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Currently, there are tons of CBD brands out there, many of them offering pretty much the same things. But Feals CBD is doing things a little differently. They’re using a direct-to-consumer approach and even have a membership option, whereby customers can sign up to receive products regularly – and at a discounted rate.

Feals seeks to close the gap in making CBD as approachable as possible. This is an important mission because, while the younger, coastal population seems to have taken to the idea of downing supplements and tinctures fairly well, there are still many populations confused about CBD.

Feals espouses a philosophy of healthful wellness, and they believe this stems from attention to detail and dedication to service. They also package their products as “flights.” This model extols the virtue of individuals elevating their fitness to promote the betterment of their bodies, minds, and relaxation levels. They currently offer membership packages to consumers that would ensure monthly delivery at a discounted rate.

But, although they may have implemented a different sales-model, Feals is still selling CBD products. So how does Feals CBD compare to the competing brands out there? Find out in our Feals CBD review below.

Feals CBD Quick Summary

Quality 98%
Effectiveness 97%
Benefits 96%
Price 90%
Customer Service 98%

Who Is Feals CBD?

 Feals CBD is a new company, launched in March 2019, and it strives to make CBD understandable by using just two ingredients: MCT oil and CBD. The company was co-founded by Drew Todd, Eric Scheibling, and Alex Iwanchuk, who met as co-workers in ad-tech.

Drew Todd states that Feals is all about a healthy, natural way to reduce/eliminate stress, pain, and anxiety, and could even help you to get a better night’s sleep. The Feals CBD formulation and process are both linked to the company’s overall vision – the concept that simple is better, and less is more.

Feals wants to make CBD accessible and approachable for everyone. Drew Todd notes that in the LA and New York markets, CBD is everywhere. It’s the “cool-kid” thing to do – so to speak. All the hip brands are adding CBD to their product collections.

But education is really lacking. This is one of the reasons Drew and his team decided to launch Feals as a digital native brand. It’s something they are confident about since they all have a background in direct-to-consumer e-commerce.

Drew reports that Feals understands how to communicate with consumers and understands the value and power of having that first-person data. The company tagline is “a better way to feel better” – and this goal is achieved without the risk of a hangover, high, or addiction.

feals cbd

“This is an exceptionally high-quality CBD oil and it helps with pain management for the frequent migraines I experience. No need to use pain pills since I’ve been using this CBD.”

Feals CBD Highlights

 Here’s what we really love about Feals CBD:

  • High-Quality: Every hemp plant is sourced from Oregon or Colorado, and hand-harvested with care in accordance with organic farming practices. The company also uses the CO2 extraction method to ensure that it preserves as much of the natural nutrients as possible. The company prioritizes sustainability and is committed to supporting farmers and businesses that provide hemp.
  • Free Shipping: Feals CBD offers free shipping on all orders, which is fantastic. It’s very rare to find companies that will ship for free with no spending limit.
  • Customer Service: Feals CBD is extremely customer-focused. One of its best attributes is that customers can dial or email a hotline with absolutely any Feals CBD-related question, and they will all be answered.
  • Stories (Reviews): The website has a “stories” tab where you can read reviews

Feals CBD Negative Thoughts

 Feals CBD doesn’t have a very impressive selection of products. It only sells CBD oil, and it comes in three strengths. It’s always nice to have at least a few different products to choose from, so we hope the team will consider adding a new range of products in the near future.

Another downside is the price of these products. Feals CBD does not come cheap. And while cheap is never a good sign, these are some of the most expensive CBD oils that we’ve come across.

feals cbd

“The Feals CBD oil works. I’m less anxious and the arthritis in my hand has improved significantly thanks to this product.”

Feals CBD Product Overview

 Feals CBD only stocks three products, and they are divided by strength. Each person has a different need for CBD, and the tolerance one has for it is usually an indicator of the concentration required. Here are the options:

  • 600 mg CBD Oil: This one is described as a great starting point for newbies. It’s the lightest formula and is a great way to ease into CBD.
  • 1,200 mg CBD Oil: This is the most popular Feals CBD product, and it packs two times the amount of CBD into the same conveniently sized bottle.
  • 2,400 mg CBD Oil: This is the most concentrated Feals CBD oil. It’s perfect for those who need something a little stronger to feel like themselves again.

If you are unsure of which strength to use, Feals also offers a 3-pack sample package, named “The Flight.” It was created so that customers could try all three strengths and determine which is best for them.

Feals CBD: Costs

  •  600 mg CBD Oil: $74.95
  • 1,200 mg CBD Oil: $134.95
  • 2,400 mg CBD Oil: $244.95

The Flight pack containing a sample of each strength is sold for $30.

feals cbd

“I’m very happy with the Feals CBD. It helps greatly with my anxiety and depression.”

Final Thoughts on Feals CBD

 Feals CBD is a trustworthy and reputable brand offering high-quality products. One of the company’s main focuses is customer experience, which is why they made the decision to implement the direct-to-consumer model. As far as that experience goes, Feals CBD claims to offer the first-ever hotline, which offers one-on-one phone and online support to customers.

That said, this kind of service comes at a cost because Feals CBD is not a well-priced brand. Its products are on the expensive side of the spectrum. The company offers a small variety of CBD options. We hope to see at least a few more products added to their collection in the near future.

Customer reviews
Michael BergeronVerified Buyer

Use some reputed name

At first I felt that all the CBD hype is a big racket that is being conspired jointly by CBD manufacturers, media and the government. After all it is mostly only big business houses with political connections that are producing CBD at the moment. However, once I purchased and used Feals CBD oil drops, my entire mindset changed! It works so well in pain management. I have started considering it to be the best organic compound in this regard. I’m sure many of us feel this way in the beginning, that all CBD is deceit. But use some reputed name and you’ll for sure start to enjoy the benefits.

Stella HooverVerified Buyer

Detoxed Too!

Now you’d like to know maybe why Feals is becoming so popular in so less time. I am not sure about others, but what appealed to me is the fact that Feals in made up only two things, MCT and CBD. Nothing else. It is hard to find such a pure form among CBD oils with no other components at all. I am otherwise taking CBD from the last 3 years approximately, but with Feals, I felt like I was being detoxed and cleansed too.

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