Dragonfly CBD Review

CBD comes in all different shapes and sizes, especially with the industry growing exponentially over the last few years. While it’s great to have so many options, sometimes all you want is a straightforward and trusted brand like Dragonfly CBD.

Dragonfly started from only 25 acres of hemp fields in Bulgaria; today, they operate over 1,000 acres and are sold in major chains like Boots. Many consider them the leading producer of hemp in Europe.

Today, we will take a closer look at their range in our Dragonfly CBD oil review.

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About Dragonfly CBD: From Small Beginnings

Founded by three friends in 2016, Dragonfly has a clear mission; to change the way that people all across Europe think about their health and wellness. The founders had heard about CBD and its associated benefits but realized that there was no high-quality, reliable, seed-to-sale producer around to meet the growing demand. The company wanted to change this for the better, and Dragonfly CBD was born.


Where to Find Lab Reports

These days we consider lab reports a necessity. So, if a brand doesn’t have them, it’s considered unusual, and it may be a telling sign of quality. We don’t have to worry about those concerns when it comes to Dragonfly CBD, as they do provide batch analysis on their official site. Once a product has been purchased, customers can use the unique batch number found on the label or packaging of the product. Unfortunately, these analyses are not available to window-shoppers or site browsers. This lack of accessibility could put out many potential customers.


What Do Customers Think About Dragonfly?

Accessing the brand’s Trustpilot page gave us a clear picture of Dragonfly’s reputation with past customers. Scoring high on a review site is hard, especially for a CBD brand; that’s why we were thoroughly impressed to see Dragonfly’s 4.4 score. We noticed that the products were very well-received, but more than anything, reviewers praised the great customer service.


How Does Dragonfly Grow Their Hemp?

One of Dragonfly’s strengths is just how transparent they are about the manufacturing process. The brand claims to grow their hemp at the base of the Balkan Mountains. This area of land is certified organic. In essence, no pesticides or herbicides are used during the hemp plant’s life cycle. We were impressed with their Global GAP certification, too; it shows a dedication to practice safe and effective farming methods. Dragonfly’s production facilities are located in the Olt Valley, Romania.


CO2 or Ethanol Extraction?

During our review, we were surprised to learn that Dragonfly uses an ethanol-extraction process. In general, CO2 is the preferred method of use in the industry as it is deemed very safe, and there’s no risk of solvent residue. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, Dragonfly takes steps to ensure their hemp extracts are clean and chemical-free. Using lab reports is just one way; the brand also uses GMP-certified pharmaceutical facilities during processing.

Great product, great service, and great value. Would definitely purchase again.

Dragonfly Review: Highlights

Here are some reasons why Dragonfly has found huge success in the CBD market.

  • Committed to producing high-quality products: Rather than mass-producing a vast range of mediocre CBD products, the company specializes in a few high-quality, THC-free options.
  • Dragonfly community: Dragonfly has made a formal commitment to destigmatizing mental health. In fact, £1 from every product sold is donated to grassroots charities that support mental wellbeing. It would be great if they named their partner charities on the site.

  • Stocked at Boots and more: The fact that Boots stocks the Dragonfly CBD oils is a good verification of the quality of these products. As a high street store, we doubt Boots would stock a poor-quality oil.
  • Free shipping: Standard shipping is free for UK orders, and there is no minimum spend required.
  • Website blog: The Dragonfly website features a blog section covering a range of topics related to CBD and cannabis, including CBD recipes. Admittedly, the layout of the blog could be more user-friendly, finding specific blog topics can be difficult.

Negative Thoughts

Although we like that Dragonfly CBD chooses to specialize in just CBD oils and skincare, some customers may feel uncatered for. Their selection is very small. However, we’ve noticed that Dragonfly’s range has slowly expanded over the last few. For instance, they now offer a variety of flavored oils that include cinnamon and peppermint. So, perhaps we will have to simply wait.

On another note, we were disappointed that the brand’s lab reports were not published on the site. It’s much more likely for customers to check reports before purchasing a product than after. And so, it would give potential buyers more transparency if they were easily accessible prior to making a purchase.

I use both the CBD when needed, and the new face cream which has left my skin smoother.

Where to Buy Dragonfly CBD

Where can’t you buy Dragonfly CBD? Accessibility is no problem with this brand. For customers who prefer buying directly from a brand can buy products on Dragonfly’s official site. They offer completely free shipping within the UK, and additionally, donate some profits to partner charities. Shipments to EU countries are also available. Plus, finding products on the high street is equally convenient. Boots, Sainsbury’s, Rowlands Pharmacy, and even Harrods sell a variety of Dragonfly products.


Best Dragonfly CBD Products: A Small but Premium Range

Dragonfly CBD range includes a variety of oils, as well as a skincare range. All products contain a blend of hemp’s phytonutrients and are THC-free; take a look at our overview below.

Dragonfly Narrow-Spectrum CBD Oils

The CBD oil range includes narrow-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and vitamin D varieties. The narrow-spectrum oil is lighter in both consistency and taste. There are a total of seven different strength options, from 300mg to 3,000mg. Customers can also buy the 500mg vitamin D oil or a flavored oil such as anise, orange, peppermint, or cinnamon.
[Costs range from £19.50 to £134.50]

Dragonfly Broad-Spectrum CBD Oils

According to Dragonfly, the broad-spectrum oil has a fuller flavor and thicker consistency than the narrow-spectrum oil due to the higher amount of plant matter. It’s recommended to experienced users and is available in three strengths: 270mg, 450mg, and 900mg (all bottles contain 10 ml of liquid).
[Costs range from £19.50 to £49.50]

Dragonfly CBD Skincare

Customers can choose between lip balm, body moisturizers, and face creams. The popular CBD body creams contain hydrating ingredients like jojoba oil. Additionally, they are cruelty-free, fragrance-free, and non-comedogenic. Both the body and face products are available in 300mg and 500mg, and the body cream is also available in 1,000mg.
[Costs range from £4.95 to £50]

I just started using this CBD oil to treat my peripheral neuropathy...so far I'm finding it very helpful.

Dragonfly CBD Review: Final Thoughts

Dragonfly is a powerhouse brand in the UK, despite only being around since 2016. Their premium hemp extracts are sold in reputable pharmacies and supermarkets such as Cohens and Sainsburys. Consequently, they’ve managed to build up a loyal following.

However, we hope to see published lab reports in the future to give visitors full transparency. All in all, Dragonfly CBD is a brand unlikely to disappoint. If you are looking for CBD in the UK, their oils and topicals may be a good place to start browsing.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to your health and happiness!
Customer Reviews
Lynn Nichols Verified user
Overall body wellness

I was visiting my physiotherapist and waiting my turn in the reception lobby last October. It was then that I got into a light conversation with a co-patient. It felt that the wavelength matched and we kept on talking for sometime long even after our physio sessions were over. I think this is common in old age. We always look, actually crave, for company. It was this gentleman who suggested dragonfly to me to restore my footdrop to normal faster besides regular medicines and physio sessions. I tried it and I am consuming it religiously since last year. The foot drop was completely okay by January. But now I like to take this for overall body wellness.

Jonathan Gomez Verified user
To prepare for surgery

My daughter Sylivia recently had plastic surgery. We’ve been giving her CBD from dragonfly each day since the last 2 months. Her confidence is high now and she has agreed with that.

Cameron Abernathy Verified user

I was reading about CBD and I found that it has had some serious implications on the weight of some people. It can reduce appetite considerably sometimes and this is kind of one of the only side effects apart from headaches and nausea that CBD can cause. I thought the other way round. I was looking forward to reduce my weight from the past few months and thought if this side effect manifests on me, it would be great. I picked up Dragonfly randomly and I have lost about 6 Kgs in the last one 4 months. Now I am losing no more even if I am still taking it, my appetite has been restored to normal.

Larry Hubbs Verified user
Freaked out

20 drops of Drangonfly is what I gulped an hour ago. I just had a big verbal fight with my boss today. Not sure if he is going to keep me now or fire me. Was completely freaked out at that moment. I think I should have controlled my temper and should have avoided any argument with her. All of us know the kind of bitch she is, so it should have been better if I could have saved my ass. Anyways, all’s done that’s done. Can’t reverse it. Dragonfly is helping me calm down. I am feeling much better now.

Brian Smith Verified user
Money Back Guarantee

Dragonfly is a a great CBD brand for new CBD users. New users do not like the taste or feel of CBD and they quit. Then they usually come back again after a few months, but they are forced to make a fresh purchase as the previous ones usually expire in the meantime. this happened to me too. However, dragonfly had a money back guarantee. So I did not waste a lot of money.

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