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It can sometimes seem unprofessional when brands intentionally misspell words, but CBD Infusionz clearly has a specific target audience in mind. The CBD-infused products are exciting and offer competitive prices, which is excellent news for those who want to enjoy CBD on a budget.

CBD Infusionz has a massive range of products to browse, and this review covers the full range. It also investigates the brand in more detail.

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Get 25% off all CBD Infusionz products as a Shopping CBD reader. Use this code at checkout:
25% coupon code: 25INFOFF
Visit official site

About CBD Infusionz: What Makes This Brand Tick

CBD Infusionz is based in Colorado. It has been around for a couple of years, now, working on expanding its vast selection.

The website is really vague. In fact, it could do with a revamp since the graphics look really outdated. Furthermore, there is little information about anything brand-related on the website, with no ‘About’ page. This is quite concerning, as it means we have little to no information about the brand.

That said, it’s clear that CBD Infusionz is a reputable company based on its social media following, where it remains popular.


Transparency and Lab Testing

Given the lack of information on the website, it’s no surprise that transparency is lacking. Lab testing is barely given mention, but the product descriptions do feature images of the certificates of analysis.

Industrial Laboratories, a third party, does the lab testing, giving credibility to these reports. Everything checks out, which is excellent news for customers.

It would be much better if CBD Infusionz was transparent about the company by including an About section and detailing more about the products. Offering certificates of analysis is the bare minimum, but at least they’re there to show legitimacy.


CBD Infusionz Store Policies

CBD Infusionz ships to all fifty states but currently does not offer international delivery. The website hosts regular sales and offers, allowing customers to snag their favorite products for discounted prices.

There is a decent return policy of thirty days after purchase. The item must be in the same condition and in the original packaging, but CBD Infusionz does not accept returns on perishable items like hemp flower. Refunds are given at the company’s discretion.

Get 25% off all CBD Infusionz products as a Shopping CBD reader. Use this code at checkout:
25% coupon code: 25INFOFF

How CBD Infusionz Makes Its Products

While CBD Infusionz doesn’t explicitly state where it grows hemp, it would be safe to assume that the plants come from Colorado. The FAQ briefly mentions that the hemp plants are certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

This brand uses a cold-temperature ethanol extraction method, producing a full-spectrum extract that contains both cannabinoids and terpenoids. Most high-quality brands use CO2, but CBD Infusionz’s choice allows them to keep prices low while maintaining a decent quality.


What's in the CBD Infusionz Products?

The hemp extract in CBD Infusionz products is full-spectrum, containing a complete array of cannabinoids. The brand tends to be upfront about its ingredients, listing them in the descriptions.

In the CBD oils, there is nothing but MCT oil and hemp extract, which makes them reasonably natural. CBD Infusionz also states that the products are packaged in the same facility as various nuts, wheat, soy, and milk products. As a result, there is a potential for allergens.

The enormous range of gummies is perfect for me because I like to mix things up. The strawberry gummy chews are my current favorite; I take them every day.

CBD Infusionz Review: Highlights

CBD Infusionz has a lot to love, so below are some of this company’s best points. This is why the brand has stayed around for several years.

  • Enormous range: There are many products on the website; users could spend a long time browsing. There is thus something for everyone, which is really ideal for users who like to experiment.
  • Competitive pricing: Thanks to its use of ethanol extraction, CBD Infusionz manages to keep prices low. Most users can therefore access these products, making CBD something for everyone.

  • Organic hemp: This brand uses organic hemp grown in Colorado. Apparently, the Department of Agriculture checks that it contains below 0.3% THC, and CBD Infusionz also backs an organic growing process.
  • Vegan-friendly:Many of the products are suitable for vegan diets. There's a significant overlap between the vegan and CBD communities, so this is something that's great to see.
  • Customer service: Reviews on this brand suggest that it has excellent customer service. In the CBD industry, this is crucial because some users are unsure about what to purchase. CBD Infusionz is, therefore, on the right track.

Negative Thoughts

Despite all its good qualities, there are some obvious issues with the CBD Infusionz brand. Primarily, the problems relate to the website, which is poor quality and difficult to navigate. If CBD Infusionz spent more time and energy on the website, this could be a truly excellent brand.

Aside from the aesthetics, more information is vital. CBD Infusionz needs to inform its customers about who is behind this company and give more details about the manufacturing process.

Finally, CBD Infusionz could offer a better return policy by guaranteeing refunds.

I love the CBD isolate. It's actually affordable, and it's amazing for dabbing. I can't go back to another company!

Where to Buy CBD Infusionz

The best place to order CBD Infusionz is directly from the brand’s official website. There are several trusted retailers, too, but you only get the full selection online. The brand hosts regular discounts and sales, and you can also use the Shopping CBD coupon code (25INFOFF) for 25% off your next purchase.


Best CBD Infusionz Products: What's Available?

CBD Infusionz has a massive selection of products. No matter what your CBD consumption preference, there is something for everyone at this store. The sections below detail information about the products and pricing.

CBD Infusionz CBD Oils

CBD Infusionz offers two types of CBD oil: full-spectrum and broad-spectrum. Both have an MCT oil base and come in several potencies. This brand provides four strengths, ranging from 300mg to 5280mg, which is an insanely high strength. Despite this extreme potency, the prices remain reasonable. It's great to know that, with only two ingredients, these tinctures are vegan-friendly.
Cost: $26.99 - $269.99

CBD Infusionz CBD Capsules

There is one type of capsule on the website in the form of soft gels. Still, customers can choose between full- or broad-spectrum CBD. Each pill contains 25mg of CBD, but there are options to purchase different bottle sizes: 10x, 20x, or 40x. The soft gel coating is made of gelatin, so this product is not suitable for vegans.
Cost: $29.99 - $74.99

CBD Infusionz CBD Edibles

CBD Infusionz has an extensive selection of edibles. There are so many gummies that it's almost impossible to choose, including lemon fruit snacks, berry gummies, cola bottles, sour cherries, and more. If gummies aren't your thing, then there is chewing gum, caramel waffles, chocolate, lollipops, and more. You could genuinely spend hours browsing.
Cost: $0.99 - $99.99

CBD Infusionz CBD Drinks

In terms of CBD beverages, CBD Infusionz offers two types. The first is a can of CBD-infused coffee, made with a medium roast that contains 200mg. The second is Instant CBD, sachets of liquid that you squeeze into your mouth while on the go. There are four flavors: Lemon Lime, French Vanilla Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, and Matcha Green Tea. Each contains a 25mg dose.
Cost: $5.99 - $39.99

CBD Infusionz CBD Lotions

CBD Infusionz has four lotions available. One of them is massage oil, which is slightly disappointing because it's unscented – that's not typical for a massage product. The others include Unscented Hemp Lotion, Hemp Muscle Freeze Gel, and Orange Cinnamon Spice CBD Body Butter. All of these products come in different sizes and potencies, giving the customer choice about what they buy.
Cost: $34.99 - $64.99

CBD Infusionz CBD Pet Products

For your pets, CBD Infusionz has a large selection of products, mostly involving dog treats. The baked dog biscuits come in three flavors, with potencies suitable for either small or large breeds. There is also an MCT pet tincture containing either 250mg or 500mg of CBD. It's unflavored, which is disappointing for your dog, but it gets the job done.
Cost: $16.19 - $39.99

CBD Infusionz CBD Concentrates

The concentrates, or isolates, come in many forms. Whether the user prefers live resin, wax, or powder, CBD Infusionz has it covered. The isolate powder contains 99.9% CBD, while the other concentrates are also loaded with terpenes. It's remarkable that CBD Infusionz has kept prices so low, with 3000mg of isolate costing just $29.99.
Cost: $6.99 - $79.99

Other Cannabinoid Products

Alongside CBD, this brand also sells a couple of CBN and CBG products. The selection is broader than what you get at other brands, with the CBN products including gummies, capsules, and a tincture. In the CBG section, there is also a cannabigerol isolate. It's rare to see brands selling so many products high in other cannabinoids, so it's great to see from CBD Infusionz.
Cost: $29.99 - $54.99

I've been using the CBD coffee every morning, and it's made a difference to my energy levels. I can now experience an energy boost without getting anxious from the caffeine.

CBD Infusionz Review: Summary & Final Thoughts

Above all else, CBD Infusionz offers excellent value for money. Although these products aren’t the highest quality on the market, they are definitely up there. The brand manages to keep prices low and reasonable without cutting corners.

One of the greatest draws to this brand is the extensive product range. No matter how you enjoy CBD, there will be something for you at CBD Infusionz – especially if you like edibles.

While this brand has a few things to work on, it’s clear to see why it has amassed a social media following and remained successful. If you want to try it for yourself, make sure you use the Shopping CBD discount code.

Get 25% off all CBD Infusionz products as a Shopping CBD reader. Use this code at checkout:
25% coupon code: 25INFOFF
Thanks for reading, and here’s to your health and happiness!
Customer Reviews
Patricia Verified user
Legal Hemp Joints

CBD Infusionz Dry Flower Products, try these. These are exclusive. I got to know that they come from another brand and that Infusionz has got some collaboration with the parent company that produces these dry flower joints. But if it is infusionz partnering with some brand, I could trust it completely. The only form of joint available in CBDs as far as my knowledge goes.

Martha Caceres Verified user
You can imagine now

I never had a baby even after 7 years of my marriage. Not that I did not want to have a pregnancy, just that we could not conceive. Adoption is something not really my cup of tea. So I tried to have pet, the next best option that most people consider. And yes, my pet dog Ronald has helped fulfill a lot of my emotional quotient of motherhood that was lying vacant so far. But now you can imagine how dear Ronald is to me. I give him the CBD from infusionz on a daily basis. So now you can also imagine how good it would be, as I can never compromise on Ronald’s diet 🙂

Ruth Lapan Verified user
Without any fuss

CBD for me, or for my pet, it has to be the best. I am sure all of you who have those furry creatures at home would agree with me. I picked up CBD infusionz because my sister-in-law had already tried it with her own cat, she was quite happy with the results. Second this company delivered quickly and took online orders. So it was easy and convenient. Third the brand is quite affordable. And last and the most important, my pet loves the taste of it. So he take sit readily without any fuss.

Barbara Caplan Verified user
Personally suitable for me

A highly reputable seller… the best gummies in the entire world! This is what CBD infusionz is to me. I trust them a lot. The oil helped my mother while she was suffering during her final days. The products are THC free and so they can be transported to any place without any problem. I travel a lot. This makes the oils very suitable for me.

Moises Holm Verified user
No occasion of course

Saw their bottle of “Hempy Worms” and found the name to be very funky. Ordered it online and received it within a week. Then I showed it off to all my college friends who were much impressed by my pick. A totally out of the box product and a totally aptitude matching name. I was feeling like a hero when I was showing off this bottle. We all tried it together for the first time during our break time and we all liked it a lot. A cool celebration after a long time (no occasion of course)!

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