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Today, we are looking at Apical Greens. With some of the best deals that you will find on CBD flowers, this brand offers a wide range of products to choose from. Customers can find tinctures, topicals, concentrates, vape carts, and more on their online store.

But are the products accessible to both experienced and new CBD users? Let’s find out.

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About Apical Greens: A Family-Run Bussiness

Apical Greens is a family-run business on a quest to create the best strains of high CBD hemp. The company is passionate about the amazing hemp plant and wants to share all of its incredible benefits with the world. Founded in 2018 by a group of cannabis lovers and like-minded growers, Apical Greens’ goal is to provide quality flowers to as many people as possible.


Apical Green’s Lab Reports

Apical Green works with a laboratory, known as Botanacor, to analyze their unique hemp extract. These third-party reports can be found in each product description. It’s great to see how conclusive they are, offering information on cannabinoid and terpenes content, as well as heavy metals and pesticides. However, some of the products, like the Sour Terpene-Infused CBD gummies, don’t have any lab reports. The brand comments on this and states they are still waiting for the results and, therefore, have nothing to publish yet.


Does Apical Green Offer Refunds?

Little can be said about Apical Green’s shipping and return policies, as they don’t offer any information about either process. However, they give plenty of ways for customers to contact them, whether that be by phone or email. The company even mentions that they’d love for customers to come visit them at their address, giving off a warm and welcoming feel.


Where and How Apical Greens Manufacture Their Products

Apical Greens is a passion project and something that the company describes as a true labor of love. They started out just offering dry flowers but have grown into a fully integrated manufacturer of all things CBD. The company is situated in West Virginia, and everything is formulated and manufactured in-house. Additionally, Apical Greens sources their raw materials from the highest grade CBD farms in the West Virginia area. These farms only use organic methods, and the result is a clean, pure, full-flavored product.


The Product Range: Variety and Strength

Apical Greens produce a variety of full-spectrum products that contain large varieties of both CBD and CBG. When it comes to choice, customers have plenty of it. Dried flowers, vape carriages, tinctures, and salves, are among the many products on offer. The site also provides a vast range of product strengths. Apical Greens tinctures can be bought in a huge range from 900mg to 5500mg.

The roll-on hemp oil is such a relief. Great for alleviating pain. I use it for back pain that I experience.

Apical Greens Review: Highlights

While Apical Greens doesn’t provide a lot of information on their site, here are a few highlights that stand out.

  • Wide range of products. The selection of products that Apical Greens has to choose from is truly impressive. From tinctures and topicals to concentrates and flowers, customers are spoiled for choice.
  • Fantastic deals. This is a company that offers incredible deals. Visitors to the site can find a “Fire sales” tab and a whole range of discounted products.

  • Thorough lab tests. While Apical Greens doesn’t provide results for all of their products, the available ones seem detailed. This ensures that products contain all the ingredients they claim to and are free of any harmful pesticides, herbicides, and other toxins.
  • Customer service. The company does a great job at making their site welcoming for visitors. Not only do they encourage customers to get in touch with them through text, but by visiting their physical address too.
  • Informative blog. The blog is a great place to start for potential customers who want to know a little more about Apical Greens and their products. Customers can learn about the brand’s proprietary hemp blend, as well as their terpene profiles.

Negative Thoughts

The Apical Greens website is lacking a lot of important information. The “About Us” page is rather bland and doesn’t go into much detail. There’s no indication of who’s behind this brand or who is running the company. Additionally, there’s no return or shipping information, and it would be helpful for the brand to publish a FAQ section. Also, product listings have not been organized very well. For instance, the Sour CBD Gummies product also falls under the “CBD Tinctures” tab.

Started to use this oil after my anxiety got the best of me at work. It’s great for...keeping me level-headed.

Where to Buy Apical Greens

It doesn’t appear that Apical Greens products are sold anywhere but on their official site. However, it’s possible, given their community-feel, that they sell products locally in West Virginia. For now, the online store ships to a few international locations that include Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Guam.


Best Apical Greens Products: A Versatile Range

With lots of products on offer, we help breakdown the categories in our product overview. Take a look below.

Apical Greens Flower

Apical Greens has many hemp flowers to choose from, including Goliath, Hawaiian Haze, and Grand Daddy Purp. Some strains like Goliath also allow you to select a specific terpene profile. Customers can typically purchase dried flowers in quantities ranging from 1 gram to 28 grams. Some products are even enriched with delta-8.
[Costs range from $4.47 to $180]

Apical Greens Vape Oils

When it comes to vape concentrates, Apical Greens has quite a few varieties. In fact, it may be a little confusing if you are new to hemp-based products. The company offers CBD hybrid, indica, and sativa oils, as well as CBG hybrid, indica, and sativa oils. Their vape oils contain no PG or VG and work with any standard 510 thread battery. Unfortunately, they don’t sell any on the site.
[Costs range from $14.95 to $16.95]

Apical Greens Tinctures

The company’s full-spectrum tincture bottles are available in strengths of 900mg, 1,500mg, 1,800mg, 3,000mg, and 3,600mg. Customers can choose between CBD-dominant oils or both CBG and CBD oils. Apical Greens also sell a CBD syringe (1,000mg) made with a Rick Simpson holistic blend.
[Costs range from $30 to $158]

Apical Greens Edibles

The edible range is fairly minimal compared to Apical Greens’ other product types. It features one product, the Sour CBD Terpene-Infused Gummies. As the name suggests, these gummies have a sour kick, and each tub contains four flavors, including Watermelon and Blue Raspberry. Each tub offers 20 gummies crafted with 20mg of CBD extract (total of 400mg).
[Cost is $17.97]

Apical Greens Concentrates

Customers can find CBD shatter, powder, wax, and kief on the Apical Greens site. The signature blend shatter is available in sativa, indica, and hybrid varieties. Each pot contains 1.2 grams and 85.2% CBD.
[Costs range from $5 to $149]

Apical Greens Topicals

Two topical products are found on the Apical Greens site; a Hemp Oil Roll-On (1,000mg) and a Hemp Salve (1,000mg). The hemp roll-on contains 1oz of product, whereas the salve tub contains 2oz.
[Cost is $25]

I’ve tried many CBD oils, but this is the one that works best for me. No other 3,000 mg oil compares.

Apical Greens Review: Summary

All in all, Apical Greens is definitely a company for the more experienced CBD user. Someone who has good knowledge about different cannabinoids and products would find plenty to love about their selection. In terms of type and potency, the company’s product choice is impressive, and no doubt they have a strong following because of it.

However, the site could be more customer-friendly by providing information about who they are as a brand, adding a section for FAQs and return policies. Sometimes, basic information like this can go a long way in terms of accessibility.

For readers looking for a CBD brand catered toward new users and customers, take a look at our Premium Jane review.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to your health and happiness!

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