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Those shopping for CBD in today’s market will know that finding anything other than the regular options like CBD oil or CBD vape liquids can be a real struggle. This is partly because these are incredibly popular methods of consuming any kind of cannabinoid, but it’s also because the CBD market is only just beginning to develop new and exciting methods of administering CBD. However, in this Empire Wellness Review, we will give you more insight into one of the few brands that are trying to broaden the horizons of CBD products.

Rather than just offering CBD oil, Empire Wellness also offers a variety of different kinds of CBD products, including CBD hemp flowers that are typically rolled up and smoked like regular marijuana.

If you are looking for high-CBD low-THC hemp buds, then Empire Wellness flowers could be exactly what you’re looking for. Let’s take a closer look at this brand and gain more insight into what the company is all about.

Empire Wellness Quick Summary

Quality 98%
Effectiveness 98%
Benefits 96%
Price 95%
Customer Service 96%

“The CBD Flower pre-roll is fantastic. It’s worked wonders for my anxiety and really puts my mind at ease.”

Who is Empire Wellness CBD?

As stated on their website, EmpireWellness is the number one choice of high-quality Colorado-grown CBD that is hemp-derived, as well as strain-specific cannabis terpenes. The company prides itself on its extremely high-quality products, which are a possible alternative to prescription drugs. Unlike traditional medication, which often contains harsh chemical compounds, the Empire Wellness products are natural and offer a healthy, toxin-free option that works well.

The Empire Wellness vision is to create world-class CBD and terpene extracts that will pave the way in a new era of natural remedies. The company was started in Colorado – the birthplace of recreational and usable marijuana in the United States. The company works closely with scientists, doctors, farmers, and technicians to ensure that they create the best products possible.

Empire Wellness strongly believes that natural, alternative treatments that use CBD truly are the future, which is why they are so committed to creating high-quality products that are needed to make that future a reality.

With a firm understanding that most patients prefer to take a more natural approach towards healing, the company is continuously expanding its product range to feature an impressive variety of over-the-counter products. Stating that they use only the purest and richest forms of Colorado grown and extracted CBD and terpenes, the Empire Wellness experts are determined to stay ahead of the curve, by implementing high-quality R&D, diligent quality control, and a diverse group of professionals.

empire wellness cbd flower review

Empire Wellness CBD Highlights

Empire Wellness CBD is fully intent on producing the highest-quality CBD products that offer patients a safe and effective alternative to over-the-counter and prescription medications.

Here are a few of the other things we love about Empire Wellness CBD.

  • Impressive Range of Products: Empire Wellness offers a great range of different products that provide a unique way to administer CBD. This shows that the company has an exceptional understanding of the desires of their customers. Their products are mostly over-the-counter, and they are looking at expanding into various other areas, including; vape and smoke shops, health food stores, dispensaries, physicians, vets, and other medical facilities.
  • Pure and Potent Products: The brand’s all-natural products are formulated using 99% CBD concentrate to ensure that the milligram dosage is carefully controlled and that the substance retains its potency.
  • Compliant and Safe: All of the CBD is legal and hemp-derived. Empire Wellness does everything they can to ensure that their products and processes are in compliance both domestically and internationally.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment and Facilities: They use top-notch and innovative manufacturing facilities for production, distribution, and packaging. The processing and extraction process has been developed to ensure that our product is as pure as can be.
  • THC Free: All CBD and terpene products are natural, non-toxic, THC-free, non-psychoactive, and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So these products are perfect for those who are worried about THC content and the possibility of “getting high” or drug testing.

Empire Wellness CBD: Negative Thoughts

One of the big problems that we have with Empire Wellness is their transparency regarding lab reports. Although they state that all of their products undergo lab testing and are accompanied by lab reports, they are only available upon request rather than being freely available on their website like many other CBD retailers.

This is a big issue because, generally speaking, it can mean only one of two things. Either it shows that they have something to hide, or it shows that they don’t understand the importance of being transparent with their customers. It’s important for brands to be as open and transparent as possible so that consumers know what they are buying.


empire wellness cbd hemp flower

“The quality of these products is superb. I've been a toker all my adult life and I can't imagine that there's a better quality product from any other brand. Love the calming effects.”

Empire Wellness CBD Products

  • CBD Crystal IsoIates: One of the specialty products is a terpene-infused pure 99% CBD crystal isolate. They also sell a version without terpenes. Each container contains 1 gram of pure CBD.
  • CBD Hemp Flower: Empire Wellness CBD offers a few different varieties of hemp flower; Narnia, Lemon Drop, Frost Bite, Grape Juice, Green Gum, and Fiona. They also sell a CBD flower (pre-roll).
  • Live Resin Wax: This is a full-spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and fatty acids originating from the entire natural hemp plant. The wax contains 550 mg of CBD.
  • CBD Oil: The Empire Wellness CBD tinctures are sold in four variations. There’s a CBD isolate option available in strengths of 150 mg and 700 mg, while there’s also a full-spectrum option available in strengths of 500 mg and 1500 mg.
  • CBD Gummies: Empire Wellness sells two kinds of gummies; Big Bear gummies and Blueberry flavored gummies. They are full-spectrum, pesticide-free, and non-GMO.
  • CBD Relaxation Syrup: This CBD syrup is sold in two flavors: Grape and Cherry. They each come in a 4 oz bottle and contain 100 mg CBD.
  • Terpenes: Empire Wellness is the first company to offer affordable, strain-specific, high grade cannabis-derived terpene formulations to the market. They currently have 14 cannabis-derived strain-specific terpenes available. These include Super Lemon Haze, Pineapple Express, Hardcore OG, and Blue Dream.

Empire Wellness CBD: Costs

  • CBD Crystal Isolates: 1 gram CBD isolate retails for $50. It’s also available in a pack of 7 grams for $315, 14 grams for $560, and 28 grams for $980 – these are the sale prices at the time of writing.
  • CBD Hemp Flower: Narnia, Frost Bite, and Green Gum are sold for $8, while Lemon Drop, Grape Juice, and Fiona retail for $15. The pre-roll sells for $12.
  • Live Resin Wax: 1 gram of wax retails for $70. But you can get 7 grams for $455 or 14 grams for $840.
  • CBD Oil: The 150 mg tincture retails for $35, 500 mg for $60, 700 mg for $85, and 1500 mg for $170.
  • CBD Gummies: All gummies retail for $15.
  • CBD Relaxation Syrup: Both syrup flavors are sold for $45.
  • Terpenes: Each of the terpenes are sold for $70 each.


Empire Wellness CBD: Costs

“Empire wellness offers some wonderful products. I eventually found this product after suffering from depression for a while, and I can honestly say that I haven’t felt so good in a while.”

Final Thoughts on Empire Wellness CBD

Empire Wellness CBD is creating some of the most aromatic and flavorful products so far in the CBD isolate world. This is an innovative company that is offering new and exciting products to the CBD market, rather than just the typical tinctures and vape liquids.

Empire Wellness prides itself  on taking quality and safety seriously. So you can rest assured that when you buy from this brand, you are getting some of the best products on the market.

Customer Reviews
Henry Flood Verified user
Many such recovers

I was talking to a group of Corona survivors, I mean the recovered patients who are back to home from hospitalization. My agency is surveying such people in various regards. We want to know what are the physiological and physical effects of Covid-19 on people after recovery. And what I’ve noticed is many of them are now resorting to things like CBD or other alternative dignitary supplements to boost up immune systems. Empire wellness is a name of choice among many such recovers.

Marion Verified user
Admirable on their part

Empire Wellness is a CBD brand that serves a lot for the people in military and armed forces. My cousin is one such veteran who is always posted at some or the other such critical zone. Not only are such campaigns physically tough, but they are quite difficult in terms of the mental stress also. Empire wellness provides a lot of free packages of its CBD oils to all such people out there to help them cope with the stress. He tells me that the Empire wellness team send out free goodies almost once every 3 to 4 months and that is admirable.

Richard Fontaine Verified user
Must have strain terpenes

This one is a must have for strain specific marijuana terpenes. I am a smoking pro and also a richie rich. So I have traveled to various parts of the word and tried strain terpenes at different places. I’ll say Empire wellness produces one of the best in this category. And it is available at a lot of places. Therefore, people who like to smoke in consistency or go with the same quality each time, this brand works even better.

Patricia Kaufman Verified user
Whenever I gulp it

The relaxation syrup works well. I do not use it for relaxation. I am a strong minded person and always on the rocks without CBD too. I think they have some THC in the relaxation syrup because it gives me a strong hit. I do not mind it anyways, because that is what I look forward to whenever I gulp it 🙂

Lee Clark Verified user
Less lethargic

CBD oils are gaining very fast popularity and acceptance, especially since they have been legalized in all the states. But a problem that came up is hat many new companies started producing CBD at cheap rates, which are not worth the quality that is expected from any normal or average CBD too. I was lucky that I tried Empire Wellness although that was a very reluctant choice at that time. It has suited me well and makes my physical body less lethargic and more active.

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