CBD comes in all different shapes and sizes, with the industry growing exponentially over the last few years. There seems to be no end to the method in which CBD can be consumed, with everything from CBD-infused bath bombs to CBD tea and coffee being sold online. While it’s great to have so many options, sometimes all you want is a straightforward and trustworthy brand, like DragonFly CBD, to provide your body with the natural healing power of CBD.

CBD products are everywhere. The last decade has seen a tremendous increase in the interest surrounding the health benefits of CBD, resulting in plenty more CBD companies popping up online.

One of the main problems with the CBD market is the lack of regulation. At Shopping CBD, our aim is to alleviate some of the confusion that surrounds the cannabis plant; and more specifically, one of the most popular cannabinoids, CBD. We hope to help steer you in the right direction of high-quality CBD brands. Today, we will take a closer look at DragonFly CBD.

DragonFly Quick Summary

Quality 98%
Effectiveness 97%
Benefits 96%
Price 96%
Customer Service 97%

“I just started using this CBD oil to treat my peripheral neuropathy. My feet are the worst affected area, and so far I'm finding it very helpful.”

Who is DragonFly CBD?

Founded by three friends in 2016, DragonFly CBD had a clear mission; to change the way that people all across Europe think about their health and wellness. The founders had heard about SCBD and its associated benefits but realized that there was no high-quality, reliable, seed-to-sale producer around to meet the growing demand.

The company started off with 25 acres of hemp fields in Bulgaria. Today, they have over 1,000 acres in the country and are running a GMP facility. They are reportedly the leading producer of hemp in Europe.

After the hemp has grown, cannabinoids are extracted using state-of-the-art technology. Every day, between 25-100 kg of plant material is processed. All of the companies products are lab tested, and the lab reports can be easily accessed on the website. The lab reports verify the concentration of CBD in each product, as well as ensuring the quality and safety of the oils.

DragonFly CBD has received a great boost in the UK, because the well-known pharmacy chain, Boots, has agreed to stock the brand’s products on their shelves.

As a company, DragonFly CBD strives to provide its customers to give its customers as much information as possible about what they are purchasing. The company believes that changing the face of medicine is about so much more than selling an exciting range of products; it’s also about sharing the science behind the products and giving the customers the information that they need to feel in control of their health.

dragonfly cbd

DragonFly CBD Highlights

Having been around since 2016, DragonFly CBD certainly knows what they are doing. Everything is professional and efficient, all the way down to the sleek design of the website.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Committed to Producing High-Quality Products: Rather than mass-producing a huge range of mediocre CBD products, the company wants to work with the best experts to create a range limited to oils, to ensure that customers have access to the very best CBD. They specialize in CBD oils and ensure that they are the best possible quality, rather than producing a range of mediocre products.
  • Sustainability Pledge: We love how much this company cares about sustainability. This is the first time we’ve come across a CBD company with a carbon-neutral pledge, and we find this to be very impressive.
  • Boots Stocks Their Products: The fact that Boots stocks the DragonFly oils is a good verification of the quality of these products. As a high street store, we doubt Boots would stock a poor-quality oil.
  • Free Shipping: Standard shipping is free for UK orders, and there is no minimum spend required.
  • Website Blog: The DragonFly website features a blog section that covers a range of topics related to CBD and cannabis, including CBD recipes.

DragonFly CBD: Negative Thoughts

Although we love the fact that DragonFly CBD specializes in one product (CBD oils), it is a little disappointing. Their selection is so small. It would be nice if they sold at least one or two other products, other than sublingual tinctures. Some people prefer other methods of consuming CBD, and this company has been around long enough to try out other avenues.

Also, they don’t offer flavored versions of the CBD oil. There are various different strength options available, but they’re all standard/natural flavored. We would love if DragonFly CBD could add a few flavored oils to their selection.

dragonfly cbd review

“Great product, great service, and great value. The CBD helps me to sleep with no apparent side effects. Would definitely purchase again.”

DragonFly CBD Products

DragonFly CBD only sells CBD oil, and it’s available in two different options; narrow-spectrum oil and broad-spectrum oil.

  • Narrow-Spectrum Oil: The narrow-spectrum oil is lighter in both consistency and taste, and is great for newbies on the CBD scene. There are a total of seven different strength and size options. 10 ml bottles are available in strengths of 300 mg, 500mg, and 1,000 mg and the 30 ml bottles come in strengths of 1,000 mg, 1,500 mg, 2,000 mg, and 3,000 mg.
  • Broad-Spectrum Oil: According to DragonFly, the broad-spectrum oil has a fuller flavor and thicker consistency than the narrow-spectrum oil due to the higher amount of plant matter. It’s recommended to experienced users and is available in three strengths (all bottles contain 10 ml of liquid): 270 mg, 450 mg, and 900 mg.

DragonFly CBD: Costs

  • Narrow-Spectrum Oil: Prices vary depending on size and strength. The cheapest option is the 300 mg (10ml) oil, which is sold at £27.95, and the most expensive is the 3,000 mg (30ml) oil, which is on offer for £139.95. The cost of the rest falls somewhere in between this.
  • Broad-Spectrum Oil: The 270mg oil is sold for £27.95, the 450 mg is on offer for £39.95, and the 900 mg oil is sold for £69.95

dragonfly botanicals cbd

“I just started using this CBD oil to treat my peripheral neuropathy. My feet are the worst affected area, and so far I'm finding it very helpful.”

Final Thoughts on DragonFly CBD

Although DragonFly CBD has only been around since 2016, it’s relatively old by CBD industry standards. Consequently, it’s managed to build up a loyal following. Furthermore, looking at their corporate website and the packing of their products, it’s clear that DragonFly CBD is a highly professional brand.

We would love it if they would offer more than just a few CBD oils, but ultimately you have to respect any brand that chooses to specialize in one product and sticking with it.

Customer reviews
Donna KayVerified Buyer 2019-10-03

Best tinctures

Hempworx has got some best tinctures. I prefer tinctures over oils because these are more concentrated and faster in showing efficacy, as far as my experience goes. Hempworx is a great brand and I would recommend it for sure.

Betty GriffinVerified Buyer 2019-10-03

Reasonable as a tonic

Dragonfly is one of the purest form of CBDs around. I was using some premium brand earlier but that was too expensive. Dragonfly is equally good and is priced quite reasonably. I am now using their 500 mg oil, and I think it has made my daily life much comfortable as compared to before.

Bridgette TurnerVerified Buyer 2019-09-14

Over Instagram

Dragonfly was an encounter over Instagram to me. I ordered it as had heard a lot about cbd and their ordering process is quite easy. The cbd is really very good and I am a much satisfied user.

Rene MoormanVerified Buyer 2019-08-31

Helps in my colitis

I like dragonfly a lot, it is a great smooth consistent CBD oil. I am suffering from ulcerative colitis, and I felt that after I started using dragon CBD, my nausea has come down a bit. So I am very thankful to the manufacturers.

Sharon WallingVerified Buyer 2019-08-20

Long run

Although I am using this CBD, and it helps me dealing with insomnia a bit, I am still always thinking what about long term. Will it have some side effects in the long term. Hope some study comes out soon.

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