer to this dilemma.The company has crafted their products using steadfast cannabis research supplied by CiiTECH.

“We bring the passion and self-care determination, they bring the science and support”.

This partnership means quality control is always at the center of HuGG CBD’s agenda. That’s why they source and manufacture their products in accordance with strict EU agricultural and food processing guidelines. And as a proud member of the UK Cannabis Trades Association, you can ensure that their products are safe to use.

HuGG CBD’s most marketed range is the topical line, and variety is not in short supply. You can find body scrubs, gym lotions, nail oils, and more on their site. Despite the heavy focus on topicals, HuGG CBD does still sell a range of oral CBD products, such as infused coffee and traditional oils.

Let’s find out a little more about what attracts customers to the HuGG CBD brand.

Who Is HuGG CBD?

HuGG CBD Highlights

  • Partnered with CiiTECH: CiiTECH is a research giant specializing in CBD. They collaborate with industry experts such as professors, researchers, and dermatologists to develop world-class CBD products.
  • Inventive Range of Products: HuGG CBD has impressed us with their unique range of products. And their Nail and Cuticle Oil is something we haven’t seen before on the market.
  • Great for CBD Newbies: HuGG CBD sells many entry-level, low-strength products for those who want to ease their way into the world of CBD. They also provide useful information, such as application instructions, storage advice, and full ingredient lists.

HuGG CBD Negative Thoughts

Something that did feel lacking from the HuGG CBD site was information about their growing and manufacturing processes. The company did highlight they work in accordance with EU agricultural and food processing guidelines. However, customers are given no information about where they grow their hemp, if the hemp is organic, and what method they use to extract cannabidiol from the plant.

It’s also worth noting that the majority of HuGG CBD’s products are low-strength. In fact, the most potent oral product is their 1400mg oil, while their most potent topical product is 100mg. It would be good to see a little more strength variety in the tropical range.

“I’ve been using the CBD-infused coffee for months, and I’m still delighted by how delicious and relaxed I feel after every sip.”

HuGG CBD Product Overview

Let’s take a closer look at some of HuGG CBD’s most popular CBD products.

  • HuGG CBD Bath Salts: The perfect choice for a relaxing soak in the tub. This product is made with a combination of the Dead Sea and Himalayan bath salts, and of course CBD!
  • HuGG CBD Clay Face Mask: If you need something hydrating and kind to the skin, this face mask could be for you. Each tub contains 50mg of CBD, and you only need to apply for 5 minutes before cleaning your face.
  • HuGG CBD Cuticle Oil: Perhaps their most interesting product, this oil includes 20mg of CBD. It contains lavender, rosemary, and clary sage oils, but doesn’t leave a greasy residue on application.
  • HuGG CBD Gym Fit Cream: Containing 100mg of CBD, this cream is infused with ultra-nourishing ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter, and essential oils.
  • HuGG CBD Oil: If you are looking for a traditional oral product, you can find this oil in two strengths. Choose between the 350mg and 1400mg bottles; both contain a mild-tasting CBD formulation.
  • HuGG CBD Infused Coffee: Made from Italian roast coffee beans, this light coffee is unintrusive and easy-to-use. Each bag contains 490mg of CBD.
  • HuGG CBD Infused Fruit Tea: This loose tea contains real chunks of wild berry (60% real fruit pieces) and 260mg of CBD in each bag.

HuGG CBD : Costs

  • HuGG CBD Bath Salts: You can purchase the salts for £10.99
  • HuGG CBD Clay Face Mask: Available for £19.99
  • HuGG CBD Cuticle Oil: Each cuticle oil sells for £14.99
  • HuGG CBD Gym Fit Cream: Available for £22.99
  • HuGG CBD Oil: Oral drops can be purchased for either £24.99 or £68.99
  • HuGG CBD Infused Coffee: Each bag of coffee is available for £18.99
  • HuGG CBD Infused Fruit Tea: Available for £18.99

HuGG CBD : Costs

“The first CBD nail oil I have ever seen, and it didn’t disappoint. Heavenly lavender smell and soft nail beds. Can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Final Verdict on HuGG CBD

HuGG CBD is a brand that has gotten it right. Creating intriguing and desirable CBD products with the backing of CiiTECH certainly fills us with confidence. And their self-care approach is very needed in today’s CBD market. Who doesn’t want an excuse to self-pamper?

However, it would be nice to see more information about their manufacturing process, as it provides just a little more transparency. And we hope they expand the potency choices of their products in the future. Despite these small critiques, their stylish and useful website speaks volumes about the brand’s professionalism. Watch this space.

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