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Good Hemp UK is not a traditional CBD oil company in that, well, they don’t actually sell CBD oil. In fact, they provide a full-range of CBD-infused products that strikes a chord in those looking for a cleaner way to eat and live.

This unique brand specializes in the formulation of high-quality hemp-based food and drink products, creating an ultra-healthy ‘menu’ of nutritional options that you can add to your daily diet routine. Their focus on promoting balance and well-being influences how they create and market their products.

Both hemp flower and hemp seeds are jam-packed with an array of health and nutrition benefits, and it is Good Hemp’s goal to “turn these extraordinary seeds into food and drink, because hemp is simply too good not to share.”

Their products run the gamut, with not only high-range CBD drops, but seed milk, extra virgin hemp seed oil, hemp protein and more. Consumers can include them in tasty ways to create a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Good Hemp Quick Summary

Quality 96%
Effectiveness 94%
Benefits 98%
Price 99%
Customer Service 99%

Who Is Good Hemp UK?

Good Hemp is a UK firm based out of county Devon, Tawstock. The company was originally started in UK, but they have since outsourced much of their growing operations to Canada, China, and other parts of the EU due to the fact that the United Kingdom is not really an optimal climate to grow bountiful amounts of hemp crops outdoors.

While most CBD oils and other CBD products are made from the leaves, stem, and flowers of the hemp plant, Good Hemp utilizes the seeds due to their astounding nutritional value; including both the outer shell and the inner “heart,” hemp seeds are composed of roughly 35% essential oil, 25% protein, and 29% dietary fiber.

It is in utilizing these nutritional benefits that Good Hemp is able to supplement a small stock of top-shelf food and drink products with healthy, 100% natural plant extracts. In fact, hemp seeds are such a quality source of protein that they contain all 20 amino acids that the body needs for nutritional value – the same protein that you would find in a chicken breast, for example.

“I have fallen in love with my Good Hemp cooking oil - I use it for absolutely everything!”

Good Hemp CBD For Sale: Highlights

Our Good Hemp review not only tried and tested the complete range of the firm’s products, but also made an effort to understand the production processes of the company in an effort to truly gauge the quality of the brand’s food and drink items.

Here are five things that stood out to us in terms of what separates Good Hemp as a leading, top-shelf hemp seed operation compared to other brands in the UK.

Good Hemp CBD Oil

  • Privately owned company. In today’s ultra-competitive climate, it is no doubt rare to find a company that remains indepently-owned without getting bought out by a larger corporation. By remaining private, Good Hemp is able to keep much of their operation localized in Devonshire, UK, while still maintaining top-shelf quality for every food and drink item produced.
  • Small range of products. Good Hemp doesn’t manufacture a wide variety of products, and the fact is they don’t need to. By offering hemp-based protein supplement, hemp hearts, cooking oil, and hemp milk, they pretty much cover all of the nutritional bases hemp nutrition.
  • Transparency. One thing we really appreciated throughout our Good Hemp review was how transparent and honest the company aspires to be. They have an in-dept FAQ page that aims to answer most any customer question, and they even go in to precise detail as far as the manufacturing process of their top-shelf hemp milk.
  • Large-scale goals. Good Hemp believes that “the more people have hemp in their lives, the better,” and it shows in their large-scale goal of wanting to see hemp become a staple food, drink, and cooking item in kitchens not only across the UK, but across the world as well. Indeed, it is well-documented that the nutritional benefits of hemp can have positive effects on brain, skin, and heart health, among other things.
  • Affordable prices. You would think that a top-quality company like Good Hemp UK would be so pricey they are not even affordable to the average consumer base. However, this is not at all the case; in their effort to see hemp become a staple food and drink item across the country, Good Hemp strives to make all of their products affordable, and they have done so with great success.

Good Hemp Review: Negative Thoughts

Really, the only negative thing we could think to come up with during our Good Hemp review was that the firm currently only ships to the UK. They don’t exactly clarify the reasons as to why on their website, but as far as we know they are not able to ship to the US or to other parts of the world. Their products can, however, be found in a variety of health and natural grocery stores across the globe.

“Started using the hemp protein supplement as my pre-workout mix and am already noticing obvious benefits in improved energy levels and metabolism…”

My Personal Experience with Good Hemp

If you follow my personal blog and social media pages, you’ll know that I’m quite the cooking fanatic. As such, Good Hemp honestly seems to be a match-made-in-heaven type brand for me personally, as I love incorporating the goodness of hemp/cannabis into fun, unique, and healthy dishes.

I have used the Good Hemp oil to fry everything from fish to corn tortillas, and have even added it to tea and coffee for a unique supplement of Omega-3 and 6 acids. And of course, I absolutely adored the robust taste of the hemp hearts and the variety of options for the hemp milk, which I continue to use routinely in my morning oatmeal and porridge concoctions.

And of course, the hemp protein supplement can be used to make any range of delicious hemp-based food and drink items, though most will prefer to mix the supplement in a blender to create a healthy non-dairy based smoothie.

Good Hemp CBD UK: Products

  • Hemp Oil (for cooking). As I’ve said, I have used the Good Hemp oil to cook in all the same ways that I would use an olive or coconut oil, and the subtle taste is balanced perfectly for dozens of dishes. I still use my staple olive oil routinely, but it is clear that hemp cooking oil offers many more health and nutritional benefits, and is probably much more advantageous in the long run.
  • Nutritional Hemp Seeds. Hemp seeds are actually the basis for every single Good Hemp food and drink item, but the firm also offers the seeds by themselves that can be utilized for a huge range of uses. They are jam-packed with 100% natural plant-based protein, Omega acids, and fiber, and are a true “powerhouse” of a food.
  • Hemp Protein / Nutrition Supplement. Good Hemp protein supplements contain all 20 amino acids that the human body needs/uses for protein building, and thus are perfect for muscle recovery, pre-workout, or simply as a staple food item for vegan diets to ensure that they get enough daily protein intake. They also offer a “Raw” version that is supplemented with fiber for a more complete nutritional experience. The “Pure” hemp protein packs a monstrous 75% protein content, while the “Raw” contains 50% protein with added fiber. They also offer a strawberry-flavored shake mix for easy, delicious shake making in a blender.
  • Hemp Milk / Hemp Drink. It was evident during our review that Good Hemp milk is one of the staple products of the firm, and they offer four different low fat, dairy-free options that can be used in cereal, oatmeal, smoothies, tea/coffee, or anything else that you’d otherwise use traditional milk for. The hemp drinks are also enriched with calcium and vitamin D to ensure that customers get the complete “milk” nutritive experience.  
  • Hemp “Combo Packs.” Good Hemp sells each of the above items individually, or you also have the option to buy one (or several) of each in discounted combo packs.

Good Hemp CBD UK: Costs

  • Hemp Oil (for cooking). Good Hemp cooking oil runs either £4.49 or £5.99, depending on whether you get the 250 mL or 500 mL bottle.
  • Nutritional Hemp Seeds. 225g bag of hemp seeds costs just £3.99.
  • Hemp Protein / Nutrition Supplement. The Good Hemp protein supplement comes in three different options: “Pure” (75% protein), “Raw” (50% protein w/ added fiber), and “Strawberry” (a flavored smoothie mix). Each are available in either 500g or 2.5kg tubs, and range in price from £13.49 to £49.99.
  • Hemp Milk / Hemp Drink. Individual bottles of hemp milk start at £1.60 (1 L), and run up to £20.27 if you buy in a combo pack.
  • Hemp “Combo Packs.” Good Hemp “Health and Well-Being Packs” contain one of each of the Good Hemp food and drink items (one bottle of culinary oil, one pack of hemp seeds, one tub of protein powder, and three liters of milk) for just £20.27.


Good Hemp CBD Review

“My advice? Good Hemp milk in your morning blueberry oatmeal with a little crushed hemp seed on top…. Unbelievably nutritious - and scrumptious!”

Good Hemp Review: Final Verdict

All in all, if you are a resident of the UK and have been looking for a quality, affordable option for hemp-based food and drink items, then you really should be looking no other place than Good Hemp. Waitrose and Sainsbury’s are the firm’s two main retail distributors, but their full range of products can be found in other locations as well, in addition to being able to be ordered online.

If you’re ready to browse the dozens of hemp CBD food products for sale online and receive fast UK delivery, be sure to stop by the official online store at

Customer Reviews
George Harry Verified user
Stick to one

I use all of their products. Absolutely all of them. I love the brand quality and taste that it renders to edible dishes. And I use so many of their products to render variation to my preparations. I also make CBD coffee and CBD tea out of products from good hemp. I think if we are using CBD, any brand, we must stick to only that one brand.

Sharon Yunker Verified user
A natural cleanser

The best menu options that you can give to your elders and to your children too is the edible range from good hemp. The most nutritious and the most body immunizing. I don’t say our normal diet is not sufficient, but I still somewhere feel that due to increasing damage to the environment it is good if our food can clean our body systems too besides providing nutrition. And good hemps appears to be promising in this regard.

Trudy Bauer Verified user
Disclaimer Attached

Now the way I use good hemp is a self devised remedy and I suggest if anyone of you wants to try it, then consult your gynaec first. Even then, let me share as I am very excited about this new invention I made. I recently developed a lot of irritation and itchiness in the vagina during periods. Tried Candid and flucanazole but all worked only temporarily, for a few cycles. What I do now is sprinkle a few drops of good hemp diluted in coconut oil over my tampoon and then use it. And that has solved the issue! Such is the goodness of good hemp to me!

Elaine Kidd Verified user
Use this lifelong

I am infusing good hemp into almost all my cookeries. If I make 5 items a day, about 3 of them have good hemp in one way or the other. And that has really boosted my health a lot. I now fall sick less often. It is not psychological. I have actually noticed that my medical visits to the doctor or bills on over the counter medications have come down. I am going to use this lifelong.

Elsie Westberry Verified user
Especially in this manner

Good Hemp is a brand that sells CBD seeds and many other edibles. I know of many premium brands that sell CBD oil and tincture, but a few that are there for seeds and edibles. Good Hemp is one of these rare ones. It has associated lab test reports that magnify its goodness by listing out the ingredients too. I think CBD is a great, great dietary supplement, especially in way of seeds and edibles.

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