Where to Buy CBD Oil in Pennsylvania

CBD Oil in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a thriving market for high-quality CBD products, following states like Colorado and California which have capitalized on the recent boost in the popularity of hemp. While CBD oil is known to have an array of health benefits, its regulations differ from state to state. So what is the legal status of CBD in Pennsylvania, and where can you CBD oil in Pennsylvania?

With the interest and buzz around CBD growing across the globe, it should come as no surprise that Pennsylvania has made the decision to sign off on their own medical marijuana program. They are the 24th state to do so. In 2016, Act 16 (legalizing medical marijuana) was signed by the Governor of Pennsylvania, and it became functional on February 15, 2018.

Since then, dispensaries have been selling medical marijuana to patients. Impressively, the Keystone State is set to emerge as one of the largest U.S. medical marijuana markets. The program currently serves 12,700 registered patients.

But what about CBD? Is CBD oil legal in Pennsylvania? Well, it depends on where the CBD is sourced from. CBD can be derived from both hemp and marijuana, and there are different laws that apply to each cannabis plant variety. Currently, in Pennsylvania, only hemp-derived CBD is legal.

Cannabis and CBD Laws in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, CBD oil that is derived from the marijuana plant is only legal for qualified medical marijuana patients. As for CBD hemp oil – thanks to the Farm Bill that came into effect in 2014 and was reinforced in 2018 – hemp-derived CBD products are federally legal. This means that you can legally buy and use hemp-derived CBD oil in the state, and you don’t need a doctor’s recommendation to do so.

Hemp and hemp-derived products, like CBD oil, became federally legal in 2014 when the Farm Bill first went into effect. You don’t need a doctor’s recommendation to buy hemp CBD oil in Pennsylvania, because it’s considered to be a “food supplement.”

Industrial hemp is being grown in Pennsylvania and in many other states across the United States. Legislature in Pennsylvania declared that industrial hemp has a THC concentration of less than 0.3% which means that it’s completely legal to consume.

In 2016, Gov. Tom Wolf, signed the Pennsylvania House Bill 967. This law made it legal for licensed individuals to grow, cultivate, and trade industrial hemp. The Bill allows for the licensing of up to 50 dispensaries and 25 marijuana cultivators.

Bill 967 also permitted universities, colleges, and agencies to harvest industrial hemp for the purpose of academic research. The Hemp Research Board was formed to develop regulations, conduct inspections, and to oversee the entire program.

Recreational Marijuana in Pennsylvania

Marijuana is still considered to be a Schedule 1 substance in the state of Pennsylvania. This means that legally, you can only purchase marijuana-derived CBD oil (or any other marijuana-based product for that matter) if you are in possession of a medical marijuana card. In other words, if you suffer from one of the qualifying medical conditions and have received a doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana.

At this time, recreational marijuana is illegal. If you’re found in possession of just 30 grams of it, you can be put in jail for 30 days. If you’re found with more than 30 grams, you face a punishment of between six to twelve months jail time and a $5,000 fine.

Can Doctors Prescribe CBD Oil in Pennsylvania?

Doctors that practice their expertise in Pennsylvania aren’t allowed to prescribe cannabis and products derived from the plant. However, they can issue a written recommendation to patients who are diagnosed with any of the qualifying medical conditions that are listed by the state.

No doctor is allowed to prescribe CBD products – not in any state across the United States. These products may only be recommended as a form of alternative treatment or therapy. There are currently 18 doctors who are approved to recommend medical marijuana and CBD in the counties of Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery. There are over 100 health professionals approved in Pennsylvania as a whole.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Pennsylvania

Hemp-derived CBD oil is available in retail stores across Pennsylvania. There are also dispensaries across the state that sell CBD products. The state’s medical marijuana program protects qualified and registered patients from state penalties linked to the use and possession of marijuana.

While Pennsylvania is by no means the first state to legalize CBD for medical purposes, cannabis legislation has progressed significantly over the years. This has resulted in over two dozen licensed dispensaries currently operating throughout the state.

This is great news for those residents who have been patiently waiting for CBD to treat debilitating and intractable medical disorders, especially in those cases where traditional treatments don’t seem to work.

But what about those who aren’t medical marijuana patients and are looking to buy CBD oil for recreational purposes or a non-qualifying condition?

Residents of Pennsylvania essentially have three options for obtaining CBD oil:

  1. Be diagnosed with one of the qualifying medical conditions and obtain a medical marijuana card. This is the only way that you can buy medical marijuana and CBD-based marijuana products from state-licensed dispensaries.
  2. You can buy hemp-derived CBD products from brick-and-mortar shops in the state. CBD hemp products in the form of tinctures, capsules, topicals, oils, edibles, and many forms are sold in food shops, vape stores, and head shops in Pennsylvania.
  3. You can order your CBD oil online. Many online retailers and manufacturers are known to sell hemp-derived CBD products and ship to any part of the U.S.

Purchasing CBD Oil Online

Purchasing CBD Oil Online

Buying CBD online is quick and easy. It only takes a few minutes to complete your purchase, and in many cases, your order will be shipped within 24 hours after your order has been placed. Moreover, online retailers offer a wide range of different CBD products. So if you like the idea of experimenting with different application methods, online shopping is perfect.

Furthermore, buying CBD online is also safe and discreet. That said, be sure to find a company that is legit and only offers non-GMO and organic ingredients. Check for third-party testing results and customer reviews to ensure that you only buy from the best suppliers. Good online CBD companies to check out are: Green Roads, Purekana, and Premium Jane.

Final Thoughts on CBD Oil in Pennsylvania

As discussed, there are two types of CBD oil; marijuana-derived and hemp-derived. You can find both types in Pennsylvania. Marijuana and all products derived from the plant are restricted to patients registered in the medical marijuana program. However, hemp-derived products are legal under federal law, according to the Agricultural Act.

Ultimately, buying hemp-derived CBD oil in Pennsylvania is quick and easy. It’s a great option for those who aren’t enrolled in the state’s medical-marijuana program. With the growing support for the legalization of recreational marijuana across the country, hopefully, it won’t be long before marijuana-derived CBD is made widely available in Pennsylvania as well.

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