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Cannapresso is an intriguing brand that claims to produce hemp-based CBD products straight out of California. Selling CBD vape products, creams, gummies, and more, this brand attempts to cater to all CBD needs.
But with little transparency and an uninspiring website, is Cannapresso worth your money? Let’s take a closer look.

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About Cannapresso: An Enigma

Unfortunately, there’s very little information about Cannapresso on their official site. In fact, it’s one of the worst brands we’ve come across for using vague and generic content. We think it’s essential for customers to see information on brand founders, ethos, and manufacturing methods. So, it’s disappointing to see Cannapresso’s lack of interest in customer experience. Additionally, they don’t even sell their own products.


How to Find Lab Reports

Cannapresso’s lack of transparency is evident. However, one redeemable quality is that they do offer viewable lab reports, compliance certificates, and FDA certificates. It’s notable that the information is not organized well on the site and may cause a headache for those simply wanting to check the cannabinoid content of one particular product. The product lab tests are conducted by a few third-party companies such as Altitude of Consulting and SCLabs. Also, they seem to have close relations with a testing company called Shenzhen ZKT Technology.


Is Cannapresso Trustworthy?

A large part of Cannapresso’s branding is that they operate out of California, so we decided to investigate this claim. Much of the evidence, like suspicious company addresses and facilities, points to the company being Chinese rather than American. Misleading information like this makes trusting the company incredibly difficult.


Manufacturing and Growing Methods

On the website, the company claims that its products are of exceptionally high quality. The CO2 extraction method that they use eliminates heavy metals and impurities and is also gentler on the ecosystem. They also mention growing their hemp organically. Luckily, the company does test their products so customers can check for themselves.


An Overview of Cannapresso’s Product Range

The company’s product range is vast and includes items such as terpene e-liquids, flavored CBD oils, gummies, and even crystal isolates. It’s worth mentioning that vape liquid is by far the most extensive range on the site. Cannapresso offers single-use vape pens, cartridges, and oils. We found that most of the products on the site are full-spectrum. So, customers can expect a range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients, in every extract.

The CBD tincture has worked wonders for treating my anxiety. I’m also sleeping a lot better at night.

Cannapresso Review: Highlights

So, what does Cannapresso do well? Here’s what we found.

  • Mesh V+. Cannapresso uses patented vapor technology from their partners, Feellife. These devices allow users to inhale CBD for increased bioavailability, but it’s difficult to gather how safe these devices are.
  • Impressive range of products. From CBD tincture to sprays, there’s a great selection of products to choose from at Cannapresso. They also offer a CBD pod filling service – which is something we haven’t seen before.

  • FAQs. They have an FAQ section on the company website, and you can find a lot of valuable information here. If you’re wondering whether CBD is legal, if you will pass a drug test after using the products, how long CBD takes to work, and lots more, you may find what you’re looking for on the site.
  • Video news. There’s a news section on the Cannapresso site, and they keep it updated with all the latest news in the world of CBD. Additionally, visitors can check out their educational videos and Youtube channel.

Negative Thoughts

We’re not all that impressed with the Cannapresso website. There’s a serious lack of information about the company itself, and it’s quite confusing. While the layout isn’t terrible, there are a few inconsistencies and grammatical errors, which is never a good sign. There’s also a huge lack of information about individual products.

Furthermore, product prices are not listed on the site. If you want to know how much a product costs, you will need to call or email the company to inquire. Alternatively, you can complete the inquiry form that is listed under each product. It seems very inconvenient, especially when just about every other CBD store out there displays prices on the site.

I’ve been using the facial cream for the past four weeks… My skin is glowing and feels rejuvenated.

Where to Buy Cannapresso

Cannapresso doesn’t seem to sell any of its own products. If you want to buy anything from them, you will need to find a third-party retailer, like cigeecbd, to collect your order after browsing products on the site.  That’s right; you can’t purchase products directly from the site and have them shipped to your door – as you can with 99% of other companies that we’ve reviewed.


Best Cannapresso Products: The Most Popular

Cannapresso stocks a lot of products on their site. So, we’ve highlighted their most popular and given our readers an overview. Bear in mind the site doesn’t offer prices.

Cannapresso Vape Products

Cannapresso sells vape pens, vape oils, vape pods, and disposable vape kits. There are plenty of e-liquids to choose from in many different flavors, such as menthol and grapefruit. Each flavor can be purchased in strengths from 100mg to 1,000mg. They also sell a CBD isolate e-liquid.

Cannapresso CBD Cream

Cannapresso offers a great collection of CBD topicals. These products are designed for skincare and include a body lotion (50mg), facial cream (200mg), eye cream (50mg), and hand cream (15mg).

Cannapresso CBD Tincture

The CBD oil seems to come in two varieties – each in different packaging. The rainbow-colored bottle is a full-spectrum oil and is available in a range of strengths and flavors, with bottles ranging from 100mg to 5,000mg. The other choice of oil is a CBD isolate extract, which is sold in quantities of 10ml and 30ml. Flavors include Original, Strawberry, Mango, and OG Kush.

Cannapresso CBD Crystal

The company does sell one crystal isolate product, and it contains 99.6% pure CBD. Cannapresso claims it's useful for an energy boost and also suggests it can be baked into food or mixed into an e-liquid.

Cannapresso CBD Gummies

The company sells two gummy products; a green apple and strawberry flavor. Both contain 300mg of extract, which equates to 10mg per gummy (30 gummies in total). The gummies are made with CBD isolate, which means they are THC-free.

I love the CBD crystals. I use it as often as I can, and it definitely leaves me feeling energized for the day.

Cannapresso Review: Final Thoughts

The entire Cannapresso website is a bit of a red flag to us. We don’t like the fact that prices aren’t given and that you can’t purchase products and have them shipped directly to you. They don’t seem to be a very transparent or consumer-driven company. We would recommend exercising a little caution if you plan on purchasing anything from them.

There are plenty of other trustworthy and reputable brands out there to choose from, and quite honestly, we wouldn’t recommend this one.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to your health and happiness!
Customer Reviews
Cliff Nadeau Verified user

Sex change operations can make you look exaclty as you want. It can even make you feel upto some extent as you would like to. However, transgenders still face a lot of taboo and stigma even today, speaking from a perspective of social acceptance. And it is always stressful. Cannapresso is what I use to fight this stress on a daily basis. I am happy that something organic like CBD was discovered. It is all health and no negatives.

Robert English Verified user

I always go for the Cannpresso Menthol or the Cannapresso Grapefruit. And I avoid it if I am on any other medication like antibiotics sometimes.I feel Cannapresso is high end and premium CBD composition. They are fair as a brand too. Easy to order from, quick to deliver, available at many online and offline stores that sell CBD and a long expiry period. Absolutely sufficing in all manners.

Gerald Brown Verified user

What I make out of CBD is that there are many brands and many claims. Furthermore the action of the same brand is also different on different people. So it is better to try something on your own, actually try a few brands on your own before coming down to one permanently. I’ve made my choice for cannapresso similarly and it is much over than my expectations. The best part is, I am able to sleep better in the night now as compared to the time when I was not taking Cannapresso.

Patrice Wrigley Verified user
All necessary work arrangements

Stress, anxiety, pain and grief. Most CBD brands promise to recover from such things. But why I use the vape oil from Cannapresso is for pure recreation. And it is effective. It gives me a very mild high, some feeling that would be start of what we call a high hit. At the same time I am completely in my senses and can make all necessary work arrangements required for my boss. I work as a PA. Good one!

Jennifer Light Verified user
Efficiency varies

Cannapresso menthol has got some glorious effects on my body. It not only rejuvenates my system and refills it with vibe and energy, but it also helps me focus better on my work. I take the tincture from them every alternate day. It has been about five months now and there has been no issues ever from a side effect point of view. It is just that the oil sometimes tend to affect a lot and sometimes the affect is just mild. So the efficiency is variable for the same doses, but the overall feeling is very good.

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