Eir Health CBD Review

In today’s rapidly expanding CBD market, brands find it challenging to stand out. Typically, newcomers often just repeat claims that have already been made hundreds of times before. However, every now and then, we come across a brand that takes things in a new and refreshing direction. Eir Health has done just that.

Eir is pronounced like “air” with a soft “a” sound. The name originates from Old Norse mythology, in which Eir was the goddess of healing, renowned for her peacefulness, mercy, and help in times of trouble. The company strives to deliver these same values to customers through its products.

Eir Health is known for producing premium quality hemp oils at affordable prices. In fact, CBD oil is all this brand sells currently, so there is not a lot of choice. But if CBD oil is what you’re looking for, then they’re certainly a good option. Find out more in our full Eir Health review below.

Quality 97%
Effectiveness 95%
Benefits 96%
Price 99%
Customer Service 94%

“The 1,500mg CBD oil works great. It really relaxes my mind and helps with my anxiety.”

Who is Eir Health?

Eir Health is a CBD company formed in 2018 by three friends with a history of working in the pharmaceutical industry. Although there’s not much information on each of the three founders individually, the Eir Health website gives insight into the motivations behind the company as a whole. And they make it clear that quality is one of their top priorities.

Eir Health is also passionate about doing its part for the environment. The company made a collective decision to make its operations as environmentally friendly as possible to ensure their activities don’t generate unnecessary waste. Eco packaging is one of the key ways the brand goes about this.

Although Eir Health doesn’t have the large product line we’ve grown accustomed to from other companies, they focus on doing one thing very well – effective and affordable CBD oils.

Education is also at the center of this brand. The website is full of important information regarding CBD, and they also provide insight on what goes into making their products. Eir Health believes in handing the power over to customers by sharing their processes and knowledge. The goal is to make the customer the expert.

The company is headquartered in the United States, but they have warehouses throughout the United States and Europe, which means they ship to various countries all around the globe.


Eir Health Highlights

Here are a few reasons we think Eir Health may be just the brand for you:

  • Product quality and lab testing:The company has each batch of CBD oils tested by a third-party lab, and the results are published on the Eir Health website. They test for cannabinoid concentration as well as any contamination by testing for heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, and bacterias. The oils are again tested a month after they’ve been bottled to ensure that high standards are maintained.
  • Usability and labeling: Eir Health has put a lot of effort into ensuring that customers have a clear indication of how much CBD is in each full dropper of their different products. It’s stated right on the front of the product label – making the process straightforward and easy.
  • Affordability: Eir Health offers some of the best priced CBD oils on the market despite the exceptional formula. Everything from the presentation of the branding to the premium CBD rich-hemp extract contained inside is carefully thought out.
  •  Eco packaging: Eir Health is all about being close to nature, and as such, the company uses eco packaging to minimize its impact on the environment. And they have thought about EVERYTHING when it comes to eco-packaging, and we do mean everything. Eir Health uses biodegradable and compostable boxes, paper filling, biodegradable paper tape, and bio poly mailer to package products and prepare them for shipping.


Negative Thoughts on Eir Health

With only a line of CBD oils, the Eir Health range of products is very limited. While we can appreciate the fact that the brand has a clear focus, an extension of their product selection would take things to the next level. CBD oil isn’t the first choice for many CBD users – if you’re one of them, Eir Health isn’t the right choice for you.

Moreover, lots of CBD consumers like combining a few different CBD products, such as oils and gummies or capsules. For instance, they will take a few drops of CBD oil in the morning but may prefer to carry gummies or capsules with them throughout the day to consume as and when needed. It’s not very convenient or logical to have to buy a certain product from one brand (like CBD oil from Eir Health) and another type of product from a different brand. Eir Health falls short in this regard.


“Beautiful packaging and I love that it’s 100% eco-friendly. Even better is what’s inside! I’ve never felt so relaxed and calm before.”

Eir Health Products

Eir Health offers two different types of CBD tinctures; full-spectrum and isolate. The full-spectrum line is available in 300mg (10mg/mL), 600mg (20mg/mL), 1,500mg (50mg/mL), and 3,000mg (100mg/mL) potency options. The isolate oils come in two strengths; 1,500mg and 3,000 mg.

All of the CBD oils are well made and have a strong hemp flavor. By curating a small yet effective product range, Eir Health is able to maintain quality control.

Eir Health Costs

  •  Full-spectrum CBD oil: $28 (300mg) | $48 (600mg) | $88 (1,500mg) | $148 (3,000mg)
  • Isolate CBD oil: $88 (1,500mg) | $148 (3,000mg)


“The Eir Health CBD products are some of the best I’ve tried so far. Love everything about this brand and love that their products help me with my pain the most.”

Final Thoughts on Eir Health

Eir Health sells an exceptional CBD oil and at a very affordable price. Oftentimes, cheap CBD oil is an indication of a low-quality (cheap) CBD oil. But this is definitely not the case with Eir Health. Additionally, there are four potency options to choose from, and the range covers just about anybody’s CBD requirements.

We also love the Eir Health branding. Everything the company does is beautiful and well-constructed. If you’re in the market for CBD oil, Eir Health is a great choice.

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