CBD Water: Things You Need to Know

Not too long ago, the only way to administer CBD was by using a tincture. A few short years back, the CBD market was still new. Only a few companies dominated the market with a small selection of CBD oil drops and tinctures. Since then, the CBD market has exploded. CBD is now available in a variety of forms, one option being CBD water.

Welcome to the new world of CBD, where new and improved products and administration methods are being introduced to the market just about every day. Today, individuals are eating CBD, vaping CBD, and even mixing CBD into tea, coffee, cocktails, and smoothies. The CBD beverage market in the U.S. is becoming increasingly popular and is estimated to be worth $260 million by 2022.

Recently, CBD water is becoming increasingly popular and widely available, bringing about both praise and criticism. In this article, we want to tell you everything that there is to know about CBD water.

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What Is CBD Water?

CBD water is manufactured by infusing water with CBD molecules. It’s one of the latest types of CBD to be introduced to the market. Manufacturers state that it may just be one of the easiest ways to get your CBD fix and benefit from its therapeutic potential.

CBD water usually has very low levels of CBD, which is a key problem with the product. However, many companies explain and rationalize their product’s low dose of CBD by claiming that they utilize nanotechnology. This decreases the size of the particle and boosts the capability of the body to absorb and use the CBD.

Not much research has been done on nanotechnology and the resulting outcome. However, a few studies have discovered that the body may more readily absorb lipid-based CBD nanoparticles. Essentially, the idea behind nanotechnology is that it’s thought to increase absorption. However, it’s still unclear if this is effective.

You might be wondering why not just add CBD oil to your water? Well, it’s because it’s a well-known fact that oil and water don’t mix well together. This will become very apparent if you try to add a few drops of CBD oil to any liquid. The particles of oil are less dense than the water droplets, the oil will float on the surface of the water.

How could you possibly solve this problem? Well, you could purchase water-soluble CBD oil and add it to your water, or you could make your own CBD water.

CBD Water Offers Increased Bioavailability

One of the key advantages of CBD water is that it offers rapid bioavailability, especially in comparison to other products that contain CBD.

But now you may be wondering what is bioavailability, and what does it have to do with using CBD? Bioavailability is described as the proportion of any particular drug or other substance that enters circulation when it’s introduced to the body and can, therefore, have a powerful effect. In other words, the amount of the substance that actually makes it into the body.

When you take CBD oil, not all of it makes it into the bloodstream. Whether you choose a capsule, edible, tincture, or drink, it’s important to understand that you won’t get as much CBD as you may think.

For instance, a 2018 study found that the bioavailability of consuming CBD orally is around 6%. On the other hand, smoking CBD was found to have a bioavailability of 31%. This is why vaping CBD is thought to be one of the strongest and fastest ways to administer CBD.

The low bioavailability of oral administration is what led scientists in the CBD industry to come up with a way to increase how much CBD actually makes its way into the system. This resulted in the creation of water-soluble CBD and CBD water – something that might revolutionize the CBD market forever.

Essentially what this means is that you can take less to achieve the same results. This is how and why many manufacturers justify CBD water products containing a minimal amount of CBD.

CBD Water Works More Rapidly Than Other Forms of CBD

Because of the increased bioavailability of CBD water, it’s thought to work more rapidly than other forms of CBD. So how exactly does it work? Well, when taken orally, CBD first needs to pass through the digestive tract and liver before it makes its way into the bloodstream.

Known as the first tract effect, this significantly decreases how much CBD you actually ‘get’. This is enough to slow down how quickly you feel the effects of other forms of CBD and means that they have a longer onset time.

CBD Water Could Improve Workouts

By offering hydration along with muscle relief, CBD water could help to improve workouts. Multiple studies have reported that CBD could provide workout recovery health benefits, thanks to its neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, and its analgesic properties that include the following:

  • Muscle-spasm relief
  • Reduction of nausea
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Sleep aid
  • Protection of the heart, lungs, and brain
  • Increases in appetite

Light and Air Degrade CBD

CBD isn’t a very stable substance and, as a result, needs attentive preparation and storage to help with the preservation of its medicinal qualities.

Specifically, exposure to light and air can make CBD deteriorate, causing its potential therapeutic effects to be negated. Most CBD water is stored on the shelves in grocery shops, in clear containers, and under bright lights for days or even weeks, thereby degrading the CBD content.

One particular study looked at how certain storage conditions could have an effect on cannabinoids and discovered that exposure to light caused the most significant loss of CBD.

The temperature didn’t seem to have an effect, but exposure to air caused a significant loss in cannabinoid levels. In other words, once you open up that CBD water, the minimal CBD that it contains will start to break down almost instantly.

While more studies still need to be done, findings suggest that CBD water isn’t likely to have a significant or noteworthy medicinal impact.

CBD Water Is Expensive

CBD oil is the most popular way of including CBD in an individual’s daily routine. Using CBD water offers improved flavor, gives you a boost in bioavailability, and works faster.

However, there are also cost considerations to take into account when choosing CBD water. If you’re thinking about given CBD a try, CBD water is one of the most expensive methods to use. Some brands are charging as much as $10 per bottle of CBD water.

This is remarkably more costly tan other types of CBD. If you choose CBD oil over the premium prices, you could save upward of 50%. For instance, CBD oil typically costs between $35 – $40 for about $30. This equates to less than $2 per serving.

CBD gummies, capsules, creams, and vapes also offer a good amount of CBD for a lower cost per serving.

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Final Thoughts on CBD Water

CBD water certainly seems to offer quite a few benefits. These include increased bioavailability, better flavor than regular CBD oil, and it works faster.

However, it’s also believed to be significantly less effective, and it’s more costly than most other types of CBD products. More research needs to be done on CBD water, but for now, it’s probably best to stick to other CBD products to take full advantage of its medicinal properties.

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