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Pet wellness trends may come and go, but there is one that is here to stay: CBD for pets. CBD is proving to be so useful for humans that CBD brands like Fomo Bones have been created for pet owners to enhance the overall wellbeing of their furry friends. Be sure to read our full Fomo Bones review below.

FOMO stands for “Fear Of Missing Out” and is usually associated with us humans missing out on a Friday night get together with friends or perhaps a holiday that we can’t go on because we have to work – anything of the sort, really. Believe it or not, dogs can suffer from FOMO too, but in their world, it’s probably better known as separation anxiety. It can be stressful for both you and your pup to be separated. Thankfully, Fomo Bones now has a treat to solve this problem.

But Fomo Bones isn’t only for separation anxiety. Whether it’s nervousness when their owner isn’t around, stressful trips to the dog park, scary thunderstorms, or maybe your pup is showing signs of being too clingy; the Fomo Bones dog treats can help your pup to relax and feel less anxious.

Fomo Bones Quick Summary

Quality 96%
Effectiveness 94%
Benefits 95%
Price 92%
Customer Service 94%

“Fomo bones are the most nutritious treats I’ve ever given my furry friend, and it really shows. My high-strung Maltese is so much more relaxed since I’ve started with these.”

Who Is Fomo Bones?

Fomo Bones was founded by Mike and Beau, two college-grads on a mission to end FOMO for dogs and pet owners all across the world. The two got into business together after graduation and found that being entrepreneurs was very stressful. They also felt like they were missing out on all the weekend fun because they had to work.

They eventually started using CBD and almost instantly found their days to be more manageable. The CBD helped them to stay cool, calm, and collected – even when they were missing out on fun events. When Mike and Beau discovered how CBD changed their lives, they thought perhaps it could work for pups too, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Fomo Bones is on a mission to end FOMO once and for all – for dogs and pet parents everywhere. The company is based in downtown San Diego, California, and is a subsidiary of Sunday Scaries.

Currently, the company only sells one product, a calming CBD soft chew that has been formulated to help pups with anxiety. The treat is made with premium natural ingredients, including pure CBD oil. There is no THC in the treats, so you don’t need to worry about your dog getting “stoned.”

Fomo Bones is all about keeping things natural. Everything is sourced right here in the USA, and they never add anything as a filler. Every ingredient has a place and purpose. The company also claims that its products are pesticide-free – which is very important because pesticides used on plants could be harmful to dogs.

Who Is Fomo Bones?

Fomo Bones Highlights?

Here are a few reasons why Fomo Bones may be perfect for you and your furry friend:

  • Free Shipping: The company offers free shipping on orders over $50. So if you order just two packs of CBD Soft Chews, shipping will be free, which could save you some cash in the long-run.
  • High-Quality Product: The Fomo Bones treats are FDA-approved, pesticide-free, GMO-free, and GMP certified. Along with CBD isolate, the treats are also packed with high-quality ingredients such as valerian root, passion flower, chamomile, and Tryptophan for an all-around relaxing experience. The use of all-natural ingredients really inspires confidence in pet owners looking for high-quality CBD treats for dogs.
  • Lab Testing: Fomo Bones is very open about lab testing and is committed to research and testing to ensure customers know exactly what’s in the product and the science behind each ingredient. Full lab test reports can be found on the website very easily.
  • Social Media Presence (Instagram): Fomo Bones has over 120,000 followers on Instagram, which is truly remarkable. It shows that they have a loyal customer base (or potential customers) that are interested in what they have to say.
  • High-Profile Publications: Fomo Bones has been featured in several high-profile publications, including Los Angeles Times, Bustle, and Salon.

Negative Thoughts on Fomo Bones

We really don’t like the fact that the Fomo Bones product range is limited to just CBD dog treats. There are many other CBD products for dogs that we think they could add to their range, like CBD oil, CBD dog food, or even just the CBD treats in more strength or flavor varieties for starters.

Another thing we feel is worth mentioning has got to do with the Fomo Bones branding, specifically for the treats. The packaging is plain and simple, with the words “Fomo Bones” printed on the front. The problem is that although the treats are bone-shaped, they’re not actually bones. They’re soft and spongy, so the word “bones” could be misleading.

Negative Thoughts on Fomo Bones

“I have an elderly Great Dane who started developing problems with his hips and legs and was struggling to get up the stairs. These treats have worked wonders for him – he’s getting around so much more easily and seems to be in far less pain.”

Fomo Bones Products

As we’ve already mentioned, Fomo Bones only has one product, and it’s their Calming CBD Soft Chews listed under “CBD Dog Treats.” There are 20 treats in a pack, and each treat/bone contains 5mg of CBD.

The treats have been custom formulated by a manufacturer with 15 years’ experience in the veterinary industry. They’re made with premium ingredients that are safe for dog consumption. As per the website, the treats are great for leaving your pup alone at home all day, car trips and plane rides, scary thunder, taking your pup to the dog park, and more.

Fomo Bones Costs

A pack of 20 dog treats will cost you $39, but if you sign-up for a monthly subscription, you will save 25% – paying only $29 per 20-pack each month.

Fomo Bones Costs

“My little yorkies love the Fomo Bones treats. They seriously help to take the edge off and help them to relax, especially the one that’s normally so anxious.”

Final Thoughts on Fomo Bones

Fomo Bones offers one of the highest-quality CBD treats for dogs that we’ve come across. You may want to consider adding these soft chews to your pup’s diet if he/she seems uneasy or anxious, especially if you’re about to leave them home alone for a while. The ingredients used in these treats are all aimed at helping dogs feel more relaxed during stressful situations.

Unfortunately, the Soft Chew Treats are the only product currently sold by Fomo Bones. We really hope they will be adding more products to their range in the near future because the CBD market is in need of high-quality CBD products for pets.

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