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Aura CBD is a company providing a holistic experience through their use of high-quality CBD oils, pastes, edibles and balms. The founder, Aura Lakshmi, describes how the use of CBD products can begin “a journey to optimum health and well-being”. Her passion clearly extends to her customers, as the company provides personal guidance for both experienced CBD users and newcomers through their large media platform. And they are certainly not lacking on expertise.

Renowned as one of the first UK companies to produce a range of oils and pastes with full spectrum hemp properties, Aura has been setting a first-class example of how to create effective CBD products for their customers.

This review is intended to be as informative as possible; we will be exploring the history of Aura CBD, their personal mantra of organic promotion, and the interesting range of products they provide – chocolate will be involved!

Aura CBD Quick Summary

Quality 100%
Effectiveness 94%
Benefits 91%
Price 91%
Customer Service 100%

“Aura was wonderful answering all our questions. Very impressed. Thank you, Aura, for your guidance.”

Who are Aura CBD?

After humble beginnings 5 years ago, the company has become a small success. Aura Lakshmi first began experimenting with the effects of CBD in 2013 and found that it helped with various ailments she had been suffering from.

Like many users of CBD, modern research revealing its potential as a remedy to chronic pain relief, inflammation and more has been life-changing. Spurred on by this ever-evolving knowledge, Aura both celebrates and promotes the positive effects CBD can have. Much of this is published on her website. This transparency and openness about research is one of the major positives I have found in the brand.

While all the products on offer have various CBD levels, because Aura are a UK company, they have to adhere to a THC limit of 0.2%. This means that the none of the products will create a ‘high’, as CBD is non-psychoactive. Instead, the company aims for their products to be used medicinally, whether that be for mood-lifting effects or pain reduction.

Who are Aura CBD

“I have been using Aura CBD balm on my daughter skin/fungus infection and is working a treat. Brilliant!”

Aura CBD Oil: Highlights

Given their already apparent success, Aura have been able to tap into a niche market of consumers with their products. Let’s have a look at some of the most important reasons for their appeal:

  • Environmentally aware: All their products are grown organically, and they use recyclable materials for their packaging.
  • Vegan and cruelty free: Aura pride themselves on their animal free products. Even their balms, which are typically made of beeswax, are made of raw coconut oil and cacao butter.
  • Personal service: The website provides every customer with a free consultation before purchasing any products. This gives you a chance to discuss why and what you hope to get out of CBD use and if their products are right for you – which is very refreshing.
  • Lab results readily available: Aura allows anyone and everyone access to their lab reports on both oils and pastes. This is not typically of many other companies, and so this transparency is very appealing.
  • Informative: Because part of their message is about clean, raw consumption, Aura are amazing at listing all ingredients on their products, so that as the customer you know exactly what you are purchasing. Their blog provides information about recent CBD research and use, which can be extremely helpful for CBD novices. Aura Lakshmi also has a YouTube channel, talking about clean living and CBD; she occasionally does giveaways.
  • Full spectrum pastes and oils: Aura is one of the few and first companies to provide these products in the UK. Some research suggests that the use of the entire spectrum of cannabinoids in the hemp plant can add additional medicinal benefits. These additional properties are obtained through the expensive process of supercritical CO2 extraction, which produces a very high-quality product.
  • Accessibility: Even though the company is based in the UK and there are restrictions on THC, they still sell to many other countries.
  • Discounts: Aura occasionally do sales on their products. For the time being, you can save lots of money on their oils. Their new 30% CBD oil was originally at £95, but is now £75. You can save an even greater amount with the 4 pack, which was at £289 and is now £249.

Negative Thoughts on Aura CBD

Aura provides some great products that are clearly in high demand if the review section is anything to go by. It’s slightly frustrating then to see a few of their most highly rated items (like the CBD raw chocolate) being out of stock for at least 2 months. Maybe it’s an early Christmas rush?

Aura CBD Oil

Aura CBD Oil Review: CBD Products

  • Aura CBD Oils
    Aura offers a variety of CBD oils, all in 10ml bottles. The CBD percentage in each bottle ranges from 2.5%, where the effects are very mild, to their new 30% bottle, which is terpene-rich. The 5%, 10% and 30% bottles are also available as a four pack, with a slightly discounted price. The company also promotes the use of raw CBD oil, which can be found in doses of 20% in their 10ml bottles.
  • Aura CBD Paste
    The website advertises two paste products; both pastes have a full spectrum of cannabinoids and come in 2 different sizes. Both the 3-gram and the 10-gram product have a CBD content of 16%. Similar to the oil, the paste should be taken underneath the tongue to produce the full effects of the CBD.
  • Aura CBD Edibles
    What we are most excited about are the edibles Aura provides. One of these is raw CBD chocolate. In one order, you receive 30 individual chocolates, and it’s recommended that you stick to one per day. Not only are you receiving the benefits of CBD, but also the high level of antioxidants from the cocoa butter content, which can cause feelings of euphoria. These are made in a separate facility, and so you may find shipping costs are slightly higher.
    The second edible they advertise is a 30ml cannabis butter. This is incredibly versatile, as you can add it to any tea, coffee, smoothie, etc. A quarter of a teaspoon is recommended as a good dosage to create a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. You can also use this directly on your skin to soothe tired muscles and joints.
  • Aura CBD Skin Products
    Similarly, as with the butter, you can invest in the 30ml CBD balm. This is conventionally used straight onto the body, especially on sore or tired muscles. Many people use these balms as an after-gym treatment.

Aura CBD Oil Review: Costs

  • Aura CBD Oils
    CBD Oil 2.5% 10ml – £17.99
    CBD Oil 5% 10ml – £33.00
    CBD Oil 10% 10ml – £49.99
    NEW CBD Oil 30% 10ml – £75.00
    Raw CBD Drops 20% 10ml – £59.99
  • Aura CBD Paste
    Whole Plant CBD Paste 16% 3g – £48.00
    Whole Plant CBD Paste 16% 10g – £109.99
  • Aura CBD Edibles
    Turmeric Plus, MCT Cannabis Butter 30ml – £28.00
    CBD Raw Chocolate One a Day – £20.00
  • Aura CBD Skin Products
    CBD Skin Balm 30ml – £25.00

Who are Aura CBD

“I have been using this for a month now and I have seen a massive reduction in panic attacks and gad disorder. Great product.”

Aura CBD Oil Review: The Final Verdict

After reviewing Aura CBD, it’s easy to see why 5 years down the line it’s a success. With a good variety of products for customers to choose from and a variety of CBD levels in each product, this company has something to offer anyone. Ideal as both a physical and mental aid. These products are recommended for customers looking for relief from stress, anxiety, chronic pain, muscle relief, and more.

Most importantly, the brand seems to embody a community and a lifestyle. Those looking to consume as naturally as possible, with as little impact on the earth as possible, and hoping to unlock all the potential CBD can offer will enjoy these products. I think we can describe Aura CBD as a small company with a large presence.

Customer reviews
Julio HerzogVerified Buyer 2019-09-14

Microdosing is a great option

Aura cbd can be good for people who are looking for some relief from joint pain due to arthritis. As far as disease is concerned microdosing is a great option. Cbd is quite unpredictable and each cbd acts differently on a different body. Some people even start with a higher dose and then bring it down slowly.

Jan KellyVerified Buyer 2019-09-04

Thanks to my friend who introduced us to this

I tried aura CBD for the first time, when I was getting very panicky at office, just before my appraisal session with my boss, and one of my colleagues took me to the canteen, and offered me a few drops from his bottle. I felt more relaxed a claimed in just about half an hour, and the session went on smoothly.

Donna WilliamsVerified Buyer 2019-08-20

Easier with Aura

I used to have this travel nausea problem, motion sickness to be precise, and aura CBD is helping me a lot. I have to travel a lot, cannot avoid that, but with aura, it is easier.

Clarence JacksonVerified Buyer 2019-08-12

Customer Support is great

Aura is known for their exemplary customer service. As of date, I have tried about 10 brands, and left all in the end due to bad customer service whenever there was an issue. I am one of those fussy clients, but Aura CBD has satisfied me very well with the quick solutions in case I need some clarification and all.

Kathy MartinekVerified Buyer 2019-07-22

After a masectomy

Aura has been a great help to me during my post op period after I had a masectomy. I was very depressed, and kind of low always, but this CBD oil helped me a lot, I took it after informing my doctor although off the records. Thanks to my understanding doc and this CBD, I think it helped some at least, in keeping my mood stable.

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