Hemp Meds Review

For those who are new to CBD supplements, it can often feel like a midfield trying to work out which CBD products are right for you. Knowing which brands to trust and which ones to avoid can take some time to learn. It becomes even more complicated when you have to shop with multiple CBD brands in order to find all of the products you are looking for.

Luckily Hemp Meds have a wide and varied range of CBD products meaning that you can shop for all of your CBD needs in just one place. To make shopping even more comfortable, Hemp Meds have almost a decade’s experience of designing, manufacturing, and selling high-quality, reliable CBD products, so that you know their products are authentic.

Hemp Meds’ experience has earnt them a positive reputation within the industry, with them becoming one of the most popular and largest CBD retailers online.

We decided to try Hemp Meds’ most popular products and find out if they do deliver a high-quality CBD experience. So, let’s take a closer look at Hemp Med and find out if they might just be the answer to all of your CBD needs.

Hemp Meds Quick Summary

Quality 93%
Effectiveness 99%
Benefits 97%
Price 90%
Customer Service 98%

“Hemp Meds’ experience has earned them a positive reputation within the industry, with them becoming one of the most popular and largest CBD retailers online.”

Who Are Hemp Meds?

Hemp Meds was initially founded in 2012 with a mission to promote the potential health benefits of CBD and show people that there are alternative supplement options available. Hemp Meds wanted to create high-quality CBD supplements that showed people CBD at its very best and have been doing so ever since.

Hemp Meds derive all of their CBD from hemp plants allowing them to guarantee all of their products as being 100% THC free. By using hemp plants, Hemp Meds are also able to ship their products to an ever-growing list of countries around the world.

By using hemp plants, Hemp Meds have been able to build trust and confidence in CBD, demonstrating that it is possible to gain all of the health benefits without any of the psychoactive THC.

All of Hemp Meds’ products are made using natural ingredients that have been chosen to work alongside CBD and bring out its full potential. Hemp Meds work closely with all of their suppliers to ensure that all components are grown using organic farming methods, free from pesticides and other harmful contaminants.

Hemp Meds using third party triple lab testing to check that all of their products are 100% free from continents and contain exactly what they list within the ingredients. The results from all lab tests are made available to customers before they shop so that you can make an informed decision about how you spend your money.

Hemp Meds have one of the most extensive and most varied ranges of CBD products available in one store. There are over 80 different CBD oil-based products for customers to choose from, as well as an entire section dedicated to pets, wellness, and bath & body.

As Hemp Meds continues to develop as a brand, their range of CBD products only looks set to expand further, making them an essential company within the industry and deficiently worth keeping an eye on.

Who Are Hemp Meds?

Who Are Hemp Meds?

Hemp Meds CBD Highlights

  • Triple Lab Testing: At Hemp Meds delivering quality products that live up to the claims made on their packaging is essential and is the reason why Hemp Meds use third party triple lab testing. Each batch undergoes a number of different tests to check for potency, contaminants, and quality.Hemp Meds make the results from these tests available to their customers through their website, making them easy to access before and after purchase.
  • Extensive Range of Products: Hemp Meds have an extremely wide range of products available for customers to choose from. Most products are also available in a number of different size and strength options, giving you complete control over how you include CBD into your daily routine.
  • 100% Organic: Hemp Meds only using organic, ethically grown ingredients meaning that you not only receive the very best quality products but that Hemp Meds are able to keep their carbon footprint to a minimum.

Hemp Meds CBD: Negative Thoughts

  • Overwhelming Online Store: While it is great that Hemp Meds have so many different products to choose from, it does make their online store feel a little confusing at first. Hemp Meds break their products down into four different categories which in theory should make it easier to find exactly what you are looking for, however, some products appear in multiple categories making it difficult to work out which products you have and have not seen.To add to the confusion, products with multiple strength options are not together in the list of products, making it hard to search for all available options.
  • Expensive: Hemp Meds’ CBD products are on the slightly higher end of the scale when it comes to price. Hemp Meds have opted for quality and effective products over cutting corners and keeping costs low, which is excellent but does also mean that their products do not come cheap.

“Each batch undergoes a number of different tests to check for potency, contaminants, and quality.”

My Personal Experience with Hemp Meds CBD

The excitement at seeing such a wide range of CBD products all available from just one store quickly wears off when you realize just how confusing Hemp Meds’ online store is. Luckily once you have managed to get your head around all of the different options that are available, the whole process becomes a lot easier.

The first time you shop with Hemp Meds, you just have to accept that the process of choosing the right products is going to take slightly longer. As a return customer, the initial confusion is gone, and you can instead shop with ease by searching for your favorite products.

Hemp Meds’ CBD products are definitely worth the slightly higher price tag, and the exceptional quality is noticeable as soon as you open your delivery. All of the containers, bottles, and packaging that CBD products come in have been carefully designed so that they are both convenient and discreet.

The process of using Hemp Meds CBD products is enjoyable with all stress and confusion, even for new CBD users having been removed thanks to clear instructions and easy to understand product information.

Hemp Meds CBD Oils

Hemp Meds have an extensive range of CBD oils for customers to choose from. Hemp Meds have not only a range of different strength options available but also multiple different ways in which their popular CBD oils can be used. Whether you are looking to use a pure CBD oil or to take your daily dose of CBD in capsule form Hemp Meds, have you covered.

All of Hemp Meds’ oils are made using full-spectrum CBD, which has been sourced from hemp plants, ensuring that you never have to worry about the adverse effects of THC. Hemp Meds also only use natural organically grown ingredients within their oils, so that you are not unknowingly subjecting your body to harmful toxins and chemicals.

Hemp Meds categorize their CBD oils into four different groups; green, blue, gold, and unique blend, with each range offering a slightly different experience. Within each range, you can choose between capsules, oils, concentrates, and ready to use liquids.

The extensive range of CBD oils available is ideal for both those new to CBD who are looking to experiment with different products and those who have been using CBD for some time and are looking for particular effects. No matter which Hemp Meds CBD oil you choose, you are guaranteed a pure, 100% natural CBD experience.

Hemp Meds CBD Wellness

Hemp Meds CBD wellness capsules combine their award-winning CBD oil with natural feel-good oils and minerals to create three different capsules that work within your body to promote wellness.

Each wellness capsules has been designed to support a particular area of function within your body. Customers can choose between digestive support CBD capsules, immune support CBD capsules, and sleep support CBD capsules.

Each capsule contains a precise 15mg of Hemp Meds’ accessible CBD, and with 30 capsules in just one small container taking a low dose of CBD has never been easier.

Hemp Meds CBD wellness capsules manage to pack all of the potential health benefits of CBD oil into a small easy to swallow and discreet capsule. Even the container that capsules are stored in has been designed to be cautious so that you can take your capsules with you wherever you go.

Hemp Meds CBD for Pets

Hemp Meds use the same high quality organically grown CBD in their pet products as they do in all of their human products. At Hemp Meds, they believe that pets should be able to experience all of the same benefits as we can and that it is only possible when the very best CBD and ingredients are used.

As part of their CBD pet range, customers can choose between three different strength full-spectrum pet oils and a CBD oil designed specially to be used as a topical. All of the pet products that you find for sale on Hemp Med’s website have been carefully formulated with the help of veterinarians and CBD specialists, resulting in effective, safe products designed with your pets in mind.

The Hemp Meds itch & hot spot balm can be used to treat your pet’s to a small dose of CBD without having to worry about it affecting their internal balance. Alternatively, Hemp Meds CBD oils can be incorporated into your pet’s daily diet for a quick and straightforward way to ensure they always get their daily dose of CBD.



  • RSHO 1G Pure CBD Isolate Powder (1000mg) – $49.00
  • RSHO Gold Label 4oz CBD Liquid (1000mg) – $138.99
  • RSHO Gold Label 3G+ Pure CBD Oil (720mg+) – From $108.99
  • RSHO Gold Label CBD Capsules (25mg – 30 count) – $119.00
  • RSHO Gold Label 2oz CBD Tincture (500mg) – $85.00
  • RSHO Gold Label 1G CBD Oil Concentrate (240mg) – $35.00
  • RSHO Blue Label 1oz+ CBD Tincture (100mg+) – From $29.00
  • RSHO Blue Label 4oz CBD Liquid (1000mg) – $128.99
  • RSHO Blue Label 3G+ Pure CBD Oil (510mg+) – From $98.99
  • RSHO Blue Label CBD Capsules (25mg – 30 count) – $109.00
  • RSHO Green Label 4oz+ CBD Liquid (1000mg+) – From $118.99
  • RSHO Green Label 3G+ Pure CBD Oil (300mg) – From $68.99
  • RSHO Green Label CBD Capsules (25mg – 30 count) – $99.00
  • RSHO X 8oz CBD Isolate Liquid (5000mg) – $329.00
  • RSHO Special Blend 10G Pure CBD Oil (3800mg) – $379.00

CBD Wellness

  • Hemp Meds Digestive Support CBD Capsules (15mg – 30 count) – $59.99
  • Hemp Meds Immune Support CBD Capsules (15mg – 30 count) – $59.99
  • Hemp Meds Sleep Support CBD Capsules (15mg – 30 count) – $59.99

CBD Bath & Body

  • RSHO CBD Slave (50mg) – $38.99
  • Dixie Botanicals CBD Salvation Balm (50mg) – $39.00
  • Dixie Botanicals Sunscreen – $21.99
  • Hemp Meds Active Relief Cooling Roll-on (50mg) – $49.99
  • Hemp Meds Hydrating & Soothing Hemp Body Lotion (100mg) – $29.99
  • Hemp Meds Hydrating & Purifying Hemp Shampoo (20mg) – $24.99
  • Hemp Meds Nourishing Hemp Conditioner (20mg) – $24.99
  • Hemp Meds Revitalizing Hemp Body Wash (20mg) – $24.99
  • Hemp Meds Soothing Body Balm (50mg) – $35.99
  • Hemp Meds Essential Body Oil (500mg) – $84.99
  • Hemp Meds Shampoo & Conditioner – $49.98
  • Hemp Meds Body Wash & Body Lotion – $54.98
  • Recovery Bundle – $257.90
  • RSHO Essentials Deal – $276.99
  • RSHO Power Duo – $468.00
  • RSHO Active Lifestyle Deal – $287.98
  • Recovery Bundle

Hemp for Pets

  • 1 Ounce Hemp for Pets Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture (100mg+) – From $33.99
  • 2 Ounce Hemp for Pets Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture (500mg) – $84.99
  • 4 Ounce Hemp for Pets Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture (1000mg) – $173.99
  • Hemp for Pets Itch & Hot Spot Balm Hemp Oil Topical (50mg) – $38.99


“Hemp Meds only using organic, ethically grown ingredients meaning that you not only receive the very best quality products.”

Final Verdict

Hemp Meds is an excellent place for new CBD users to start, with so many different CBD products available it is a great way to try out lots of different products and find out what works best for you. Hemp Meds guarantee a high level of quality with all of their products, ensuring that your first CBD experience is sure to be a positive one.

Hemp Meds CBD is also a fantastic place for experienced CBD users to shop, whether you are looking to try something new or simply want a broader range of options for forms of CBD that you already know and love. When shopping with Hemp Meds CBD, you do feel in control and able to customize your order to suit your particular needs.

Why not try Hemp Meds CBD for yourself and experience CBD at its very best.

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