Alpha Cat Review

It can be difficult trying to find a CBD brand that really provides customers with high quality products. But it should not be such an uphill battle trying to find the best CBD products on the market. That’s why here at Shopping CBD, we want to help our readers discover the best possible CBD brands for your specific needs.

All of the best CBD brands have easy to navigate websites and make it easy for customers to learn more about their products. We try to focus on brands with responsible, sustainable business practices.

Alpha Cat is an EU-based CBD brand, and its products are cultivated in Europe, in respect of the environment and without the use of chemicals. The products are free of pesticides and heavy metals.

At first glance, Alpha Cat seems like a high-quality and reputable CBD brand with some great products. But let’s take a closer at how this brand fares in the market in our in-depth review below.

Alpha Cat Quick Summary

Quality 98%
Effectiveness 98%
Benefits 97%
Price 90%
Customer Service 95%

“My new favorite CBD oil. It makes me feel so relaxed and also helps to relieve mild pain in my back.”

Who Is Alpha Cat?

Alpha Cat is a CBD company that was founded by Sébastien Béguerie, who holds a master’s degree in Plant Science with a specialization in medical cannabis and plant physiology. The company offers premium, top-rated CBD products and also specializes in testing equipment, kits, and charts. This full-service range demonstrates a holistic approach to customer satisfaction.

The Alpha Cat philosophy centers around high-value CBD with an emphasis on innovation and scientific study. The company believes that potency, stability, and patient safety is the most important criteria when it comes to medical cannabis. They assist patients, dispensaries, growers, collectives, cooperatives, and doctors in cannabis quality control and certification standards.

Alpha Cat has headquarters in Europe, but they ship all over the world. The company specializes in testing for potency, screening for safety, and quality certification standards in legal cannabis production.

The Alpha Cat approach to CBD includes an intense emphasis on quality that stems from seed to selection. Its kits are one of the most trusted in all of Europe. The company engages with doctors, researchers, CBD enthusiasts, and others that are invested in the processing and manufacturing of CBD-infused products.

Who Is Alpha Cat?

Alpha Cat Highlights

Here are a few of the things that stand out about Alpha Cat:

  • High Quality: The Alpha Cat CBD products are made using European Hemp and are guaranteed to be free of heavy metals, pesticides, and other pollutants. Once harvested, the hemp is carefully selected following strict protocols to ensure production standards.
  • Informative Website: The Alpha Cat website is filled with a lot of informative and valuable information, like how to test products, CBD and THC ratios, the properties of CBD, and lots more.
  • Good Customer Service: Alpha Cat boasts a responsive customer service team. The website features a simple question and answer feedback system. If you have a question, submit your inquiry, and the company will get back to you in a timely manner.
  • Impressive Range of Products: Alpha Cat doesn’t only specialize in CBD products; it also produces CBG oils and a diverse array of phytochemicals and essential terpenes.

Alpha Cat Negative Thoughts

Unfortunately, the Alpha Cat CBD products are on the more expensive side of the market – as in they will put a bit of a dent in your pocket. Now, if you are already familiar with the Shopping CBD site, you will know that we don’t mind paying a little more for premium-quality products. That said, the Alpha Cat range of products seems to be a bit overpriced. You could find other high-quality products at a better price.

Another downside is that the brand has a limited range of CBD capsules. The only strength available is 30 mg of CBD per capsule, which comes in quantities of either 20 or 60.

Alpha Cat Negative Thoughts

“Love these capsules. So convenient to take on-the-road with me and great for keeping stress levels low.”

Alpha Cat Products

  • CBD Oil: The CBD oil is available in strengths of 10% and 20%. The CBD oil 10% comes in sizes of 10 ml (1,000 mg) and 30 ml (3,000 mg), while the 20% option also comes in 10 ml (2,000 mg) and 30 ml (6,000 mg).
  • CBD Capsules: The capsules are available in quantities of 20 and 60. For both options, each capsule contains 30 mg of CBD – so 20 capsules have a total strength of 600 mg, and 60 capsules have a total strength of 1,800 mg.
  • Pure CBD Crystals: The CBD Crystals have a purity of 99.5% and come in 500 mg and 1,000 mg options.
  • CBG Oil: The CBG oil is available in strengths of 4% (400 mg) and 10% (1,000 mg). There is also a CBD:CBG oil 10% option, which contains 500 mg of CBD and 500 mg of CBG.

Alpha Cat Costs

  • CBD Oil: The CBD oil costs between 69.90€ and 319.00€.
  • CBD Capsules: 20 capsules retail for 42.00€ and 60 capsules cost 119.00€
  • Pure CBD Crystals:
  • CBG Oil: Each 10% option costs 119.00€ and the 4% CBG oil costs 69.90€

Alpha Cat Costs

“Love the Alpha Cat CBD oil. I use the 20% potency oil, and it helps a great deal with joint pain.”

Final Thoughts on Alpha Cat

Alpha Cat is much more than just a CBD company. This is a brand that is dedicated to leading the CBD industry by using sound scientific methodologies and techniques. They strive to provide the highest possible quality by teaching the CBD community about how to test, process and measure high-value CBD.

Alpha Cat offers several products that consumers can utilize and enjoy. The complete product range consists of premium-quality CBD and other highly sought after phytochemicals, compounds, and terpenes. This is the first brand we’ve reviewed that boasts a wide range of not only CBD oils, capsules, and topicals, but also testing kits and calibration charts.

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