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Best CBD Oils for Pain Relief

Considering all of the stuff you hear and read about online regarding medical cannabis use (particularly for registered MMJ patients), it’s not surprising to learn that cannabis oil for pain is one of the most widely used forms of the plant compound, at least relative to the use of concentrates, edibles, extracts, oils, etc.

However, what’s lesser known is the notion that properly manufactured, high quality CBD oils possess nearly the same exact analgesic (pain-relieving) properties that whole-plant medical marijuana dose. And of course, these CBD oils are strictly therapeutic in nature; they produce no high, have no mind-altering effects, and by most accounts are safe even for children to use.

However, the tricky part is naturally finding a good cannabis oil that will work for you and your specific issues with pain management. The endocannabinoid system is by and large a pretty complex form of “molecular machinery,” and it’s true that even some of the best CBD oils will not have positive effects on each and every individual.

In this article, I’ve written up a review recounting my journey to finding the best CBD oil on the market – and specifically, the best CBD oil for pain relief. Was I successful in my enterprising voyage? Read on to find out…

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“Trying to find a good CBD oil for pain relief? My single bit advice is this -- be patient, and don't give up if you don't notice effects immediately.”

How to Use CBD Oil for Pain

Before I jump right into some of the “discoveries” I accounted on my quest to find a proper CBD oil for pain relief, I figured it would be relevant to actually discuss how to use CBD for pain symptoms.

Realistically, if you have a basic understanding of how the endocannabinoid system works, you’ll know that there really is no distinguishing between all these various methods of “CBD administration.” As long as you get the active compound into your bloodstream, its physiological properties should bear the same effects.

This rings true whether you decide to vape CBD, take CBD capsules, rub CBD onto your skin as a topical cream, or put drops of it under your tongue (as most people do) for sublingual absorption.

As a matter of fact, the best CBD oils – no matter what “format” they come in – all share just a few common characteristics. They should, for instance, be extracted from quality hemp flower (using low temperature CO2 methods); contain virtually no THC; be infused in a saturated fatty oil (like MCT or pure coconut); and contain no solvent residues. As long as they meet all of these simple criteria, the best CBD brands should all work equally as well (depending of course on the specific dose that you take).

CBD Pain Relief: Does it Work?

Truth be told, I experienced great results with a number of CBD oils that I tried. In fact, it was honestly tough trying to distinguish one from the next in terms of what the best CBD oil actually was.

That being said, there were certainly no shortage of duds out there that were obviously not manufactured according to the criteria mentioned above. (And on a relative side note, even some of the best hemp oil products out there are actually made from hemp seeds, so make sure you try and avoid these products as seeds do not contain any actual CBD. They’re great for nutrition and health benefits, but they won’t provide much of anything in terms of pain relief).

In either regard, the effects of CBD are incredibly subtle compared to the imposing, obvious effects of other analgesics like Advil or ibuprofen – and especially compared to stronger pharmaceutical opioids like morphine or codeine.

You’ve probably heard some people say that they don’t even notice the effects of CBD creeping up on them until the “symptoms” have long since vanished. Well, the same is no doubt true for the compound’s pain-relieving properties: you may think that nothing at all is happening, but then an hour later, you’re sitting in complete disbelief as you realize the pain and/or inflammation has dissipated into thin air.

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How to Use CBD Oil for Pain

Even the Most Potent CBD Oil Won’t Provide a Cure…

As I mentioned, I encountered a lot of duds on my quest to finding the best CBD for pain relief. But while you might be tempted to attribute the lack of effects to a low-quality product, the fact of the matter is your experience with CBD will depend strictly on the activity of your endocannabinoid system, or ECS.

And make no mistake – everyone’s endocannabinoid system is different (just like all of our brain chemistry’s are different, which is why we all have unique personalities, distinct emotional behaviors, etc).

As such, it’s always important to point out that CBD is not a cure for pain, anxiety, inflammation, or any other condition. Even the best CBD tincture on earth from a world-class medical dispensary will not work adequately if an individual has an inactive (or otherwise improperly functioning) ECS.

“Anyone who tells you that CBD will "cure" pain is full of it. The best CBD oils for pain work astonishingly well, but they are certainly not a cure…”

CBD Oil for Pain Management: My Personal Experience

If you’ve read the home page here on Shopping CBD, you’ll know that I suffer from lower extremity pain due to a chronic condition in my lower spine. Since my pain seems to stem primarily from the central nervous system, it may be true that I am more exposed to CBD’s healing effects than others.

Whatever the case, I will go ahead and bluntly point out that I use under-the-tongue CBD oils almost exclusively (as opposed to vape oils, capsules, edibles, etc). With a good, high-quality oral tincture I typically notice effects within an hour, if not 20 to 30 minutes.

Hemp oil for pain is a peculiar thing, as I’ve mentioned, because the effects can be so subtle. A lot of people will take a decent dose, then two or so hours will go by before they realize that the pain has drastically subsided.

Also, it’s worth pointing out that you probably won’t notice any pain-relieving effects – even from the strongest CBD oil available – until you find out your body’s “preferred” dosage. It takes an entirely trial and error style approach in order to determine this precise dose, and it involves a lot of patience as you have to increase your doses by tiny amounts little by little until you notice any effects.

For reference, I think it took me almost nine months to really dial in my individual preferred dose (which, as it stands, ranges between 45-50 mg taken three times daily). In the end, however, the time and effort are of course well worth it.

Best CBD Oil Brands for Pain Relief

Best CBD Oil Brands for Pain Relief

Ok, so finally on to the meat of the bone — what is the best CBD oil for pain relief?

Well, as you’ll recall I had a very tough time narrowing my selection down to just one or two, as I experienced great effects with a variety of different top rated CBD oil products.

As such, I’ll go ahead and mention three that I think worked the absolute best (and had the longest lasting effects) on my chronic leg pain. In no particular order, they are:

  • Hemp Bombs

This is kind of an ironic brand for an old guy like me to use, as they seem to specialize more in vape products and market themselves to a younger audience. However, a good CBD oil is a good CBD oil, and this without a doubt is a high quality CBD oil that everyone interested in cannabis-based pain relief should try. I used the 1,000 mg tincture, and like I said took three daily doses of 45 mg each.

Official website:

  • Pure Kana

Pure Kana has for years been recognized as one of the top brands in the industry, so it should come as no surprise that they rank as probably the best organic CBD oil I’ve ever tried. They seem to put an emphasis on purity and “clean” ingredients, which is refreshing in an industry where many of the “legal” products are so sketchily made.

Official website:

  • Green Roads

In terms of the best quality CBD oil, Green Roads would likely rank high on almost anyone’s list who’s ever taken CBD oil – and that goes for people using it for pain relief, anxiety relief, sleep aid, or any other kind of condition. I don’t know how exactly they’re making such a fine quality (and darn good tasting) oil, but I hope they don’t stop any time soon.

Official website:

How Expensive are the Best CBD Products?

I’ll go ahead and be very blunt – if you’re wondering ‘what is the best CBD oil for pain,’ be prepared to part with a little bit of your hard-earned cash. Most of my favorite 1,000 mg products (including the three brands mentioned above) tend to range between $90 and $100 for a 30 mL (1 oz) bottle.

You can certainly find other brands for cheaper, but like I said – the majority of them are going to be made either from hemp seeds (which will contain no CBD at all), or from extremely low quality Chinese or Indian hemp, in which case the CBD levels will be so low that you’ll have to take about an entire bottle of oil before you notice any effects.

“My advice when shopping around for CBD oils? Be prepared to get what you pay for....”

Final Verdict: The Best CBD Oil for Pain Relief

As you can see, there are really no shortage of options when it comes to finding the best CBD oil for pain relief and pain management. Do like I did, and simply do plenty of research in order to find a brand and a product that will work for you (and naturally, Shopping CBD is a great place to start in order to do exactly that).

Lastly, be patient in your quest for finding the right product and determining the right dose. If you’re anything like me you’ll likely have to go through several (if not dozens) of different products before you find a method and a dose that works for you and your condition. In the end, however, the effort will be beyond worth it — trust me.