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CBDfx is a company that has stopped at nothing to get their hand into every little nook and cranny of the CBD market. Vapes, oils, topical creams, edibles, waxes, drinks, if it’s been thought of in the CBD industry, CBDfx has likely got it in their store.

Let’s find out if the brand offers variety as well as quality.

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Get 15% off all CBDfx products as a Shopping CBD reader. Use this code at checkout:
15% coupon code: 15CBDOFF
Visit official site

About CBDfx: Trustworthiness & Industry Prominence

CBDfx is a US-based company founded by Ali Esmaili and Jameson Rodgers. Launched in 2014, the company has since become a flagship CBD brand with over 100 employees. Not only does this make them the fifth-largest privately held CBD company in the world, but it shows just how popular the brand has become. On the CBDfx site, visitors have access to over 18 thousand certified reviews, so you gain a true insight into the brand’s reputation.


Quality, Credentials, & Lab Testing

CBDfx claims to lab test their products a staggering eight times. If you want to check these results before you buy, simply use the link on each product description. To make things easier for official customers, the company has also introduced a traceable QR code. This code can be found on each product’s packaging and offers quick and reliable lab results, so customers can see exactly what they are consuming.


Return Policy & Quality Assurance

CBDfx offers a variety of shipping methods from FedEx (2 business days) to free shipping (5-8 business days). However, they do insist that these are estimated times not guaranteed. The company also offers a 30-day return guarantee on all unopened products.

Get 15% off all CBDfx products as a Shopping CBD reader. Use this code at checkout:
15% coupon code: 15CBDOFF

Product Manufacturing Process

CBDfx uses specialized CO2 extraction to remove cannabinoids, terpenes, and other phytochemicals from their hemp.This method is highly regarded in the industry as being both reliable and efficient, a good sign for CBDfx’s customers. Additionally, the brand’s products are crafted in Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) facilities. This means that they implement a safe manufacturing environment, amongst other things.


Additional Product Information

As well as full-spectrum, CBDfx offers a variety of broad-spectrum products. This gives customers the choice of whether they want to consume a higher THC quantity, although this is never above 0.3%. As mentioned above, the brand sells a massive variety of products that include CBD tinctures, vape pens, drinks, edibles, and much more. CBDfx makes it very easy to tailor a CBD product to your lifestyle.

I am quickly becoming a big fan of the 'CBD + CBG Oil Wellness Tincture 500-4000mg - 1000mg CBD' and can't imagine going a day without it.” - Stephen N.

CBDfx Review: Highlights

Here are a few more things that set CBDfx apart from others in the industry:

  • Kits and Bundle Packs: If you use CBD every day, then you’ll appreciate brands that offer value bundle packs when you buy three or four bottles at a time. CBDfx is excellent in this regard as they provide bundles on most of their product line, potentially saving you a lot of money per month.
  • Maintains Quality Throughout: Whether it be customer service or manufacturing methods, CBDfx has both the experience and resources to offer a positive experience. This is especially surprising considering just how large the company is.

  • Huge Range of Products: CBDfx is one of the few operations that have options across the entire product spectrum, all of which are made in the USA. From delicious Chill Shots to pet tinctures, the company offers great product versatility.
  • Free Shipping: CBDfx offers free shipping to all fifty states. We think this is a great way to show how much they value their customers; not many other sites offer this. Customers also have the option of choosing a faster delivery method for a small fee.
  • Premium Vape Range: CBDfx’s vape range is extremely impressive for a CBD brand. Customers can choose from a varied range of flavors, including Strawberry Milk and Pineapple Express, as well as a range of strengths.

Negative Thoughts

Overall, CBDfx’s site is very accessible. However, there are some practical features they could work on. It can be difficult to find shipping information on the site; currently, this information is under the category of ‘Terms and Conditions’. However, many people may not think to look there. It would be much simpler to have its own section or include it on the FAQs. That brings us to the next issue. While the FAQs highlight some important information about THC content and product choice, we think it could be more extensive. For instance, information on where the company sources hemp, manufacturing methods, and returns could be helpful.

“These gummies work exactly as described - all I need 2 and I’m out, and my neck pain goes down a good bit.” Janel S.

Information on Where to Buy CBDfx Products

The easiest way to purchase CBDfx products is directly through their website. Not only do they ship to all fifty states, but they offer a variety of shipping methods, including the option for free shipping. Additionally, CBDfx products are found in a variety of vape shops across the country. However, the site does not have a retail locator; instead, customers will have to inquire in local stores.


Best CBDfx Products: Product Selection & Costs

From CBD vape liquids to tinctures, check out the most popular CBDfx products below.

CBDfx Vape Liquids and Additives

CBDfx offers a range of nine tasty vape flavors, including Blue Raspberry, Wild Watermelon, and Strawberry Kiwi. Most of these flavors can be bought in strengths of 500mg, 1,00mg, and 2,000mg. Customers can also find vape additives on the site; this means you can add CBD to any vape flavors you may already have without changing the taste.
[Costs range from $19.99 to $99.99]

CBDfx Vape Pens and Vape Kits

CBDfx offers disposable 30mg vape pens. Customers can purchase these in different flavors that include Fresh Mint and Gelato, as well as terpenes flavors like Sour Diesel. Additionally, vape kits that include vaporizer devices can also be bought from the CBDfx site.
[Costs range from $8.99 to $149.88]

CBDfx Oil Tinctures

CBDfx’s standard oral CBD oils range from 500mg to 4,000mg, giving customers lots of flexibility. Choose between the Calming Tincture (CBD+CBN) or the Wellness Tincture (CBD+CBG). These tinctures are vegan, made with non-GMO hemp, and Co2 extracted.
[Costs range from $39.99 to $169.99]

CBDfx Capsules

These are great for people that might prefer a quicker way to consume CBD. On the CBDfx site, you can find traditional capsules, Morning Capsules for Energy and Focus (CBD+CBG), and Night Capsules for Sleep (CBD+CBN). All products are non-GMO, gluten-free, and the traditional capsules come in 30ct or 60ct bottles. Each capsule contains a 25mg dose of CBD.
[Costs range from $49.99 to $79.99]

CBDfx Topicals

If you’ve never tried a CBD foot mask, CBDfx offers them in abundance. Other additions to their topical range include face serums, bath salts, face masks, moisturizing balms, foot creams, bath bombs, and muscle and joint creams. Clearly, variety is not in short supply. So whether you prefer a cooling cream or a thick balm, it's easy to find on the CBDfx site.
[Costs range from $6.99 to $39.99]

CBDfx Gummies

CBDfx offers a plethora of gummy products. Many of these options include additional products that may be beneficial, such as turmeric, melatonin, biotin, vitamin blends, and apple cider vinegar. All gummy products contain 1500mg of CBD, apart from the CBD Gummies with Biotin for Hair and Nails, containing 300mg. All products are vegan and are a broad-spectrum formula.
[Costs range from $29.99 to $49.99]

CBDfx Chill Shots

Available in a 2oz liquid shot, CBDfx’s CBD drinks are very convenient. Customers can choose a CBD Chill Shot, which comes in berry or lemonade flavor. CBD Focus Shots are also on offer in flavors pomegranate and tropical. Each drink contains 20mg of broad-spectrum CBD, 200mg of L-Theanine, zero added sugars, vitamin B6, magnesium, and zinc.
[Cost is $14.97]

CBDfx Pet Products

CBDfx offers two pet products; CBD treats and a CBD tincture. Customers can tailor the treats to their exact needs by choosing either Treats for Stress and Anxiety or Treats for Joint and Mobility. The CBD tincture also offers a level of flexibility; they range from 250mg to 1,000mg.
[Costs range from $29.99 to $69.99]

“This balm is great. I've occasional wrist pain and having this on my desk made a great difference.” - Oscar C.

CBDfx Review: Final Thoughts

CBDfx’s success in the CBD industry is undeniable. This isn’t only evident from the size of the company itself but also the myriad of products they have on offer. The company has managed to balance product versatility and premium quality; no easy task.

While they could offer a little more information on the site, it does little to overshadow CBDfx’s impressive vape range. Offering vape liquids, additives, pens, and vaporizers, there aren’t many CBD companies in the market that can content with CBDfx’s variety.

Get 15% off all CBDfx products as a Shopping CBD reader. Use this code at checkout:
15% coupon code: 15CBDOFF
Thanks for reading, and here’s to your health and happiness!
Customer Reviews
Don Willer Verified user
As good as the outside is

Let me tell you one thing. If you visit a super store where there are 5 CBD brands stocked next to each other, chances are you’ll pick up this one. The labeling and the packaging is absolutely vibrant and positivity inducing even when you look at it. However, do not feel bad as you are not making a wrong choice. CBDfx is actually a useful brand for stress management. The inside is as good as the outside.

Shanna Verified user
Multiple times a day

No side effects or bad effects on my body. It has been almost a year now and I can say this surely. Their oil has got some antioxidant properties too, so my skin gets a lot of benefit from multiple intakes. And I order kits and packs so that they last long and prove cheaper

Sandra Francis Verified user
Keep coming and going

CBDfx has always appealed to me since the very first day I was familiarized with this brand. It was at office that a colleague was carrying some gummies in his pocket. I was freaked out before an appraisal meeting and he showed the generosity to offer me a few of those. I liked them at once. Within half an hour I was feeling more relaxed and calm. That was the ultimate thing I needed at that time. Now I always keep these gummies handy as such situations always keep coming and going in life.

James Hunsaker Verified user
When it gets accumulated

Both my sons are genetically suffering from some auto immune disease that slowly crippled their lives. By the age of 7, both my twins stopped walking and took over to wheelchairs. I can’t tell you how it feels as a father to helplessly see your children in such a condition. CBDfx helps me come out of that bad mood and low swings whenever I have them. I do not take it on a regular basis. Just once every two or three months when it all gets accumulated and needs to flow out.

Lisa Hsu Verified user
Cheerful and enthusiastic

The reason why I tried CBD, CBDfx to be precise is because of a lot of friends recommending it. We are a kind of a gang of early adopters. Usually it is technology that we adopt early, but this time, a few of them tried CBDFx as a CBD consumption brand and were much satisfied. We use it for no particular reason, just that it makes us feel cheerful and enthusiastic.

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