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Black Tie CBD offers one of the most varied and comprehensive ranges of CBD and cannabis products in the market. They have been in the business since 2018 and specialize in high rosin hemp flowers – which are used to create an array of CBD and CBG products, as well as hemp flower.

Today, we are going to take a closer look at this one-stop brand. Read on in our Black Tie CBD review.

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About Black Tie: Growing a Brand

Unlike many brands looking to make quick cash in the CBD industry, Black Tie seems entirely committed and passionate about hemp. In fact, they were farming hemp years before it became a global trend. The company, which is based in the US, comprises several experienced cannabis growers, all of whom believe in producing high-quality products at an affordable price. Black Tie has become renowned for their incredible strain flavors, including Bleu Cheese.


Third-Party Lab Testing

For a product range so large, we were impressed to see that Black Tie offers thorough lab reports on all of their products. Conducted by laboratory ChemHistory, these results give us a great look at the quality of Black Tie’s products. We were pleased to see a detailed breakdown of cannabinoid content; however, they show no evidence of pesticide or herbicide testing. This seems a little tactless, considering Black Tie claims their products are grown organically. Despite this, the results are easy for visitors to find and completely accessible to all.


Black Tie’s Reputation

For those curious about Black Tie’s reputation in the industry, we discovered that the company scores highly on Trustpilot. Most of the positive reviews indicate that customers are impressed by the brand’s quality of product, especially the hemp flowers. Negative reviews were few and far between, although most referenced shipping delays.


Expert Cultivators

Black Tie produces hemp that is 100% organically grown in the Umpqua River Valley region of Oregon. Spanning over almost 200 acres, they describe their growing practice as a labor of love. The farmers take pride in their work, which they believe leads to the creation of superior products. Additionally, the company’s headquarters are in Myrtle Creek, Oregon. So, clearly, they keep operations local. We were thoroughly impressed to see that the company’s products are cultivated from seed, to store, to sale.


What Products Do They Sell?

Black Tie’s impressive product range includes over 70 products – consisting of flowers, tinctures, terpenes, concentrates, edibles, and more. As well as CBD, many of these products celebrate additional cannabinoids like CBG. For instance, customers can buy CBG kief, cartridges, and even moon rocks. When it comes to unique and interesting products, Black Tie is steaming ahead of the competition. Purchase amounts (grams) are all completely customizable too.

The Black Tie CBD concentrates are some of the best I’ve tried. They are high-quality, effective, and well-priced.

Black Tie Review: Highlights

Here are a few of the things that stand out to us at Black Tie CBD.

  • Delicious flowers with less than 0.3% THC. Customers can enjoy Black Tie’s tasty range of flavors (Amnesia, Bubble Gum, Candyland, etc.) without worrying about the THC content.
  • Massive range of products. Black Tie CBD has an extensive range of products, offering everything from topicals to terpenes, hemp flowers, and isolates. Having such a wide selection of products means that there’s something for everyone, and you should be able to buy all your CBD products from one store – there is no need to shop around.

  • Lab reports. Black Tie CBD is tested by third-party labs to ensure both potency and purity. The lab reports are available on the company website, which means that customers can check them out before buying.
  • Premium quality. Black Tie CBD is known for its high-quality CBD, which is used in all its products. All of their CBD is derived from organic hemp plants that are grown in Oregon’s Umpqua River Valley.
  • Highly awarded product range. Back Tie has won a variety of industry accolades. At the Oregon Growers Cup, they won Best Hemp flower for their Lemon Cream Diesel variety and Best CBD Product for their Bleu Cheese strain.

Negative Thoughts

At ShoppingCBD, we are huge advocates of diverse product ranges that offer plenty of choices. However, some of Black Tie’s product range, like their CBD moon rocks, could be described as niche. Because of this, they aren’t very accessible for CBD amateurs. We think it would be beneficial for the site to offer a little more guidance on their homepage about entry-level products and how they work.

Additionally, free shipping on orders over $100 seems stringent. Many other companies offer lower limits of around $30; we think this is a fairer benchmark to set.

The best CBD flower on the market. The strawberry gelato is delicious and gives one of the best experiences.

Where to Buy Black Tie

Black Tie ships their products throughout the US. Tracking numbers are provided with each order, and products should take between three and seven days to arrive. Unfortunately, shipping is not offered outside of the US. Black Tie also allows for a 15-day return policy. However, perishable goods like hemp flowers are exempt.


Best Black Tie Products: From Flowers to Topicals

Since Black Tie CBD has such an extensive range of products, we couldn’t possibly list them all here. But we will highlight the most noteworthy.

Black Tie Hemp Flowers

Black Tie CBD offers both CBD and CBG Hemp Flowers. There are several different strains of CBD bud available, including Amnesia Haze, Blueberry Pie, Candyland, Mothership, and more. The CBG bud is available in two varieties; Lemon Cream Diesel and OJ. The company also offers pre-rolls for most strains, giving customers ultimate convenience.
[Costs range from $6 to $84.99]

Black Tie Concentrates

You can find several varieties of concentrates here. Customers can buy isolate, wax, crystalline, and kief. These products are also available in specific terpene blends like Afghani Hash and Candyland. CBD concentrates are available in sizes of between 0.5 grams to 7 grams.
[Costs from $5.99]

Black Tie Edibles

Black Tie offers a wide array of CBD gummies, ranging from fruit drops to sour rainbows. Gummies are available in 200mg and 600mg packs and a variety of tasty flavors, including Green Apple and watermelon. They also sell CBD syrup, full-spectrum honey, and even CBD coffee.
[Costs range from $5.24 to $69.99]

Black Tie Capsules

Black Tie has three varieties of tablets; Herbal tablets, 3,500 mg isolate capsules, and 5,000mg CBG capsules. The Herbal tablets are available in quantities of 10 and 25. The isolate capsules come in a count of 10 tablets (350 mg per tablet), and the CBG capsules come in a count of 25 tablets.
[Costs range from $24.99 to $69.99]

Black Tie Tinctures

The Black Tie tinctures are available in a few potencies; 300mg, 600mg, 1,200mg and 1,500mg. Flavors are also customizable; they can be purchased in Organic Hemp, Orange Citrus, and Lemon Ginger. The company offers a 1ml bottle of Organic Hemp Terpenes, not something you will find from most other brands.
[Costs range from $30 to $224.99]

Good quality hemp, reasonable prices, and fast delivery time. I will always shop Black Tie for all my hemp needs.

Black Tie Review: Final Thoughts

With over 40 years of hemp farming experience behind them, we expect the absolute best from Black Tie. Considering their numerous accolades, customer experience, and unique array of products, we think they deliver.

It’s worth mentioning that the brand isn’t the most beginner-friendly. Additionally, we think they could provide more details on their lab reports.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to your health and happiness!

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