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The U.K. market for CBD is estimated to reach a worth of £1 billion soon. From drinking CBD-infused coffee to rubbing CBD cream on your sore muscles and purchasing CBD oil to treat your beloved pet’s anxiety, what was once viewed as a controversial substance has now become a trusted part of many consumers’ everyday life.

CBD has become increasingly popular over the last few years. With its popularity has come a huge surge in the number of retailers offering CBD goods. Thus, finding a trustworthy CBD brand that’s out there to serve their customers can often be a bit of a challenge.

As a consumer, you’re likely to have found a lot of different brands of CBD. Of course, some are better than others, but determining which you can trust isn’t always an easy task. Sometimes it may require a little trial and error.

Today, we will be conducting a Biopurus CBD review. We want to give you insight into Biopurus to hopefully help you to determine whether this brand might work for you.

Biopurus Quick Summary

Quality 92%
Effectiveness 95%
Benefits 95%
Price 97%
Customer Service 95%

“Finding a CBD oil that worked wasn’t an easy process. But I’m so happy that I finally discovered Biopurus. This product works wonders for alleviating my anxiety.”

Who is Biopurus CBD?

Biopurus is a fairly new and thriving manufacturer of organic and cold-pressed oils. CBD isn’t the company’s main focus, but it does offer a wide range of top-quality hemp products, hemp tea, and CBD oils. The company’s mission is to provide consumers with a large selection of the greatest quality products at the best possible prices to improve the overall health and wellness of people.

Now would also be a good time to mention that the Biopurus CBD products aren’t available to purchase directly from the Biopurus website. Rather, they are available to purchase via the website of a company known as For The Ageless (fortheageless). Located in London, the company sells a selection of natural supplements and skincare products.

The rest of the Biopurus products are sold directly on the Biopurus website. The company is currently one of the largest exclusive importers of cold-pressed oils and other organic products. They also offer an impressive range of essential oils, including aromatic oils, massage oils, sauna oils, and Christmas oils.

Aside from what we’ve mentioned, there’s not an awful lot of background information available on Biopurus. For instance, we don’t know much about when this company was founded, who founded it, or how long it’s been going for.

We can only hope that Biopurus provides customers with more information on who they are in the future.

20 organic cbd oil (2000mg in 10ml) biopurus uk

Biopurus CBD Highlights

Here are a few of the things that we love about Biopurus:

  • Free Shipping on Orders Over £75: Keeping in mind that the Biopurus CBD products are sold through the For The Ageless site, shipping within the U.K. is free on orders of £75 and more. Free shipping is always a great benefit and a big cost-saver.
  • EU Standards: All of the Biopurus CBD products are grown according to EU standards. The brand uses CO2 extraction, which is the most expensive, but also the most effective process for extracting CBD. This method results in the highest-quality and safest end product.
  • Certificate of Analysis: For each of the CBD products listed on the For The Ageless website, there is a COA available. We love when brands are so transparent and make this information so easily accessible. The COA shows exactly what ingredients are in the product and should make it clear that the product is free of any harmful toxins.
  • Impressive Range of CBD Products: Biopurus has a great range of CBD oils of varying strengths – some quite potent with the strongest being 3,000 mg CBD oil. Even the hemp teas contain a high concentration of CBD.
  • Vegan Products: All of the Biopurus products are vegan, which means that they are suitable for everyone.

Biopurus CBD: Negative Thoughts

One of our biggest issues with Biopurus is that CBD is not its main focus. Essentially, this means that it’s highly unlikely that these CBD products can live up to the quality of those brands that do have a sole focus on CBD. In other words, if you’re looking for the best quality brand of CBD on the market, Biopurus isn’t for you.

Along with this problem is the fact that the company tends to run out of stock fairly often. This is never a good sign. If as a company, you’re offering a particular product to consumers, you should always have enough stock to meet the demand.

5 organic cbd oil (500mg in 10ml) biopurus uk

“I’ve been using this CBD to treat mild back pain for the last month. So far, I’m very happy with the results. My pain is so much less, and I’m sleeping much better.”

Biopurus CBD Products

  • CBD Oils: The CBD oils are produced using hemp that has been grown in the Czech Republic. There are five different varieties which are divided into the following choices: 500 mg (5%), 1,000 mg (10%), 2,000 mg (20%), and 3,000 mg (30%). These are each sold in a 10 ml bottle. The last option is a 30 ml bottle of 1,500 mg (5%) CBD oil.
  • Hemp Tea: These teas can be brewed like any regular tea, or they can be smoked, vaped, or used in cooking. There are four varieties to choose from Biopurus Hemp Tea Bags 30g (pack of 20), 1.6% CBD Hemp Tea, Biopurus 1.6% CBD Hemp Tea 35g, and Biopurus 4% CBD Hemp Tea 40g.
  • Bundles: You can buy the CBD oil and hemp tea as part of a combination pack and save a bit of cash. This includes the; 3 x 5% CBD Oil + Free 1.6% CBD Hemp Tea and 3 x 10% CBD Oil + Free 1.6% CBD Hemp Tea. There is also an option called “Strongest CBD Bundle,” which contains a variety of CBD products – not only Biopurus.

Biopurus CBD: Costs

  • CBD Oils: The price of the CBD oils range between £39.90 and £219.90 depending on the strength – the most expensive being the 3,000 mg option.
  • Hemp Tea: The hemp teas range in price between £10.99 and £21.99.
  • Bundles: The 2 x 5 option bundle goes for £133.69, the 3 x 10 option will cost you £222.00, and the strongest bundle goes for £415.00.

biopurus cbd

“Fantastic product - it’s been invaluable for my chronic neck problems. I’ve been struggling with the pain for years now, and I’ve finally found something that can give me some much-needed relief.”

Final Thoughts on Biopurus CBD

If you’re in the market for CBD products, there are a lot of factors that you need to take into account. There are so many different brands to choose from, and while this can be a wonderful thing, it also opens up the market to illegitimate and low-quality brands. Thus, doing research is very important.

As for Biopurus CBD, we can certainly affirm that this appears to be a high-quality and trustworthy brand. However, there are definitely better products on the market in the U.K. CBD is not the main focus of Biopurus, and that’s something that doesn’t sit well with us. Depending on what you plan on using CBD for, you may be better off using a more well-known brand.

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