Empire Wellness CBD Review

Empire Wellness is a CBD brand that attempts to cover a lot of ground. This company offers a surprising variety of cannabinoid and CBD products, giving consumers a very difficult decision when it comes to selecting their desired item.

In this Empire Wellness review, we tell you more about the company and its products. Hopefully, it will make your decision a little easier when it comes time to browse the brand's website.

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About Empire Wellness: What Drives This Brand?

Empire Wellness is based out of Colorado. It creates products from hemp grown in the USA, using strains that are high in specific terpenes. The ‘About’ page is quite vague, but it does mention a subsection of the brand, Empire Extracts.

The company works closely with hemp farmers, as well as chemists and technicians, all in an effort to produce effective and safe CBD products. It’s clear that Empire Wellness champions natural, “clean” products. How it makes these is fairly unclear because there is so little information, but the brand message is nevertheless strong.


Certificates of Analysis: Is Empire Wellness Transparent?

Transparency is key in the CBD industry. Unfortunately, Empire Wellness seems to be out of the loop on this matter. The website only briefly mentions lab reports, but there are no certificates of analysis (COAs).

Customers may be able to see lab reports upon request, but it’s troubling that we can’t see an example before purchasing. Most brands include up to date COAs on the website or in the product descriptions, but Empire Wellness has neglected this step.

It is a slightly worrying sign, as all CBD products should have lab tests to verify the cannabinoid content of the item. Furthermore, COAs are essential because they prove the absence of toxins and heavy metals. This is really something that Empire Wellness should look into.


Empire Wellness Company Policy, Shipping, and Customer Service

When you enter the Empire Wellness site, there is an opportunity to spin a wheel to win a prize. This often includes discounts, etc. Empire Wellness also offers free shipping on all orders over $50 throughout the United States.

However, one concern is that Empire Wellness does not feature information about its return policy. This can be discouraging for customers who are uncertain about their order.


How Does Empire Wellness Make Its Products?

It’s not clear how Empire Wellness makes its products. The website does not state the extraction process, nor does it feature specifics about where and how the hemp is grown.

Again, this is quite unfortunate. While a sleek website design is nice, it’s a bit misleading when there is little to no information about the products. Going forward, Empire Wellness should be clearer with its customers about how it makes its products.


What Goes into Empire Wellness CBD Products?

The ingredients in these products are minimal, which is a good thing. Empire Wellness stocks a range of cannabinoid profiles, including full-spectrum and 99% isolate. The tinctures contain nothing but the extract and MCT oil, as far as we can tell.

Once again, Empire Wellness has slipped up, as the product descriptions are lacking an ingredients tab. The product label, nevertheless, states just these two ingredients.

It’s worth noting that the tinctures are gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Some of the other products, like the gummies, are not.

I really love the CBD flower. It's something a little different, but it works wonders for my anxiety.

Empire Wellness Review: Highlights

Empire Wellness claims that it produces some of the highest quality CBD around. Here are some of the best bits about the Empire Wellness brand.

  • Free shipping over $50: The free shipping incentive is excellent, especially as CBD can be expensive. $50 is a pretty low threshold, which is great news for customers.
  • Potent and pure products: Empire Wellness offers a range of items, some of which are full spectrum. Others contain the brand's 99% CBD isolate, giving customers complete choice.

  • Large product range: Shoppers have a massive range of options on the Empire Wellness site. No matter what kind of CBD you like, there will probably be something for you.
  • Popular resin: The live resin is one of the brand's most popular products, and it seems to be a huge hit with fans.
  • Other cannabinoids: As well as CBD, Empire Wellness offers CBG wax and several terpenes. This is excellent as it allows customers to experiment with other cannabinoid extracts.

Negative Thoughts

We have several bones to pick with Empire Wellness. The brand needs to work on its transparency. The website lacks enough information about the brand and its products. At the very least, Empire Wellness should include lab reports on the site, conducted by a third-party laboratory.

The ‘About’ section should also contain lots more information about the company, the hemp it uses, and the extraction process. This would help customers to feel more assured about what they’re buying.

Finally, it would be great if Empire Wellness had some information about its returns policy. Most brands feature a satisfaction guarantee, but with Empire Wellness, it’s unclear if this is the case.

I buy loads of products from Empire Wellness. I think it's great that I can get all my favorite products in one place.

Where to Buy Empire Wellness

Customers can buy Empire Wellness products directly from the brand’s official website. The site states that Empire Wellness is trying to branch out into physical stores, as they know that many consumers like to see products before they buy. It also means that customers can avoid shipping costs.

Additionally, it’s possible to make wholesale purchases directly from the website.


Best Empire Wellness Products: What We Loved

Empire Wellness has lots to offer, with products in numerous categories. Below, we cover the full range to let you know what's on offer, including the costs for each product type.

Empire Wellness CBD Oil

There are four products in the CBD oil category, two that are full-spectrum and two that are isolate. Each one is a different strength, which limits what type of CBD customers can buy. The unflavored tinctures have an MCT oil base. The strengths vary from 150mg to 1500mg, giving a decent range of options.
Cost: $35 - $170

Empire Wellness CBD Gummies

Empire Wellness has an impressive range of gummies. The line includes rainbow cones, sour worms, stuffed straws, and peach rings, among others. Each one contains a varying quantity of CBD per gummy, with different sized packets, too. There are eight options in total, so it's worth having a browse.
Cost: $15 - $40

Empire Wellness CBD Isolate & Live Resin

The Empire Wellness isolate powder is unique because users can buy it in a pouch with 28g of powder. That's an impressive load of CBD! There are also other options, starting at just 1g. The purer CBD extract also comes in the form of a popular live resin wax. Empire Wellness uses Charlotte's Web and ACDC strains to create this product. Separate from the isolate powder, the live resin is full-spectrum, but it's much more concentrated.
Cost: $50 - $980

Empire Wellness CBD Flower

Hemp flower is a product that's growing in popularity. Empire Wellness has jumped on the trend, offering five strains in a variety of weights. It would be great if the product descriptions included some more information about each strain. The brand also stocks a pre-roll, containing 1.3g of ground flower.
Cost: $8 - $200

Empire Wellness CBD Relaxation Syrup

Empire Wellness sells its Relaxation Syrup in two flavors. This product is intended to help consumers wind down; the brand recommends adding it to soda or water to make a flavored beverage. Each bottle contains 100mg of CBD and 10mg of melatonin, perfect for taking in the evening. The two flavors are Grape and Cherry.
Cost: $50

Empire Wellness CBD Cream

There is only one CBD cream on the Empire Wellness site. The pain relief cream contains 1500mg of CBD, but the other ingredients are not stated; this is bad news for those with sensitive skin. The pump dispenser bottle is ideal for straightforward use. According to users, it's an effective and fast-acting pain cream.
Cost: $60

Empire Wellness CBG & Terpenes

Alongside CBD, Empire Wellness stocks a CBG wax and some terpenes products. The CBG wax is quite similar to the CBD isolates, albeit containing cannabigerol. Buyers can purchase increments of 1g, 7g, or 14g. It contains 450mg of CBG. Meanwhile, the terpenes are extracted from specific strains, but they contain no cannabinoids. There are several strain profiles to choose from, each coming in a 1ml vial. Empire Wellness recommends adding them to e-liquids to enhance the flavor.
Cost: $70 - $840

I have been using the pain cream for a leg injury. It's helped me to keep exercising and stay active, which is just what I needed.

Empire Wellness Review: Summary & Final Thoughts

Empire Wellness has an enormous product range, and nobody can deny that. The products seem to be high-quality, and customers appear to be satisfied with the service. That said, Empire Wellness could definitely work on its website. In the current CBD climate, it would pay off to be more transparent and informative.

If Empire Wellness improved the quality of information on its website, then it would be a fantastic brand. At the very least, it should add visible lab reports to the site.

For now, customers can browse an extensive product range and benefit from free shipping on orders over $50. To see the full range of what’s on offer, head to the official Empire Wellness site.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to your health and happiness!
Customer Reviews
Henry Flood Verified user
Many such recovers

I was talking to a group of Corona survivors, I mean the recovered patients who are back to home from hospitalization. My agency is surveying such people in various regards. We want to know what are the physiological and physical effects of Covid-19 on people after recovery. And what I’ve noticed is many of them are now resorting to things like CBD or other alternative dignitary supplements to boost up immune systems. Empire wellness is a name of choice among many such recovers.

Marion Verified user
Admirable on their part

Empire Wellness is a CBD brand that serves a lot for the people in military and armed forces. My cousin is one such veteran who is always posted at some or the other such critical zone. Not only are such campaigns physically tough, but they are quite difficult in terms of the mental stress also. Empire wellness provides a lot of free packages of its CBD oils to all such people out there to help them cope with the stress. He tells me that the Empire wellness team send out free goodies almost once every 3 to 4 months and that is admirable.

Richard Fontaine Verified user
Must have strain terpenes

This one is a must have for strain specific marijuana terpenes. I am a smoking pro and also a richie rich. So I have traveled to various parts of the word and tried strain terpenes at different places. I’ll say Empire wellness produces one of the best in this category. And it is available at a lot of places. Therefore, people who like to smoke in consistency or go with the same quality each time, this brand works even better.

Patricia Kaufman Verified user
Whenever I gulp it

The relaxation syrup works well. I do not use it for relaxation. I am a strong minded person and always on the rocks without CBD too. I think they have some THC in the relaxation syrup because it gives me a strong hit. I do not mind it anyways, because that is what I look forward to whenever I gulp it 🙂

Lee Clark Verified user
Less lethargic

CBD oils are gaining very fast popularity and acceptance, especially since they have been legalized in all the states. But a problem that came up is hat many new companies started producing CBD at cheap rates, which are not worth the quality that is expected from any normal or average CBD too. I was lucky that I tried Empire Wellness although that was a very reluctant choice at that time. It has suited me well and makes my physical body less lethargic and more active.

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