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CBD purchasers always need to find a reputable brand, so reading reviews is crucial. There are lots of CBD brands out there, and some are better than others. ApexXx CBD is one of many in a sea of CBD products, so today we are putting them under the microscope.

Read on to find out about ApexXx CBD and whether this is a brand you should be buying from. We cover everything from lab reports to customer service and pricing below.

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About ApexXx CBD: What's Driving This Brand?

ApexXx CBD is a brand headed by ApexXx Nutrition. The latter sells a range of health supplements, while the CBD branch specializes in cannabidiol. It is based in the UK, in London.

Currently, the ApexXx website has no ‘About’ section and very little information on its products. This is a shame, as many companies make an effort to educate their customers. ApexXx offers a free e-book on CBD and CBF, which features a list of recommended dosages to treat specific medical conditions. This is quite worrying, considering that there are no official recommended guidelines and that much more research is needed into CBD.

Based on this, it’s unclear whether ApexXx is a trustworthy source.


Is ApexXx CBD Transparent?

In terms of transparency, ApexXx misses the mark once again. There are no lab reports on the website, which is troubling in the present CBD industry. All reputable brands should have their products tested by an independent laboratory, publishing the results of the test on their website.

ApexXx does not even mention lab testing, let alone publish certificates of analysis. This is not very transparent. I messaged the brand via the contact link on the website for more information, but there was no response.

Coupled with the spurious claims about CBD, including an allegation that these products are 99% bioavailable, I would say that ApexXx is not the most transparent brand around.


ApexXx CBD Customer Service

As I mentioned, ApexXx did not get back to me regarding the lab reports. There are also no third-party reviews about the brand on TrustPilot or Reddit, both of which have active CBD communities. It’s a little odd, and it also means that we can’t find any other customers’ experiences.

The brand’s Facebook page highlights that customers have had contact with Nick, the brand’s owner, prior to ordering, but that customer service after the fact was very poor. Many customers never received their orders, and broken tracking links and lack of contact from the company has led them to leave bad reviews.


How ApexXx CBD Makes Its Products

Given that ApexXx CBD has no ‘About’ section, it’s impossible to say how it makes its products. The product descriptions are also quite vague.

We know that ApexXx is very proud of its nano-CBD, so it must use nanotechnology somewhere in the process. However, the hemp cultivation, extraction process, and manufacturing details are completely omitted.

If ApexXx CBD is going down the mysterious route, then they’re nailing it.


ApexXx CBD Ingredients

In the CBD oils, ApexXx CBD uses a mixture of hemp seed oil and full-spectrum hemp extract. It claims that both ingredients are organic.

The other products may contain a variety of ingredients depending on the item you’re using. Much of the range – specifically the topicals and the sleep syrup – contain nano-CBD, super small particles that are intended to increase bioavailability.

Without lab reports, it’s challenging to say for definite what the cannabinoid content of each product is. ApexXx CBD claims that there is less than 0.1% THC.

These oils are perfect for me because I don’t use anything too high strength. The 500mg option has been great for helping me deal with anxious thoughts.

ApexXx CBD Review: Highlights

Here are a few of the things that stand out about the ApexXx CBD brand and paint this company in a positive light.

  • Decent product range: This brand sells a range of products including topicals, tinctures, and more. It's ideal for people who like some variation.
  • Free e-book: It's great that ApexXx provides a free e-book, helping to educate new CBD customers about cannabinoids. That said, the information within it is a little sketchy.

  • Uses nanotechnology: ApexXx CBD is proud of its nanotechnology, as it should be. This form of CBD could be more effective due to its water solubility.
  • Good pricing: Compared to some other brands, ApexXx CBD is offering very reasonably priced CBD oils.
  • Comes from an established company: The parent company, ApexXx Nutrition, is already an established and trusted brand.

Negative Thoughts

Sadly, not all is perfect with ApexXx CBD. For starters, the website is poorly designed and features a lot of errors. Secondly, it is lacking a lot of significant information, such as what extraction method the brand uses and where the hemp is cultivated. The website and e-book also feature bold claims about CBD that are not backed up by science; we feel this is disingenuous and misleading.

One of the biggest issues we have with ApexXx CBD is the lack of lab reports. In an industry where transparency is key, all brands should be publishing lab reports. However, ApexXx has failed to mention whether its products are even lab tested.

Hopefully, these issues will be troubleshooted in the future.

The CBD roll-on has been awesome after the gym. I can take it with me in my bag and apply it whenever I need. Works a treat for soreness.

Where to Buy ApexXx CBD

It’s recommended to purchase ApexXx CBD products directly from the brand’s official website. There, you can find all the products in one place and be sure you are getting a certified ApexXx CBD product. They offer free shipping on all orders.

The brand also has a refund policy. It’s quite strict, though; you must file a return within three days of receipt. This is different from the usual thirty days.

It’s unclear whether any other stores or third parties are currently stocking ApexXx CBD products but keep an eye out if you live in the UK.


Best ApexXx CBD Products: What's on Offer

ApexXx CBD has a great range of CBD products, including tinctures, edibles, topicals, and supplements. In the following sections, we cover everything you need to know about the products and pricing.

ApexXx CBD Oil

ApexXx CBD specializes in full-spectrum CBD oil. It uses organic hemp seed oil as the carrier, with the only other ingredient being the full-spectrum CBD. Unfortunately, ApexXx does not stock high-strength oils. There are two options: 500mg and 1500mg. There is also one tincture that contains 500mg of CBD and 50mg of CBG. It comes in either Fruit Punch, Orange or Blue Raspberry flavor, as do the other tinctures.
Cost: £36.99 - £57.00

ApexXx CBD Edibles

ApexXx CBD stocks two edibles; CBD gummy bears and CBD Dissolve. The gummies have a potency of 10mg CBD per gummy. There are 30 gummies per bottle. While it's unclear what flavor these gummies are, the ingredients label states that they're naturally flavored cherry/lime/pineapple/orange/lemon. The CBD Dissolve is a powdered formula that is dissolved with a liquid of choice. One teaspoon of the product contains 20mg of CBD and is reportedly 9x stronger than CBD oil since it offers superior absorption.
Cost: £32.99 - £39.99

ApexXx CBD Topicals

ApexXx only sells one topical and it's under the "Nano Technology" category. It is a CBD Roll On Freeze that contains 300mg CBD. It's a gel formula and is designed to soothe inflamed or painful muscles.
Cost: £44.99

ApexXx CBD Sleep Syrup

ApexXx CBD's sleep syrup is also found under the "Nano Technology" category. It combines 200mg of nano-CBD with 16mg of melatonin. It's easy to take and contains just 9g of sugar per bottle, which isn't too bad. However, the sugar also isn't ideal for those who struggle to sleep. Oddly, the label on the bottle advertises 'Zero Sugar'. It comes in a grape flavor. For what you get, I think this product is pretty expensive.
Cost: £43.99

ApexXx CBD Supplements

In terms of supplements, ApexXx stocks a variety of products. These include Lion's Mane, Ashwagandha, and Sea Moss. None of these products contain CBD, so it's a bit misleading to list them on the CBD website.
Cost: £27.00 - £32.99

I really like the gummies. They're great for snacking on when I need a little CBD boost throughout the day, and perfect for my sweet tooth!

ApexXx CBD Review: Summary & Final Thoughts

In all honesty, we aren’t sure what to say about ApexXx. Although the Nutrition brand is already well established, ApexXx CBD seems a bit neglected. The website is quite poor quality and there just isn’t enough information about this brand.

What’s more, a lot of customers are complaining on the brand’s Facebook page. It seems that ApexXx has pretty poor customer service and a bad habit of not delivering the products people have paid for. It’s disappointing, as brands like this risk giving other companies in the CBD industry a bad rap.

All in all, we can’t recommend ApexXx. Make sure you check out our other ShoppingCBD reviews to find a brand that’s really worth it.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to your health and happiness!

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