Floyd’s of Leadville Review

To stay on top of your game as an athlete, it’s important to ensure that you have a healthy body. But something that’s often overlooked is that you also need to have a healthy mind. There are many things that can get in the way of one meeting their athletic potential, such as stress, injury, pain, and anxiety. Due to the strenuous hours of required training, many athletes seek out supplements to help keep them in top form.

In recent times, many athletes are finding that CBD may be the answer they have been looking for. CBD has planted itself across multiple industries and among several age groups. And currently, it has become one of the biggest growing topics in the sports industry, particularly when talking about the best, legal way to reduce stress and recover as an athlete.

Floyd’s of Leadville is a CBD brand focused on athletes. The company was founded by Floyd Landis, a former professional cyclist who struggled with a lot of pain during his time as an athlete. Find out everything there is to know about this brand in our Floyd’s of Leadville review below.

Floyd's of Leadville Quick Summary

Quality 96%
Effectiveness 96%
Benefits 95%
Price 94%
Customer Service 94%

“I use this CBD oil to help with the anxiety I experience before a big match. It makes me feel relaxed and keeps my mind focused.”

Who Is Floyd’s of Leadville?

Floyd’s of Leadville is the creation of Floyd Landis, a world-class athlete who has a Tour De France win behind his name. As a professional cyclist, he struggled with injuries and depression, which eventually led him down a dark road of using opioids to manage his pain and discomfort.

It was a 35 mile-per-hour crash that changed everything for Floyd. This accident resulted in a hip replacement at the age of 31, and that’s when he started relying on opioids for pain relief, as well as to escape depression. Realizing that his time as a professional athlete was over, Floyd wasn’t only struggling physically, but mentally as well. That was until he found CBD.

Floyd wasn’t happy about his reliance on opioids and knew that there had to be a better way of dealing with his problems. Thankfully, as a Colorado resident, he was introduced to CBD and, in a short time, had left prescription medication behind. Floyd quickly discovered that CBD would be an important part of his overall well-being.

Now, his mission is to spread the incredible benefits of CBD to the masses. Although he is a former athlete, he points out that it’s not just athletes who can benefit from the use of CBD. Many people deal with pain and depression, and Floyd wants everyone to know that CBD could be just what they need.

Who Is Floyd’s of Leadville?

Floyd’s of Leadville Highlights

Here are the things that make Floyd’s of Leadville standout:

  • Great Range of Products: The company offers an expansive range of CBD oil products, including CBD skin balms and cream, CBD gummies, powder mixes, tinctures, and softgels. These are available in both full-spectrum and isolate varieties.
  • Purity Results: Certificates of analysis are available for all products. The company calls these “Purity Results,” which verifies both the full-spectrum and isolate nature of the CBD used and also confirms that products are free of microbial contaminants and residual solvents.
  • Athletes and Ambassadors: The company has a number of well-known professional athletes promoting their products. It’s always nice to hear from people who have tried and tested products and achieved good results.
  • Free Shipping: Floyd’s of Leadville offers free shipping on orders over $50. If your order costs less than $50, then there is a flat rate of $5, which really isn’t bad.
  • Social Media Presence: They have a good social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They update all platforms regularly and keep customers updated on new products and news.

Floyd’s of Leadville Negative Thoughts

One thing that didn’t sit well with us about this company is that while there is a lot of information available on the founder himself, Floyd Landis, there isn’t much about the company. We would like to find out a little more about who else is behind this brand and what they stand for.

Another thing we found is that there are a few inconsistencies with product varieties and sizes. For instance, the Recovery tonic is said to be available in 2oz shots with prices ranging between $3.79 and $22.74. However, when you click through to the product, you can only select a single shot option, which costs $3.79. We’re not sure if there is the option to purchase larger quantities, but if so, it’s not very clear.

Floyd’s of Leadville Negative Thoughts

“The recovery protein is so great for after a hectic gym workout. It helps with muscle recovery and minimizes muscle tension. The vanilla flavor is my favorite.”

Floyd’s of Leadville Products

  • Softgels: These softgels come in a full-spectrum and isolate option. The full-spectrum is available in 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg strengths. The 25 mg and 50 mg capsules come in quantities of 30 and 60, while the 100 mg option only comes in a pack of 30. The isolate option comes in strengths of 25 mg and 50 mg and counts of 2, 5, 30, or 60. You can also get a 2-count pack in a box of 12 or a 15-count pack in a box of 12.
  • CBD Oil Tinctures: The CBD oil is available in full-spectrum, isolate, and RX (CBD+CBG) varieties. The full-spectrum comes in strengths of 300 mg, 600 mg, 1,200 mg, 1,800 mg, and 2,400 mg, while the isolate has strengths of 150 mg, 300 mg, 600 mg, 1,200 mg, and 1,800 mg. There is only one option for the RX tincture. It contains 2,500 mg of CBD and 100 mg of CBG.
  • CBD Drinks & Tonics: There is a recovery tonic, hydration fuel, and recovery protein. Check the website for strength and size options. You can also get a Dark Roast Coffee, which contains 500 mg of isolate CBD – equating to 15 mg of CBD per 2 tsp ground coffee.
  • CBD Creams & Balms: There is a large selection of creams and balms, and each is available in a range of strengths. These include Arnica Balm, Cooling Balm, Warming Balm, Lavender Balm, and Sports Cream.
  • CBD Gems: The company sells Gems in four different flavors; Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Raspberry, and Strawberry.
  • Recovery Bar: Floyd’s sells a Chocolate Peanut Butter Recovery Bar, containing 25 mg of isolate CBD. It’s available to purchase as a single bar or in a 12-bar box.
  • CBD for pets: The pets selection of products includes tinctures, topicals, and treats.

Floyd’s of Leadville Costs

  • Softgels: The full-spectrum options cost between $40 and $110, while the isolate options retail for between $4.99 and $170.40
  • CBD Oil Tinctures: The full-spectrum tinctures cost between $19.99 and $85, the isolate between $12.99 and $70, and the RX tinctures retail for $115.
  • CBD Drinks & Tonics: Prices range between $3.79 and $39.99 depending on the type of product and strength.
  • CBD Creams & Balms: Each of the Balms costs between $25 and $59, while the sports cream retails for between $14.99 and $69.
  • CBD Gems: The CBD Gems retails for between $1.99 and $50.
  • Recovery Bar: A single bar costs $4.99, and a box of 12 costs $59.88.
  • CBD for Pets: The pet products retail for between $5 and $60.

Floyd’s of Leadville Costs

“The arnica balm is so incredible for relieving muscle and joint pain. I use it regularly to soothe sore muscles.”

Final Thoughts on Floyd’s of Leadville

As an athlete, it’s important to keep a close eye on what you’re putting into your body to ensure that it’s contributing to your overall health and performance. Floyd’s of Leadville is a high-quality and reputable CBD brand that was specifically created with athletes in mind, but it’s for everyone. The fact that the founder is a former athlete is a good indication that this company takes health and wellness very seriously.

Floyd’s of Leadville is committed to promoting the same natural ingredients that helped Floyd kick a potentially lethal addiction and naturally feel pain-free and happy. The company lives up to this mission with a wide-ranging selection of high-quality and safe CBD products.

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