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Breazy is a well-known vaping and e-cigarette store which competes against brands like Element Vape, EightVape, and Heaven Gifts. They are an online retailer that offers an e-juice subscription service. In this Breazy review, we will take a look at whether or not it’s worth subscribing to Breazy.

If you’re familiar with e-juice subscription services, Breazy essentially follows the same formula; you select a subscription level, let them know what juice you like, and what your flavor preference is. You then give them your contact details, and your order will be shipped to you each month.

Over time, Breazy has become perfect in selling e-juices. The e-juice is the liquid which customers pour into their electronic-cigarettes or vaporizers for perfect cloud production and tasty flavor creation.

In the past few years, electronic cigarettes have become increasingly popular. They’re very appealing to traditional smokers because they’re able to satisfy their nicotine cravings, but don’t have the irritating and sooty smell. Here’s our review on Breazy.

Quality 96%
Effectiveness 95%
Benefits 96%
Price 97%
Customer Service 98%

“Great service with an impressive mix of vape that is tailored to my personal taste - very professional and will definitely order through Breazy again.”

Who is Breazy?

Breazy is a New York-based company, specializing in vape and e-cigarette products. Their mission is to empower all customers with freedom of choice. The company is dedicated to building a personable and seamless shopping experience which enables customers to find what they’re looking for, with minimum effort and maximum choice.

Breazy was founded in 2014 by Andres Manuel Aranda, who also serves as the company’s CEO. Breazy has grown really fast in comparison to other online vape retailers and has quickly established itself as an industry leader.

The Breazy product selection is huge. They offer a range of e-juices, brands, flavors, pod mods, vape kits, accessories, and more. Customers who are interested in the products that Breazy has to offer can look through their product collection by using their filters which allow you to shop by bestsellers, brands, flavors, and more.

If you’re interested in the Breazy subscription service, there are two levels available. You can either sign up for the Breazy Box Light, consisting of 60 ml of e-liquid (two to four bottles) for $34.99 per month, or the Breazy Box Deluxe. This option increases the total amount of juice to 120 ml (four to eight bottles) for $64.99 per month. You can get a Breazy vape pen with both subscriptions.

If you don’t like the idea of signing up for a subscription, you can also purchase individual products directly from the website.

Who is Breazy?

Breazy Highlights

We love that Breazy is completely independent of big tobacco and they’re very active in vape advocacy. The company is staunch supporters of CASAA, The Right To Be Smoke-Free Coalition, and many others.

Here are some of the Breazy highlights:

  • Freedom of Choice: Breazy prides itself on offering customers a range of products that will allow them to live a richer and more enjoyable life. They hope to introduce customers to something new that they will love.
  • Charity Work: Breazy is 100% independent of Big Tobacco as they have experienced firsthand what smoking can do to loved ones. This is why they donate 1% of net profits to various “smoke-free” organizations.
  • Free Shipping: Free shipping is available on orders of over $50 within the United States. This means that if you spend more than $50, your products will be shipped to you for free.
  • The Health of Their Customers and Loved Ones is Very Important to the Company: This is why they only sell e-liquids from vendors that make use of child-resistant bottles, along with top-shelf ingredients. While the company acknowledges that the world isn’t perfect and these safeguards don’t fully protect our loved ones, they know that this is still the right thing to do.
  • Customer Service: Breazy claims that customer service is the foundation of the company. If their customers aren’t happy, they aren’t either. The company invests heavily in customer service, and promise to always respond to customer concerns and queries.

Breazy: Negative Thoughts

Breazy appears to have a fairly strict and rigid return and refund policy. This is always a bit of a red flag because it’s always nice to have the option to return products, just in case they don’t meet expectations.

However, Breazy states that no returns or exchanges are accepted. The only exception is if there is some sort of problem with your order at the time of delivery. In this case, you should contact the company right away to see what can be done to address your issue. We really hope that Breazy revises their return policy in the near future, and offer a little more leniency to customers.

Breazy: Negative Thoughts

“Quality juice and excellent value for money, speedy delivery. The Peach Blossom is highly recommended.”

Breazy Products

The Breazy production selection is so extensive that we would be here for some time if we tried to list everything that the company offers. Instead, we will give you a bit of an overview of what kind of products you can expect here.

  • Starter Kits: If you’re new to vaping, the starter kits include everything that a new vaper could need. These vape kits are packaged with the hardware and pre-filled e-liquid “pods” you need to get started.
  • Juices: Breazy offers over 1,200 of the best vape e-liquid products from top brands on the market. Whether you’re shopping for a specific flavor or brand, or you’re after pods, salt e-liquids, or e-liquid bundles, you can find what you’re looking for here.
  • Hardware: The Breazy hardware collection includes mods, tanks, vape kits, pod mods, cigalikes, and rebuildables.
  • Accessories: Breazy claims to have all the best vape accessories online. Whether you’re looking for batteries, chargers, coils, and cotton, you can find all these products at Breazy.

Breazy: Costs

  • Starter Kits: Prices range between $9.99 and $89.95. The most expensive being the Vone 230W Starter kit – Vapesoul.
  • Juices: The most expensive e-liquid is the Twerkin Berryz – Phat Panda and Dat Passion – Phat Panda. Both sell for $199.99. The rest of the e-liquid prices range from $4.99 to $59.99.
  • Hardware: The cheapest product is the Innokin iclear16 Dual Coil Clearomizer, which is currently on sale for $2.99. The most expensive is the Dotsquonk 100W Box Mod, which is sold for $128.99.
  • Accessories: The best-priced accessory is the Micro USB cable which is sold for $0.99. The most expensive accessory is the Coil Master DIY Kit V3 – Coil Master.

“This juice is so good. A little less sweet than other Blue Raspberry juices. Highly recommended.”

Final Thoughts on Breazy

Breazy is an upcoming online retailer who sells products that are to be used exclusively for electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. The company claims to sell some of the highest quality products in the United States.

There are many competing brands available on the market these days. But Breazy certainly offers a fantastic range of juices at a reasonable price.

Customer reviews
William YoungVerified Buyer 2020-01-20

Prostrate health

Breazy is a good choice to be made in a family history or health issues related to the prostrate gland. I am one of those, with most of my older generations suffering from such problems. I was confident that I would too as soon as I entered my 40s or 50s. But someone suggested that I try CBD as it might help. Breazy was a random choice as the products appealed to me .But yes, I am not 45 and clean of any issue with my prostrate so far. Not sure if it is a matter of chance or Breazy, but I like to account Breazy behind my good prostrate health.

Daniel JonesVerified Buyer 2019-12-30

Helped my grandson

I have tried the Breazy red apple juice for relaxation. But I felt it helped in chronic pain, swelling, arthritis, and anxiety too! My son is giving this to my grandson for epilepsy. He is very satisfied too. It is post an attack that he gives him this. It helps to feel better for my grandson. It was me who started taking breazy first in the family. I am happy as my grandosn is getting helped from it.

Maria GurganusVerified Buyer 2019-12-11

More towards the normal

I am on anti-depressants and the situation with me is that I am either in a flare or in depression. It has never been normal for me from a lot of time now, although doctors have tried to change and redose me time and again. It was breazy I tried as a last resort, and it has been beneficent. I will still not classigy myself as absolutely normal, but now it is more towards the normal line than it was before when I had not tried this.

Michael PouncyVerified Buyer 2019-11-22

Facebook Guidance Worked

The most outstanding vaping and e-cig store this is. I use their vapes and their juices. I will say Breaze is an ace in this category. The number one vaping brand that will immediately take your experience to a higher level. I am too happy with this brand. Feel very lucky that I came across this one, as Facebook was my only guide when I was to try it for the first time.

Kristin VargasVerified Buyer 2019-10-31

To all of you

The breazy red apple juice is a drink that I talk about to everyone. It is just out of this world, and out of the many other products from many other CBD brands. I think breazy is very, very good, and would soon outdo most of the other brands that are at the top as of today. They got a number of versatile products, and all are better than the next. I always keep a track and try whenever breazy launches any new product, and this is a brand that I would like to recommend very positively to all of you.

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