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Bio Bloom is an international family-run business based in Austria, specializing in organic (CBD) hemp products. The Bio Bloom team strongly believes in CBD and the power of natural, organic healthcare products. All Bio Blooms products are created using natural plant-based ingredients that have been carefully chosen to deliver high-quality results.

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Get 5% off all Bio Bloom products as a Shopping CBD reader. Use this code at checkout:
5% Coupon Code: LEAF5
Visit official site

About the Bio Bloom Brand

Bio Bloom is a CBD and wellness brand that focuses on people and health first. This is a company that is strongly committed to bringing all-natural, organic products to the market to enhance overall well-being and vitality.

Bio Bloom has carefully designed all of its products with the goal that it will help to bring inner balance, vitality, and improved quality of life. The Bio Bloom team draws upon decades of experience across key areas within the industry.


Accessing detailed product information

Bio Bloom aims to be as transparent as possible, providing clear information about what goes into every single one of their products. The complete ingredient and cannabinoid content of each product can be accessed directly from Bio Bloom’s website, making it extremely easy to compare different products.

Under the ‘Additional information’ tab for each item, Bio Bloom has provided all of the item’s key information. There is also an option to download the package leaflet that comes with the item so that customers can see exactly how to use the item before purchasing. The additional information is useful when trying to decide whether or not a particular product is suitable for its intended purpose.

accessing-detailed-product information

What to Expect When Shopping with Bio Bloom

Shopping with Bio Bloom is an easy and enjoyable experience thanks to their beautifully designed website.

Not only have Bio Bloom made it as easy as possible to browse through and see all of the products that are available, but their website is also packed with helpful information. Bio Bloom provides all of the key information needed to help you discover the perfect way to incorporate CBD into your daily life.

Get 5% off all Bio Bloom products as a Shopping CBD reader. Use this code at checkout:
5% Coupon Code: LEAF5

Bloom’s Cultivation to the Finished Product Approach

Delivering the very best quality is something that has been extremely important to Bio Bloom from the very beginning. Early on in the creation of the brand, it became clear that the only way to deliver high-quality products was to be involved in every step of the growing and manufacturing process.

Bio Bloom sows and grows their own hemp plants, owning over 110 hectares of certified organic fields in Lake Neusiedl. Using their very own specially developed cultivation technique, the nutrient-rich loam soil native to the area, and the mild Pannonian climate, Bio Bloom is able to grow healthy, rich plants without the need for fertilizer or irrigation.

By growing their own hemp plants, Bio Bloom is able to control every small detail, including when and how plants are harvested and processed. Co2 extraction is then used in certified special laboratories before the final product undergoes third-party analysis.

Bio Bloom’s in-house method means that every product is able to be held to the same standard and deliver a consistency that would not be possible with other methods.


What goes into Bio Bloom Oils?

Bio Bloom uses a carefully crafted base formula for all of their hemp oils, helping to ensure consistency across their entire range both in terms of quality and effectiveness.

The Bio Bloom Oil full-spectrum formula consists of:

  • 60% hemp extract
  • 40% organic hemp oil
  • CBD/CBDA: 3000 mg
  • THC: < 0.2%

Other ingredients: Valuable cannabinoids such as CBDV, CBC, CBG, and many natural precursors such as CBDVa, CBGa, along with terpenes, minerals, and flavonoids. The organic CBD oils also contain phenols, valuable unsaturated fatty acids, and minerals.

By using only a few ingredients, Bio Bloom is able to keep their final products as natural and effective as possible.

“As a vegan it can be difficult to find CBD that I can confidently use and so am excited to have found Bio Bloom.” Max

Bio Bloom Review: Highlights

  • Free shipping options: Bio Bloom offers free shipping to customers in both Austria and Germany when they spend over 25 euros.
  • Expertly crafted: The Bio Bloom team is made up of experts from a number of different fields that have worked together to design exceptional products.

  • Organic plant-based products: All of Bio Bloom’s products are made using natural plant-based ingredients that have been carefully grown using organic methods.
  • Cultivation methods: Bio Bloom grows all of their own hemp plants, allowing them to control every step of the process resulting in organic and rich hemp plants.
  • Range of concentrations: Bio Bloom aims to offer CBD products for everyone with an extensive range of different concentrations to choose from. So whether you are new to CBD or someone looking to try something different, you can easily find the perfect oil.

Negative Thoughts

  • Europe only: Bio Bloom’s products are currently only available to those within Europe when purchasing directly from their online store.
  • Limited usage guidance: Bio Bloom provides the very basics when it comes to how best to use their products. Beyond the basics, though, Bio Bloom very much leaves the way in which their products are used up to the individual. This approach is not necessarily the best for those who are using CBD for the first time.
“Bio Bloom’s products are worth the hype they just take a little getting used to.” Katy

Where to Buy Bio Bloom Products

Bio Bloom’s products can be found on their online store. Delivery options are available to customers across Europe, with free shipping available to those in Germany and Austria. It may also be possible to purchase Bio Bloom products from third-party retailers; however, Bio Bloom’s website is the best option for viewing their entire range of products.


The Best Bio Bloom Products

Bio Bloom is focused on improving health, wellness, and quality of life through their range of CBD products. Bio Bloom has a few different product ranges covering all of the essentials, from CBD oils to Natural CBD-infused cosmetics.

Bio Bloom CBD Oils

Bio Bloom offers an extensive range of CBD oils, all of which are made using the same organic full-spectrum CBD. All of Bio Bloom’s CBD oils are guaranteed to be 100% natural, free from artificial additives, and suitable for vegans. The Bio Bloom CBD oil range includes an option for everyone with oils starting as low as 1% CBD and working up to a much stronger 10% CBD concentration.
[Cost Range: €8.90 to €149.90]

Bio Bloom CBD Natural Cosmetics

Bio Bloom has all of the essential skincare products covered with their CBD Natural Cosmetics range. Including products such as skin oil, body lotion, face cream, and hand cream. All of Bio Bloom’s natural cosmetics are made using 100% organic, vegan certified ingredients. Bio Bloom also ensures that their products are cruelty and palm oil-free. Switching to Bio Bloom CBD Natural Cosmetics is a straightforward and effective way to improve one’s skincare regime, both in terms of its impact on the individual and the environment.
[Cost Range: €19.90 - €37.90]

Bio Bloom Hemp Super Food

At Bio Bloom, organic hemp foods are an integral part of leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The Bio Bloom selection of Hemp Super Foods provides access to all of the essentials needed to incorporate the benefits of hemp into a balanced diet. Hemp plants are rich in essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids. The Bio Bloom Hemp Super Food range has been designed to take advantage of these compounds within hemp plants and make it easy and fun to work them into almost any diet.
[Cost Range: €9.90 - €29.90]

“I have noticed such a difference since I started adding Bio Bloom hemp to my meals.” Alice

Bio Bloom Review: Summary & Final Thoughts

Bio Bloom stands out for its commitment to delivering exceptional plant-based CBD products. The Bio Bloom team understands the positive impact that using natural, organic plant-based ingredients can have on consumers. By growing all of their own hemp plants, the brand is able to ensure that every single plant used meets their high-quality standards, which shines through in all of the final products.

The Bio Bloom online store offers access to their full range of products which features a diverse selection of CBD concentrations, making it easy to find the perfect product.

Free shipping options are also a great addition, helping to create a smooth shopping experience while also saving money. Make sure to head over to the Bio Bloom store and check out their hemp products today.

Get 5% off all Bio Bloom products as a Shopping CBD reader. Use this code at checkout:
5% Coupon Code: LEAF5
Thanks for reading, and here’s to your health and happiness!

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