CBD Essence Review

CBD Essence has been around since 2014 and is one of the leading small-batch CBD companies in the world. The founder, Don Ballou, discovered early on that many CBD brands were extending the shelf life of CBD products by using fillers and harmful chemicals, basically sacrificing purity and potency for profit.

CBD Essence is completely different in that products are produced and shipped within 24 hours of receiving the order. This sounds truly remarkable, but does it mean that this is a superior brand? Let’s take a closer look at our CBD Essence review.

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Get 10% off all Essence products as a Shopping CBD reader. Use this code at checkout:
10% coupon code: TOPQUALITY10
Visit official site

About CBD Essence: Small-Batch Approach

The goal behind CBD Essence small-batch approach is to ensure that customers receive the freshest, most potent CBD oil. They strive to bring high-quality, consistent CBD products to the market, regardless of profit margins and scalability. Their Trustpilot rating of 4.7 stars from 555 reviews seems to confirm that customers are impressed with what CBD Essence has to offer. Quick shipping, high-quality and effective products, and good service are most commonly listed as the reasons for a high rating.


Are The Third-Party Lab Reports Accessible?

CBD Essence sends its products to DB Labs to be tested for cannabinoid and terpene content, as well as the presence of harmful contaminants. These reports are available to view under the “Product Lab Results” tab in the website footer, and you can search according to product or batch number (if you’ve already purchased the product). The reports are only one page but fairly detailed with all important results to verify quality and safety.


CBD Essence Satisfaction Guarantee

On the homepage, CBD Essence claims to have a 60-day money-back guarantee. This means that if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase after 60 days, you can return the product and request a full refund. However, under the refund policy, they state that you only have 14 days to submit a refund request. It would be great if the company could clear up this confusion and share a consistent message regarding the satisfaction guarantee.

Get 10% off all Essence products as a Shopping CBD reader. Use this code at checkout:
10% coupon code: TOPQUALITY10

CBD Essence Manufacturing Standards

From inception, CBD Essence has been committed to using the best manufacturing practices to ensure the highest-quality CBD, regardless of cost. The company prides itself on playing a hands-on role in the full production process, from research to manufacturing to selling. They use CO2 extraction to draw out the raw plant materials and only produce products once an order has been received from the customer.

CBD Essence claims that all products are designed for maximum absorption, though they don’t go into detail about how this is achieved. Unfortunately, there is not much information on the source of the hemp, but under the CBD oil description they state that USA-grown, organic hemp is used.


CBD Essence Full-Spectrum Extract

All CBD Essence products are made using a full-spectrum hemp extract. This means that in addition to CBD, they also contain an array of other beneficial cannabinoids, like CBN, CBC, and CBG, as well as less than 0.3% THC. You can find an overview of other ingredients used under respective product descriptions. They claim to use a simple blend of 100% natural healing ingredients.

After trying half-a-dozen other brands, the ONLY CBD topical that worked for my arthritis pain.

CBD Essence Review: Highlights

Here are a few of the things that stand out the most about CBD Essence.

  • Small-batch approach: Although we’ve already discussed this, it’s worth mentioning again because this is what truly sets CBD Essence apart from other brands. They are the only brand we know of that commits to producing products within 24 hours of receiving an order. This is done to ensure that customers receive the freshest and most potent CBD product.
  • Free shipping over $49: Standard shipping is free when you spend more than $49, which we find to be a fair limit. You can save a significant amount of cash, especially if you plan on buying from the brand regularly.

  • Great range of CBD oil flavors: CBD Essence has a wide range of delectable CBD oils to choose from, including grape, lemon, cinnamon, vanilla, peppermint, and more. Plus, they’re available in different potency options.
  • 20% off first order: The company has a promo in which first-time buyers can receive 20% off their first order by simply using the promo code HEALTH20.
  • CBD Bundles: The company has a collection of CBD bundles, which allows customers to purchase a variety of CBD products at a discounted price. For instance, there’s a 4-pack of 300mg tinctures, as well as a pack containing a 300mg tincture and a bag of taffy.

Negative Thoughts

CBD Essence has a fairly limited range of topicals and vape products. On the topical side, they only have an “All Purpose” and “Sport” cream, both containing 600mg of CBD. As for the vape e-liquids, there is only one standard option in a 420mg and 820mg potency. There are no flavored varieties.

Additionally, the website could do with a little improvement. It seems a bit disorganized in terms of the layout of the information. The extraction method is discussed under the “About us” tab, and the source of hemp is only briefly mentioned under the product description. Plus, there is that discrepancy with the satisfaction guarantee, which needs some clearing up.

Never going back to OTC meds for my migraines -- thank you CBD Essence!!

Where to Buy CBD Essence

You can purchase CBD Essence products directly from the official website. The brand also sells CBD bundles and regularly puts products on sale, so you can often find some great deals. Products are shipped within two days of the company receiving an order, and the First Class Mail delivery service is used to deliver products. The company only ships its products within the United States.


Best CBD Essence Products: What You Can Get

CBD Essence has a great range of products to choose from, including oils, capsules, edibles, topicals, pet products, and vape products. Here’s an overview.

CBD Essence Tinctures

The CBD Essence range is available in four potencies: 300mg, 600mg, 1,000mg, and 2,400mg. Each one comes in a 30ml bottle, and you can choose whether it’s a dropper or sprayer bottle. There are nine flavors: Natural, Unsweetened, Cinnamon, Grape, Lemon, Mango, Peppermint, Spearmint, and Vanilla.
[Cost Range: $67.00 to $232.00]

CBD Essence Capsules

CBD Essence sells 35mg CBD capsules in counts of 30, 60, 90, and 120. This equates to a total potency of 1,050mg, 2,100mg, 3,150mg, and 4,200mg. Plus they recently added an extra-strength option with 100mg CBD per capsule, which comes in a 30-count bottle.
[Cost Range: $67.00 to $194.00]

CBD Essence Edibles

The edibles collection includes CBD candy in three flavors: Mint, Chocolate, and Orange Mint. There is 10mg of CBD per piece of candy, and it comes in packs of 10, 32, and 82 pieces. There is also a hemp candy option in a Chocolate Mint flavor.
[Cost Range: $14.95 to $79.95]

CBD Essence Topicals

There are two topical creams: Pro Lifestyle All Purpose and Hot Sport Cream (Muscle Rub). Both come in a 2oz tub and contain 600mg of CBD. The All Purpose cream is an all-natural muscle and joint lotion designed for pain relief. The Hot Sport Cream is designed to soothe sore muscles after a workout or long day.
[Cost: $44.95]

CBD Vape Products

There are two CBD Essence vape e-liquids: 420mg and 820mg strengths. They come in a 2oz Amber Glass bottle and are a reportedly smooth and creamy formula. There is also a Vape Pen Starter Kit, which includes a 1ml Prefilled CBD Oil Cartridge (15mg), 10ml Vape Blend (150mg), Button-less Battery, and USB Charger.
[Cost Range: $42.95 to $72.95]

Love the Hemp Taffy edibles. Truly exceptional.

CBD Essence Review: Summary & Final Thoughts

Having been around since 2014, CBD Essence is a pioneer in the CBD industry. The biggest draw to this brand is that CBD products are shipped to customers within 24 hours of being produced. So if you’re looking for the freshest and most potent CBD on the market, you should definitely check out CBD Essence.

Additionally, they have a huge variety of flavored CBD oils, ideal for anyone looking for a tasty way to consume the cannabinoid. CBD Essence makes it clear that they value product quality and efficacy over profit, and based on everything we’ve seen, they seem to be genuine. This is a top-rated brand with some top-quality products.

Get 10% off all Essence products as a Shopping CBD reader. Use this code at checkout:
10% coupon code: TOPQUALITY10
Thanks for reading, and here’s to your health and happiness!
Customer Reviews
John Bland Verified user
Chewables! yummy!

I had never tasted any chocolate CBD candy that came as a chewable until I purchased from CBDessence. I buy other brands too. I also keep on changing my CBD brand every 6 months. However, these chewables have a very strong chocolaty flavor and these are so deep relaxing. Tasty too of course 🙂 I never quit buying these.

Enrique Richardson Verified user

I was in a mall and as I was exiting I noticed a team with mics and cameras interviewing people who use CBD on a daily basis. I had no idea what CBD was at that time. So I joined the crowd that was watching this team film to hear what people had to say about CBD. In my area, I am not sure of others, most use CBD essence and most were satisfied. I thought I’ll try it too and I ordered some the same night. Since then, I use CBD every Sunday morning to detox my entire system.

Lisa Edwards Verified user
30 days

It has been 30 days so far and I am not in a mood to quit CBD essence oil for anything soon. I find it somewhere in between hard core weed and very mild hemp seeds that we usually get in the market to sprinkle over shakes and smoothies. I think I get all the benefits without any of the high that we get from weed. So it is better to continue it as of now. Once I feel my body is completely recharged with energy and my mind with enthusiasm, I might think of discontinuing.

Katherine Watson Verified user
One or the other

Discovering this company made a significant improvement in my life. I was one of those who had one or the other medical problems always. Those were usually small, never too important. However, if you start having problems regularly, it can become unbearable. My daily dose of CBD essence has helped a lot. I feel much better than before.

Maxine Sanchez Verified user
Easy to go through

Migraine pain was a big trouble maker in my life until I tried CBD essence. And it worked like a magic wand. It takes off about 90 percent of the pain and I feel lighter and better. Now whenever I feel there is going to be an attack, the very feeling of it, I take my CBD prior to it. And I think it reduces the intensity always. Easier to go through.

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