Diamond CBD

The main thing that blew me away when I stumbled upon Diamond CBD was the sheer range of products that they sell. At the time of this writing, they had no less than 607 different CBD-infused items for sale on their website!

I’m all for diversity and having something to offer for everyone, but my goodness – that just seemed like total overkill to me.

That being said, however, I did become a fan of their Diamond CBD “Dabs” (which I’ll discuss in detail down below), as well as some of their more unique and “exotic” products that I honestly have not seen for sale from any other brand. Some people also seem to like the fact that they’re endorsed by ex-NFL player L.T. Taylor and marijuana legend Tommy Chong, but for me personally, I find that a little tacky – I’ve always been of the opinion that if you’ve got a quality product, it’ll more or less sell itself.

In any regard, let’s take a look at who this company actually is, and what kinds of products they’ve got on the (online) shelves as part of our Diamond CBD review. Want to jump straight to their online store, feel free to click on their official link below.

Diamond CBD Quick Summary

Quality 90%
Effectiveness 88%
Benefits 85%
Price 98%
Customer Service 72%

“LOVE the dabs - I actually use the Crystal Powder in my vape pen, and I love it. Works great.”

Who Is Diamond CBD?

Like most CBD oil manufacturers, Diamond CBD does not have a physical storefront where you can buy their products from. They are however carried in marijuana dispensaries, vape shops, and other smoke/paraphernalia shops across the country, but you’ll have to call ahead to your local store to see what they’ve got in stock, as they don’t have a list of verified retailers on their website.

The Diamond CBD offices and main warehouse is located in the Miami area of Florida, though like we said you’ll have to order online if you want to buy anything directly from them. As per their website they source their raw hemp material either from Colorado or Scandinavia, which is a good thing as Scandinavian countries have some of the strictest/highest qualities of hemp agriculture out of any region on earth. And we all know of course that Colorado hemp is typically of the purest quality.

They also claim to be composed of a “team made up of doctors and scientists,” but I would want to speak with someone about this before I took it as a solid oath (I actually meant to ask them who exactly the “doctors and scientists” were when I called them, but I completely forgot).

Who Is Diamond CBD?

Diamond CBD Highlights

Honestly, the main highlight I can think of right now is simply the incredibly massive range of products that Diamond CBD has for sale. If you’re the type who likes to explore your options and try out new products all the time, you and this brand will be a match made in heaven.

For me, I actually tend to prefer the companies who only sell maybe two or three different types of products. That way, generally speaking you know that they’re putting a lot of time and effort into perfecting those specific products, rather than just pumping out some random garbage and marketing it as “NEW and IMPROVED!”

In any regard, here’s a list of five of the things I liked most about Diamond CBD:

  • They sell CBD dabs! Given their super-high potency, CBD dabs are actually not a common product among most industry manufacturers. I tried the 1,000 mg Diamond CBD “Crystal Rocks,” and I’ve got to say they hit pretty dang heavily. I use a banger style dab rig, and with one little rock (I would say no more than an ⅛ gram), my splitting migraine was wiped out within minutes – no joke. They also have an incredibly potent 10,000 mg Crystal Dab Powder which I really want to try, but I’m trying to work up the courage to spend the $649 that it costs!
  • They source (some of) their hemp from Scandinavia. You might think that anything and everything that is sourced right here in the USA is always superior to other parts of the world, but the bottom line is that Scandinavian hemp is subject to some of the most rigorous organic agricultural standards in the world. If you buy CBD products that have been sourced from Scandinavian hemp, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting a pure and high quality product.
  • They have a pretty awesome new product called “CBD Fatty Loose Herbs”. It might sound crazy, but the only reason I had to put these “Loose Herbs” on my list of favorites is they remind me of smoking my tobacco pipe! Now I know what you’re all thinking, tobacco is the “sworn enemy” of cannabis, but the truth is 20+ years ago I really used to enjoy a relaxing, thoughtful smoke out of my vintage tobacco pipe while I was out fishing. Now, I can bring the pipe back to life with these therapeutic dry CBD herbs, which actually taste really, really good! Absolutely love them, and will be sure to keep some on reserve (you can also roll them up into CBD joints or smoke them in bowls or bongs, which I haven’t tried yet but certainly will.
  • They have really good CBD pet products. Truth be told I have not specifically tried Diamond CBD’s pet products, but my wife’s sister uses them for her aging Weimaraner and claims that they work better than anything else she’s ever tried. Next time I order through them I’ll be sure and get some of the bacon flavor drops for our 11 year old Sheltie.
  • Their price ranges can literally accomodate people of all different budgets. Considering the fact that not everyone can go out and spend $120 on a 1 oz bottle of CBD oil, affordability is one thing I feel doesn’t get enough credit in the current cannabis market. Diamond CBD, however, has products that are literally under $10, which is a great way for potential patients to try it out first and see if it works for them. If they try out some inexpensive gummies for instance and see that they’re effective for them, they’ll be much more willing to make more of an investment on more potent (and longer-term) products.

Negative Thoughts

Unfortunately, there were a couple of things that struck me the wrong way when it came to Diamond CBD. For one, I did not appreciate the fact that they don’t offer a guarantee. While they do offer a return policy for unused and “unopened” products, they do not seem to have any sort of satisfaction guarantee, which to me spells out that they may not be 100% confident with what they’re selling.

Also, I actually called up the company to ask them a question about the 1,000 mg CBD Crystal Rock Dabs (I wanted to known how much CBD actually came in the package – which was 1 gram, by the way), and the operator who answered twice had to put me on hold to “go check on that information.” I felt the question I asked was super simple, so it struck me as a bit odd than actual Diamond CBD “employee” wouldn’t have known the answer right off the top of their head.

Diamond CBD Oil

“Switched to the MediPets CBD Oil from some other generic brand. My 9-year old boxer mix is doing great, thanks so much.”

My Personal Experience with Diamond CBD

As I said earlier, my favorite thing about Diamond CBD was their Crystal Rock Dabs. With just one small little rock on my banger, I was able to get migraine relief for upwards of 6 hours. And believe me, my migraines are no joke. Ibuprofen doesn’t touch them, and even some high THC cannabis strains have not had much of an effect on them. I will certainly be ordering some of the Diamond CBD dabs as soon as I’m done with the 1,000 mg Crystal Rocks (which hopefully is later rather than sooner).


If I were to list every single one of their products on here, I’d be here until New Year’s! As such, I’ll only provide a brief overview of the general “types” of products that they sell, without going over each and every one individually. Here are the Diamond CBD reviews for each product. (Feel free of course to browse their entire online web store and have a look at all 607 of their CBD-infused products.)

  • Diamond CBD Edibles: Truly massive selection of CBD edibles including five different kinds of Diamond CBD gummies, CBD “Cake Pops” (like lollipops), two different kinds of super potent liquid CBD shots, CBD Honey Sticks, and CBD Lean Shot Syrups.
  • Diamond CBD Oils: There are eight different varieties of oral Diamond CBD oil drops, including standard hemp oil, a “Blue CBD” isolate oil, a Diamond CBD Full-Spectrum oil, a flavored terpene oil, two different varieties of CBD “Extreme” Drops, and two signature label CBD oils from Tommy Chong and Lawrence “L.T.” Taylor (retired NFL player).
  • Diamond CBD Vapes: Nine different varieties of CBD vape oils including CBD additives that you can add to your regular nicotine/tobacco e-juice, pure CBD vape oils for re-usable vape pens, pre-filled disposable vape pens with the CBD liquid already in them, and CBD “Fatty Joints” that smoke just like ganja back in the good old days.
  • Diamond CBD Dabs: Like I talked about earlier, these are my favorite Diamond CBD products. They come in three different varieties (Crystal Dabs, Crystal Rocks, and Crystal Crumble) and seven different potencies ranging from 250 mg to 10,000 mg.
  • Diamond CBD Creams: I have not yet tried the Diamond CBD topical creams, but they come in two different varieties (the Biotech CBD Cream and the signature L.T. Taylor “Pain Master” Cream) and three different potencies (250 mg, 500 mg, 1,000 mg).
  • Diamond CBD Grinders: Nice looking dry herb grinder that comes in four different colors.
  • Diamond CBD Pets: Like I talked about above, my wife’s sister has had incredible results on her Weimaraner with the Diamond CBD pet oils, and I will no doubt be trying some for our own dog once we run out of the CBD treats that we currently have for her. They come in two different varieties for small, medium and large sized dogs (they have  regular oil drops as well as a bacon flavored ones), as well as two different varieties that are specific for cats.


Like I mentioned earlier one of my favorite things about Diamond CBD is the fact that they have such a massive range of prices that allows anyone and everyone to be able to get themselves into the therapeutic CBD market. Here is a general rundown of their price differences across their range of products:

  • Diamond CBD Edibles: $7.69 – $169.99
  • Diamond CBD Oils: $19.99 – $219.99
  • Diamond CBD Vapes: $30 – $279.99
  • Diamond CBD Dabs: $29.99 – $649.99
  • Diamond CBD Creams: $49.99 – $149.99
  • Diamond CBD Grinders: $99.99
  • Diamond CBD Pets: $19.99 – $39.99

Check the website for Diamond CBD oil reviews left by customers.


“Will definitely be buying the relaxing CBD shots again. Are super effective on me.”

Final Verdict

Diamond CBD seems like a good, high-quality brand. The potency and effectiveness of their dabs is definitely spot on, and I’ll no doubt be trying out some more of them in the future.

However, one thing that I’m not particularly fond of with this brand is that they don’t seem to have that customer “intimacy” that some of the smaller brands do. When you call the number for instance you go through this automated voicemail, where you have to select what department you want to get transferred to. Nothing at all wrong with that, I just sometimes prefer the more intimate customer service that some of the smaller brands have.

Would I buy/try Diamond CBD again? Absolutely. Are they going to be my sole CBD manufacturer from here on out? Um, no. Unless, of course, they want to give me a lifetime supply and for me to be their worldwide ambassador!

Customer Reviews
Steven Curley Verified user

Door to door promotion

You know why I consider Diamond to be very high in value? I learnt from some CBD expert that the only way to compare value is to divide the cost of the product by the total milligrams in the bottle to get a price-per-milligram. And Diamond, besides being highly effective on pain, is reasonable this way too. I do not know much of many other brands. I just know they personally came for a door to door promotion one day and I liked them a lot.

Demetrius Broadway Verified user

Watching all the mess

What do you do if you got 7 kids at home all fighting and throwing tantrums! You know what I do? I smoke diamond CBD in my Vape bright vape pen. It just isolates me from the entire world and still I remain in my senses completely. So if it some emergency, like they hurt each other, I jump in. Else I just sit and chill out watching all the mess.

Ellen Eames Verified user

Far better

Diamond is a great one among dabs. I was at a head shop where I purchased Diamond as soon as I saw the crystal sparkles inside. I was not running out of vape pens that time, but I could not resist something that I had never used before. And now when I smoke this, I am not sure how it technically works, but the cloud consistency is far better than my previous wooden vape.

F. P. Verified user

Thank you

Hi! I do believe this is an excellent blog. I stumbled upon it on Yahoo. I will come back once again.

Alvin Pickard Verified user

Never Trialed

CBD can be tricky if you do not buy the right brand. It can cause some bad side effects if impure and contaminated. Also it can be totally useless if it does not follow the right processing mechanism while in the manufacture stage. I never trialed on myself. My cousin was buying from Diamond. He was satisfied. So I purchased from them too. So far this company’s cbd oil has been working well for me.

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