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Truth be told, I’ve always had a little bit of a pet-peeve against brands and organizations that use unnecessary letters and intentionally misspell words in their company names (AJ’s Hot Rodz, Tim’s Pro Cutz Barbershop, etc).

However, I’ll make an exception for “CBD Infusionz,” as these guys have got some very legit hemp-based products at some of the most competitive prices in the entire industry. They’ve also got a truly MASSIVE selection of products to choose from though surprisingly, they don’t have any CBD vape selections at all (unfortunately for all you big time “vaperz” out there).

I’ve been able to try out the brand’s full-spectrum CBD tinctures, the “CBD Infusionz Chewing Gum,” and the CBD Shatter Slab isolates for my dab rig. Keep reading to see how they stacked up against some of my go-to brands like Pure Kana and Green Roads.

Official Site: cbdinfusionz.com
Coupon Code: 25INFOFF

CBD Infusionz Quick Summary

Quality 97%
Effectiveness 98%
Benefits 98%
Price 94%
Customer Service 95%

“Seriously, I've fallen in love with the banana gummy chews… I take them every single day at work, and (sadly) they're the thing that I look forward to most out of every day.”

Who Is CBD Infusionz?

CBD Infusionz is a super unique (in a good way) company that’s based out of the (arguable) cannabis epicenter of North America – Denver, Colorado.

These guys have not been around in the industry terribly long, but it didn’t take them much time at all to establish a solid foothold in the market. And with ultra effective and uniquely-designed products like “Hemp Joints,” “CBD Shatter Slabs,” and vegan “CBD Health Bites,” it’s no surprise that they’ve been able to accomplish what they have in such a short amount of time.

Who Is CBD Infusionz

CBD Infusionz Highlights

I could easily think of a dozen reasons why I love this brand, but here are the top 5 highlights that make CBD Infusionz one of the leaders in the current hemp CBD market:

  • Based in Denver, CO. It sounds a little biased to say it, but basically if you’re a cannabis company that can survive in the cutthroat, “accept-nothing-but-the-best” atmosphere of Denver CO, then you’ve got an excellent pedigree for success in the market – and CBD Infusionz is no doubt one of the top organizations in the area.
  • Good blog. This is kind of an odd highlight to include as it obviously has nothing to do with the quality of their CBD products, but I’ve come to realize that any company who spends the time (and has the knowledge) to maintain a well-run and up to date blog, is a company worth investing your money in.
  • Huge selection of product. This is not to say that CBD Infusionz is a good brand just because they have a huge selection of product – no. Rather, they’re a GREAT brand because they have such a huge selection of product, AND are able to maintain the quality and efficiency over each and every one of them.
  • Very competitive pricing. The first time I shopped around on the CBD Infusionz online store, I was actually pretty surprised by the competitiveness of their prices (nearly 20% cheaper than some of the other top brands across most of their product lineup). Since they had a big reputation well before I ever purchased from them, I figured they would have super high prices. However, the opposite is largely true – top-shelf products at VERY reasonable prices, for the most part.
  • Dry hemp flower. I’ll admit, I used to be a (cigarette) smoker, and I thoroughly enjoy puffing on some dry herb every now again – especially when it’s got therapeutic CBD in it like CBD Infusionz’s “Terpy J” pre-rolled hemp joints. One of the coolest products I’ve seen hit the industry in a long, long time.

Negative Thoughts

There are two main things that I was kind of upset with after ordering from CBD Infusionz for the first time: 1) they DO NOT have different flavors to select from for their standard CBD oils; and 2) they do not have any vape products at all (I’m not a huge vaper by any means, but this is still super surprising given such a large and well-established company).

CBD Infusionz Highlights

“Love love love the CBD isolate slabzzzzz -- keep up the great work boys. Dab on!!”

My Personal Experience with CBD Infusionz

As I mentioned in the intro, I’ve been able to try the CBD Infusionz FSO (full-spectrum) oil tincture, the Shatter Slab concentrate, and the CBD chewing gum.

First, the chewing gum. I won’t say at all that I was disappointed with it or that it tasted “bad,” but I will say that for $19.99 a pop (no pun intended), I was expecting just a little more in terms of effects. That being said however I was actually feeling pretty good when I tried it, so I really don’t have much to gauge the effects it did have off of. And as far as taste, it’s certainly not awful (I tried the cinnamon), but it’s definitely not the best I’ve had either.

The 600mg FSO oil tincture that I used worked absolutely wonderfully, and given that it’s nearly 20% cheaper than the brand I currently use, I’m seriously considering switching over long-term (I used CBD oil almost every day for chronic pain and sporadic migraines, and this stuff worked great for both).

Lastly, the only thing that I’ll say about the CBD Shatter Dab isolates is that they’re VERY potent. It of course doesn’t mess up your mind at all or get you high (there’s actually zero THC whatsoever in it), but the calming, almost sedative effects kick in more or less immediately. I actually had my wife try it when she was having a particularly hard night sleeping, and it helped immensely – within 15 minutes she was legitimately sound asleep.  


CBD Infusionz has got a HUGE selection of products to choose from. When you click on the “Shop” page on their website, it’s almost overwhelming the amount of stuff they’ve got available.

As such, I’ve broken everything down into broader categories to try and make sense of it all (and maybe one day I’ll be able to try everything on there). Here is the current rundown of the complete CBD Infusionz product range:

  • CBD Infusionz CBD Oil Tinctures: So the CBD Infusionz standard oil tinctures come in several different options. Broadly speaking, they’ve got either FSO tinctures (Full-Spectrum Oils), or ISO tinctures (CBD isolates which contain zero THC). The FSO tinctures come in four different potencies (150mg, 300mg, 600mg, and 1200mg), while the THC-free ISO tinctures are infused in MCT oil, and come in the same four potencies. There are no flavoring options with any of the tinctures – they’re only currently available in natural hemp.
  • CBD Infusionz Dry Flower Products: These are pretty unique in the legal CBD industry, but I absolutely love them; Dry Flower Hemp “Joints.” They’re actually from a brand called ‘Terpy J’s,’ but CBD Infusionz must have some sort of a partnership with them. Basically, they’re just like marijuana joints but filled with CBD hemp instead of THC cannabis. Perfectly legal, and will NOT get you high.
  • CBD Infusionz Edibles: CBD Infusionz has a MASSIVE amount of CBD edibles available – it would be entirely counterproductive to try and list every single one of them on here. Basically, they’ve got loads of different gummies and sweets to choose from, hard candies, CBD suckers/lollipops, chewing gum, vegan CBD options, sugar free options, gluten-free options, and some pretty tasty-looking granola style “health bites” that are listed as “natural” edibles. Really, your best bet is to just sort through all of them in the online store yourself and find something (or a handful of things) that look appealing to you.
  • CBD Infusionz Capsules: The CBD capsules are available in full-spectrum (FSO), isolate (ISO), and gel options. The FSO capsules come in bottles of 10, 20 or 30, and each capsule contains 15mg of CBD. The ISO capsules come in bottles of 25 or 50, and each capsule contains 10mg of CBD.
  • CBD Infusionz Chewing Gum: (See above under “CBD Edibles”)
  • CBD Infusionz Dabs/Concentrates: CBD Infusionz is one of the very few hemp companies who offers a good selection of CBD concentrates that you can use for dab rigs and vaporizers. They’ve got some super potent stuff including 99% CBD Isolate Crystals, CBD Wax, Shatter Slabs, and CBD Powder.
  • CBD Infusionz Topical Lotion/Salve: The topical CBD creams that you can massage into the skin or joint areas come in 2 oz (150mg), 4 oz (300mg), or 8 oz (600mg) tubs.  
  • CBD Infusionz Pet Products: CBD Infusionz has an entire page of pet-specific CBD products, including bacon, peanut butter, and cheddar cheese flavored treats, oral hemp tinctures, and FSO capsules, ISO capsules, and gel capsules.


  • CBD Infusionz CBD Oil Tinctures: Both full-spectrum (FSO) CBD tinctures and Isolate (ISO) CBD tinctures come in four different potencies: 150mg ($34.99) / 300mg ($44.99) / 600mg ($79.99) / 1,200mg ($124.99)
  • CBD Infusionz Dry Flower Products: A single Terpy J Hemp joint is $9.99; 6-packs (which include a cool collectible tin storage can) are $49.99. These legal “hemp joints” contain added terpenes for real-life marijuana joint flavors, but DO NOT contain THC and therefore will not get you high.
  • CBD Infusionz Edibles: CBD Infusionz has a massive amount of CBD candies, gummies, whole grain bars and other edibles options for sale, ranging in price from $19.99-$24.99.  
  • CBD Infusionz Capsules: Full-spectrum (FSO) capsules come in bottles of 10 ($29.99), 20 ($34.99) or 30 ($54.99) and contain 15mg of CBD each. ISO (isolate) capsules come in bottles of 25 ($39.99) or 50 ($69.99) and contain 10mg of CBD each. FSO sample CBD gel capsules come in 2-packs for $4.99 (contain 15mg CBD each), and ISO sample capsules come in 2-packs for $3.99 (10mg CBD each).
  • CBD Infusionz Chewing Gum: CBD chewing gum packs come in three different flavors: spearmint / cinnamon / grape; three different potencies: 50mg / 100mg / 200mg CBD; and either “Regular” / “AM” (contains caffeine” / or “PM” (contains melatonin) options. Prices are: $19.99 (50mg) / $29.99 (100mg) / $37.99 (200mg)  
  • CBD Infusionz Dabs/Concentrates: The 99% CBD isolate crystals come in ¼ g containers (250mg CBD) for $19.99; ½ g containers (500mg CBD) for $25.99; or 1 g containers (1,000mg CBD) for $39.99. ¼ g of Dab Wax is $14.99; 1/2 g is $24.99; and 1 g is $39.99. ¼ g (250mg CBD) of CBD Shatter Slab is $19.99; ½ g is $29.99; 1 g is $49.99.   
  • CBD Infusionz Topicals, Lotions and Creams: 2 oz tub (150mg CBD) for $34.99 / 4 oz tub (300mg CBD) for $44.99 / 8 oz tub (600mg CBD) for $69.99
  • CBD Infusionz Pet Products: The flavored CBD dog treats come in packs of 25 (10mg CBD) for $34.99, the capsules come in bottles of either 25 ($44.99) or 50 ($79.99), and the 1 oz bottles of oil drops (that you can add to their food) come in strengths of either 250mg ($44.99) or 500mg ($79.99).

CBD Infusionz Products

“ISO tinctures have worked really well for my joint pain. Take them over the FSO because I have to routine drug check at work. Good stuff - will buy again.”

Final Verdict on CBD Infusionz: Prices, Effects, and Overall Value

Would I recommend CBD Infusionz? Absolutely. In fact, based on their overall value I would recommend them to complete beginners as well as daily CBD users. Like I said, I’ve been using the same CBD oil tincture for going on three years now, and I’m seriously considering switching over to CBD Infusionz permanently because I get basically the same exact effects, for about 20% less cost.

Moreover, they’ve got such a massive product lineup that you’re bound to find something that not only works for you and your situation (including your budget), but also that you enjoy taking.

Great brand, great products, and (mostly) great prices — what more could you ask for?

Official Site: cbdinfusionz.com
Coupon Code: 25INFOFF

Customer Reviews
Patricia Verified user

Legal Hemp Joints

CBD Infusionz Dry Flower Products, try these. These are exclusive. I got to know that they come from another brand and that Infusionz has got some collaboration with the parent company that produces these dry flower joints. But if it is infusionz partnering with some brand, I could trust it completely. The only form of joint available in CBDs as far as my knowledge goes.

Martha Caceres Verified user

You can imagine now

I never had a baby even after 7 years of my marriage. Not that I did not want to have a pregnancy, just that we could not conceive. Adoption is something not really my cup of tea. So I tried to have pet, the next best option that most people consider. And yes, my pet dog Ronald has helped fulfill a lot of my emotional quotient of motherhood that was lying vacant so far. But now you can imagine how dear Ronald is to me. I give him the CBD from infusionz on a daily basis. So now you can also imagine how good it would be, as I can never compromise on Ronald’s diet 🙂

Ruth Lapan Verified user

Without any fuss

CBD for me, or for my pet, it has to be the best. I am sure all of you who have those furry creatures at home would agree with me. I picked up CBD infusionz because my sister-in-law had already tried it with her own cat, she was quite happy with the results. Second this company delivered quickly and took online orders. So it was easy and convenient. Third the brand is quite affordable. And last and the most important, my pet loves the taste of it. So he take sit readily without any fuss.

Barbara Caplan Verified user

Personally suitable for me

A highly reputable seller… the best gummies in the entire world! This is what CBD infusionz is to me. I trust them a lot. The oil helped my mother while she was suffering during her final days. The products are THC free and so they can be transported to any place without any problem. I travel a lot. This makes the oils very suitable for me.

Moises Holm Verified user

No occasion of course

Saw their bottle of “Hempy Worms” and found the name to be very funky. Ordered it online and received it within a week. Then I showed it off to all my college friends who were much impressed by my pick. A totally out of the box product and a totally aptitude matching name. I was feeling like a hero when I was showing off this bottle. We all tried it together for the first time during our break time and we all liked it a lot. A cool celebration after a long time (no occasion of course)!

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